Road Smash: Crazy Racing!
Version: 1.8.49 What's new: - New behavior of police cordons
- Added new types of controls
- Improved experience gain balance
- Added mission difficulty
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VR Race
Version: 1.01.5 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Performance improved
- Bugs fixed
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GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp
Version: 1.1.0 What's new: - Added online championships with prizes
- Improved touch control
- Added daily races
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Blocky Cop Pursuit TerroristGame history "Blocky Cop Pursuit Terrorist" tells us about the heroic sheriff of a very small town, which decided alone to catch in the territory entrusted to him all the gangsters who had just escaped from a strict regime colony. So, if you want to help him with this, then get ready to start patrolling the streets and checking all suspicious vehicles. By the way, t...
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XRacer: Traffic DriftWell, if you are not afraid, then we will continue. So, for the passage of the game, if at all possible, we are offered to try out five cars, the appearance of which can be recognized without difficulty, but because of the lack of an official license, the developer wrote their name from the baldy. Well, okay, this is not so important. The main thing is that, graphically, t...
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Truck Simulator: CityIf you are an ardent fan of car simulators and arcade business strategies, then you probably having a personal computer played a game like "Truckers” from the company "Buka Entertainment”. So, in that project, if you suddenly do not know, it was necessary to have a simple truck to try to carry out private orders to earn as much money as possible, and not only to get a decent tran...
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Rail Racing Limited Edition
Version: 0.9.5 What's new: - Improved game stability
- Minor bugs fixed
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RE-VOLT 2: Best RC 3D Racing
Version: 1.3.6 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Performance improved
- Bugs fixed
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Blaze Race to the Top of the World FREE"Blaze Race to the Top of the World FREE"- an exciting racing arcade game on Android, in which the user will take part in crazy races on monster fights. The game was developed by KingKhan, which has only two gaming applications along with it. In the presented creation we will drive on steep jeeps various locations.

After downloading and fir...
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Racing horizon"Racing horizon"- a chic racing arcade game for Android devices developed by Turkish studio Rooster Games, whose gaming application performance is impressive. Indeed, in the developer's catalog there is an impressive list of toys of the most diverse genre, some of which have already managed to get to us for analysis. Today we will look at near a racing application like "<...
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Zombie Driver THD
Version: 1.9 What's new: - Improved stability on weak devices
- Improved touch control car
- Improved voice packs in missions
- Stabilized viewing clips
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Need for Speed ​​™ No LimitsFor two years now, the guys from "EA” have absolutely not done track racing for the Android system, when suddenly in November 2014 they didn’t just announce the release of their latest product, but imagine, they made a real show out of it. After everything seen and heard at the conference, practically all gamers began to salivate, and they began to lustfully count the days...
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Driving School 2016
Version: 1.5.0 What's new: - Added new vehicle
- Bugs fixed
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Cubed Rally WorldCubed Rally World - sparkling, bright and incredibly dynamic arcade dedicated to cross-country racing - water, land, mountains and rocks: the game universe is randomly generated - unpredictable turns and random obstacles are put on an invisible map that can prevent scoring of points in the leaderboard for android There are several main goals - you can try to go as far ...
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Taxi Sim 2016Believe it or not, but at the moment the game "Taxi sim 2016", from the company "Ovidiu Pop", is the best simulator on the subject of private izvoz. Yes, yes, we do not exaggerate, everything is indeed, and we can easily prove it to you.

First, this novelty has impeccable three-dimensional graphics, and has an excellent drawing of cars, both outside and inside. Secondly, it...
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Park Like a BossPark Like a Boss - another simulator for fans of machines and tasks associated with them, which was developed specifically for modern touch devices on the Android platform.

Little about the plot
application Park Like a Boss It offers not racing battles, but a stage after the path is already passed. Each player will need to properly and quickly...
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Truck Driver 3D TransporterIn general, if you want to test your strength in this incredibly specific profession, then for this you first need to learn how to properly manage trucks with long trailers, and only then start calling up job openings. By the way, if in Europe all roads are smooth as a water surface, then in our country they mostly resemble the battlefield after an atomic war..

In sh...
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Slingshot racing
Version: What's new: - Fixed crashes on VideoCore IV devices
- Line reviews disabled
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