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Approximate family man: disadvantages of Ford S-Max with a run
Ford S-Max - one of the most popular cars among active, family motorists. The popularity of this minivan is added by the fact that it is available not only in a five-seater version, but also in the market you can find a seven-seat version. In addition to the spacious interior, the car has a rather interesting design that was appreciated not only by car enthusiasts, but also was awarded the title " ... Read more »
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Juicy American of European origin: the faults of Ford Mondeo 4 with a run
Over the past few years, Ford Mondeo 4 has become one of the best-selling mid-range cars in the aftermarket. The car is often used as a service car, in medium and large companies, as well as in taxi services, but, more often than not, this car is considered a personal vehicle. The fourth generation of Mondeo does not leave indifferent even the most skeptical motorists, perhaps, for this very reason, the mo ... Read more »
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Frenchman nicknamed "unearthly compact": disadvantages Renault Scenic 2 with a run
Reno Scenic 2 - a compact class C of the French company Renault. For the first time Scenic appeared 13 years ago, and, since then, he is rightfully called one of the most futuristic compacts on the market. This car is hardly suitable for fans to burn rubber in traffic lights races and to cut through the night city at maximum speed. This car will be interesting for those who are a ... Read more »
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Weaknesses and shortcomings Ford Cuza with a run
Ford Kuga - a compact crossover of the American automobile concern Ford Motors. Having released the first in its model line crossover, the European division of Ford threw a serious challenge to its competitors, which for a long time dominated the market. To date, compact city crossovers are the most popular cars in the secondary market, thanks to its attractive appearance and good patency, our current hero is not the ... Read more »
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Disadvantages of Renault Sandero with a run
Renault Sandero of those cars, about which they say: cheap and angry, thanks to an affordable price and European assembly, the car was very much in demand among motorists. A few years ago, there were queues for this car, now there is no rush, and in the secondary market there were quite a few offers at an affordable price. As you know, any used car has its drawbacks, but what they have in Renault Sandero with mileage, ... Read more »
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Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion can be called the pioneer of a new subclass of compact urban crossover vehicles. Although it should be noted that on this model the progressive idea of ​​Ford a little faltered, the heir appeared a year after the termination of production of Fusion. It should be noted that today compact city crossovers are gaining popularity, and Ford Fusion stands at the origins of this class. In this article, we'll try to figure out if the first pancake turned out ... Read more »
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Popular, this does not mean that reliable: disadvantages Ford Focus 3 with a run
Ford Focus 3 it is difficult to call a simple and unpretentious car, this car is not only beautiful from the outside, but also has a modern exterior and equipment. Despite this, the Focus of the third generation, unlike the previous version, did not become a bestseller, however, the number of second-hand Ford Focus 3 on the secondary market is huge, therefore, we did not have the rig ... Read more »
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Strong small: deficiencies of Ford Fiesta 5 with a run
?Ford Fiesta - an excellent choice for the townspeople. Initially, with us, this type of car was perceived as female, but, in recent years, the trend has changed significantly and at the wheel of this brisk car more often you can meet men. The secret of such success lies in the fact that we begin to appreciate the maneuverability, ease of operation of the hatchback and low fuel consumption. And here, a ... Read more »
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Used Volkswagen Turan
The production of Volkswagen Turan began in late 2003, and already in October 2006 the car underwent restyling, then the production of Turan cross began. The basic version is equipped with six airbags, ABS stabilization system, air conditioner, mp3 audio player and mirror heating. As Turan is translated literally is not entirely clear, but some say the title is translated as tourist or tourist, and if you continue the logical chain The car is des ... Read more »
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How not to buy problems on wheels: disadvantages of Volkswagen Tiguan with a run
Volkswagen Tiguan - one of the most popular crossovers in the aftermarket, this car is perfect for all occasions. For example, for girls drivers, small families, as well as for trips for mushrooms or a picnic. Problems with subsequent sales also should not arise, since Tiguan is an inexpensive folk car, and hence, the demand for it is great. Like most cars with mileage, Volkswag ... Read more »
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