Race the Traffic"Race the Traffic"- a simple car runner, with a weak three-dimensional graphics, and three game modes. By the way, this free project was able to gather around ten million gamers around itself, but it didn’t help them to surprise them, so its final ball on the Play Market constantly fluctuates between 3.9 and 4.0. Ask why we decided to present you this game? Yes, then, s...
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VR Race
Version: 1.01.5 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Performance improved
- Bugs fixed
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Official Speedway GP 2013
Version: 1.1.3 What's new: - Fixed current bugs
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Daytona rush
Version: 1.8.8 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Improved overall optimization
- Fixed current bugs
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Zombie Highway: Driver's EdWe have previously published on our site the previous part of the game. Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed, in which gamers with a light hand of developers from the company Auxbrain Inc cut through the roads of America on an armored SUV, seeking refuge from the walking dead. So, we will hurry to please you, the main characters of that game finally found what they wanted, an...
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City Racing 3D
Version: 2.9.107 What's new: - Added improved graphics
- Fixed current bugs
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MMX Hill Dash 2"MMX Hill Dash 2"- a great racing game from the studio Hutch Games for Android OS. In the presented project you will drive powerful SUVs, compete with various rivals, other users.

Running the free game "MMX Hill Dash 2"by clicking on the appropriate button, you will instantly find yourself in the first location. You are offered to take part in a t...
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Evil mudu: Hill Climbing TaxiEvil mudu: Hill Climbing Taxi - the coolest racing project for devices that work with Android. Here, the developers have made a dark atmosphere, surprisingly difficult levels, so you should prepare for the difficulties of various kinds. Play on smartphones and, if desired, on tablet computers. The levels are complex for the reason that the landscape is chan...
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Crazy traffic taxiCrazy traffic taxi - fascinating arcade action game on Android telling about the work of a taxi driver, developed by Touchten. The user is invited to learn the difficult profession of a taxi driver, to feel for themselves what it is like to travel around the city day after day, pick up voting customers and deliver them as quickly as possible to the specified location....
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Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution
Version: 3.6 What's new: - Added classic Top Gear car
- Fixed current bugs
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Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"- an interesting game for Android OS from the studio Fun Free Puzzle Games. The developers managed to diversify the racing genre a little. You will not drive a car, but create a road for it.

Running "Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills"you find yourself in a kind of garage. There is a red starting car. ...
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Driver simulatorIt's no secret that with the advent of a taxi company like Uber, in the post-Soviet space, many middle-class car owners began to earn money there, earning quite a lot of money in their spare time, by the way, If you want to know a little more about this side job, as well as to get into its subtleties, then right now download our new product called "Driver simulator"From...
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Real Demolition DerbyReal Demolition Derby - spectacular races on Android gadgets. Developers offer you to enjoy powerful, aggressive sports cars. Have fun driving a variety of spectacular tracks that seem like an endless obstacle course. The presence of a multifaceted system of improvements deserves special attention. If you want to become a professional racer, then by all means pay a...
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Paper Racing (Race on paper)
Version: 1.5.1 What's new: - Added Italian translation
- Updated German translation
- Fixed current bugs
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Highway Sprinter
Version: 1.1 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Fixed current bugs
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Formula Racing 2017"Formula Racing 2017"- a good racing action game developed by Aristokraken for mobile devices based on the Android operating system. In this racing simulator, the user is invited to take part in the most famous racing world championship, namely Formula 1. The gamers will have a sports car at their disposal to drive along well-known routes. Having launched the applica...
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Kids Racing Game: BeepzzKids Racing Game: Beepzz - Adventure racing for Android devices, developed by the studio "Abuzz". The presented toy is somewhat primitive, but incredibly interesting. Of course, for the kids. On the typewriter you need to go ahead, collecting coins, overcoming obstacles. The controls are simple, on the right are two arrows for moving back and forth, and on the l...
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Unbraked DriftStudio "MalyaWka" presents to your attention a new racing game "Unbraked Drift"For the Android operating system.

The presented simulator is quite simple, even a bit primitive. You do not have any supernatural tasks. Only a few sand locations are available. Need to drift and earn maximum points. To do this, you need to get used to the management. A lot of time is no...
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