Race the Traffic"Race the Traffic"- a simple car runner, with a weak three-dimensional graphics, and three game modes. By the way, this free project was able to gather around ten million gamers around itself, but it didn’t help them to surprise them, so its final ball on the Play Market constantly fluctuates between 3.9 and 4.0. Ask why we decided to present you this game? Yes, then, s...
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Unbraked DriftStudio "MalyaWka" presents to your attention a new racing game "Unbraked Drift"For the Android operating system.

The presented simulator is quite simple, even a bit primitive. You do not have any supernatural tasks. Only a few sand locations are available. Need to drift and earn maximum points. To do this, you need to get used to the management. A lot of time is no...
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Evil mudu: Hill Climbing TaxiEvil mudu: Hill Climbing Taxi - the coolest racing project for devices that work with Android. Here, the developers have made a dark atmosphere, surprisingly difficult levels, so you should prepare for the difficulties of various kinds. Play on smartphones and, if desired, on tablet computers. The levels are complex for the reason that the landscape is chan...
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Dash legendsDash legends - A great action, designed for devices with Android OS. This is a game that can be enjoyed in real time. Pleased with the opportunity to enjoy the cool races. Users need to try to show the maximum speed. Maximum caution does not hurt because there are traps. Go around them and you will be happy. Twelve characters are available for the game. They have different ...
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Horse racing 3dIf you decide to read this review from the beginning to the end, then you have a great desire to join the equestrian sport, for which we strongly recommend using this game called "Horse Racing 3D", from the company "Candy Mobile". Do you know why? Yes, because, firstly, it has a very stupid three-dimensional graphics. Secondly, in it, as in any other modern races, you can not on...
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Version: 1.0.12 What's new: - Added controller support
- Fixed current bugs
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Furious City Moto Bike Racer 2Feel like a motorcycle racer driving a sports bike with "Furious City Moto Bike Racer 2"on Android, from the developer of" TrimcoGames ". This product is not an example of classic racing. There are no chewed ring races, nor the finish line and opponents. The game is a realistic sports motorcycle driving simulator with its tasks.

Before the player o...
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Turbo racing league
Version: 2.0.3 What's new: - Added new characters from the movie
- Added a new colorful track
- Fixed current bugs
- Added new mode
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Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted
Version: 1.3.69 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Fixed current bugs
- Improved stability
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Fever Racing 3D"Fever Racing 3D"- a three-dimensional car runner developed by the Tekerlek Free Games studio android platform. In this free novelty, gamers will not only have to drive on the autobahn, circling oncoming cars, but also perform all kinds of tasks issued before each race. By the way, to give additional excitement to the gameplay, the developers introduced into the game the...
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Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution
Version: 3.6 What's new: - Added classic Top Gear car
- Fixed current bugs
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Vertigo racingStudio Deep Byte Studios SRL presents to your attention its new project for the Android operating system - "Vertigo racing". The presented mobile game is the second for these developers. She is a typical representative of the racing genre and has a high average score. The main feature of the project is simplicity, the presence of a visual retro style..

After launch...
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Crazy car driver
Version: 1.0.2 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Added new store
- Bugs fixed
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Monster Truck DestructionAustralian mobile game development company "ODD Games" presents to your attention an exciting racing arcade game on Android called "Monster Truck Destruction". In the submitted project, the user will take part in competitions on monsters. Huge heavy machines will drive around the arena, crush cars, jump on jumps and lift tons of dust into the air.

After ...
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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars RacingEarlier this masterpiece was a success on consoles, earning the respect of its dynamic plot, and beautiful colorful 3D graphics. Now it's time for mobile devices. So, for a single mode, there are options such as: Grand Prix, quick check, time trial, and the execution of story missions. But the multiplayer this time will be able to please even those who do not have Int...
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MMX hill climbMMX hill climb - unrestrained, dynamic and literally charged with adrenaline racing arcade dedicated to sprint races for short distances: the complexity of all the tracks is high - endless climbs and abrupt descents, springboards, some narrow trails at every turn, and you also need to outrun the opponent on android demonstrate! In addition to the complex landscape, forcin...
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Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5A lively highway filled with lazily stretching cars is perceived by professional arcade racers. Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5, As an ideal platform for testing individual driving skills, you can easily maneuver between tight streams of cars, and fly at extreme speed along the oncoming lane by gaining points for the leaderboard ...
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Need for drift
Version: 1.55 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Performance improved
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