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European business sedan for relatively little money: disadvantages Volkswagen Passat B7 with a run
Volkswagen Passat B7 - the seventh generation of the legendary sedan Passat family produced by the concern Volkswagen. This car has an impressive history, which lasts more than 40 years. Most recently, the eighth generation of this model debuted on the market, thanks to this, the previous generation was significantly cheaper and became available to a wider r ... Read more »
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Modest European with big ambitions: disadvantages Renault Megan 3 with a run
Renault Megan 3 - one of the bestsellers in the automobile market, however, opinions, whether it is worth buying this car in a second-hand version, the motorists are very different. So, for example, there is an opinion that Megan needs to buy only new ones, to exploit a string of guarantees during the process, and then sell. There is another point of view - if you carefully monitor the ... Read more »
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From Paris with Love: the disadvantages of Renault Megan 2 with a run
Renault Megan 2 - the most popular car of the French brand, which enjoys the invariably steady demand to this day, even though the third generation of the model has already appeared on the market for a long time. The secret of such popularity is that over the years of operation Megan 2 has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious car, due to this, it is perfectly sold and in second-h ... Read more »
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Overview of Renault Logan with a 2005-2012 run.
Appearances in the market Renault Logan looked forward to, buyers are not even embarrassed by the fact that the French budget car was collected in Moscow for "Avtoframos", As the price of the car was very attractive. The assembly of Renault Logan began in 2005, and by the end of 2006, more than 56,000 copies were sold. Depending on the specifics of the market Logan is sold under the brands "Dacia","< ... Read more »
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Advantages and disadvantages of Renault Lagoon 2 с пробегом
Renault Lagoon - a classic mid-size French car that quickly became popular in Europe, however, in our country, it was adopted ambiguously. The main advantages of the car are: affordable price, interesting design, economical engines, premium interior decoration materials, a large number of electrical equipment and useful options. All this looks quite tempting, but, whether it's worth ch ... Read more »
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The most common problems of Renault Duster with a run
Renault Duster The most affordable of European compact crossovers, presented in the secondary market. The phrase "affordable crossover" immediately attracts a lot of customers, so when the car was just launched, queues for the most inexpensive trim levels lasted for months. But can an inexpensive car be reliable? Now we will try to find out.

Few facts:
Renault Duster is buil ... Read more »
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Typical disadvantages of Range Rover
Range Rover Vogue - a real royal car, which has not only aristocratic appearance, surprising comfort, but also a very noble interior. Plus to all the listed advantages, the car has excellent off-road characteristics. But there are a couple of nuances - it is very expensive to maintain and has a dubious reputation for reliability. There is even a saying: "If the Range Rover is going, then most likely, he goes to the servic ... Read more »
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The smallest of the Land Rover family: disadvantages Range Rover Evok with run
Range Rover Evok - the most popular premium crossover among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. This car was even awarded the title of "Women's World Car of the Year (World women's car)" in 2012. It is worth noting that this fact does not prevent this model from being popular among the male audience. Due to the fact ... Read more »
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Overview Volkswagen Passat B6 with a run
Volkswagen Passat in special representation does not need - this car is the owner of many awards and regalia. From generation to generation, it retains its popularity, which not many cars manage. However, with the appearance in the arsenal of Volkswagen groups of a large number of versions of engines and transmissions for buyers, often the question arises when choosing a Volkswagen Passat B6 with a mileage, which engine and ... Read more »
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The capricious Frenchman: the faults of the Peugeot 308 with a run
Peugeot 308 developed by the French concern PSA Peugeot Citroën and refers to cars of small class. Many motorists are wary of cars of the French brand and are afraid to take them into the second hands, since it is believed that after 100,000 km of run these cars begin to deliver to their owners a lot of trouble. But as things stand with the reliability of the seco ... Read more »
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