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Typical disadvantages of Volkswagen Golf 6 with a run
Volkswagen Golf - the most successful model of the German concern Volkswagen. Golf is presented on the market with an unchanged concept for more than 40 years, due to which, it does not need any extra presentation. Many of us have even developed an impression about him, they say, Golf is a reasonable choice and, for the city, the most it. Sorry, there is no such statistics. In general, it would be interes ... Read more »
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Inexpensive and reliable car; overview of Opel Zafira with a run
Opel Zafira second generation - a large and comfortable car at an affordable price, perhaps the best option for a large family. Especially if the budget for buying a car is not large, it is worth noting that Zafira is one of the most affordable minivans on the secondary market. About this car there are very few negative reviews, but still, there are shortcomings, but what they are, and what to look ... Read more »
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Overview Volkswagen Golf 5-run
Today I decided to make a review of a used car, which is considered a classic of the genre and a model for imitation. The auto name of which became a common name for the whole segment of the golf class cars. Volkswagen Golf 5 even in second-hand use is quite a demand in the secondary market, what is the secret of the popularity of this car? And what surprises can Golf 5 present with a run? Let's try to figure it out.
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Disadvantages of Volkswagen Jetta 5 with a run
A large number of car enthusiasts choose Volkswagen Jetta 5, because at an affordable price you get a reliable car with good build quality and good equipment.  But how reliable was the sedan of the golf class, and whether to consider the option of buying a Volkswagen Jetta with a run, now try to figure it out.
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Car for all occasions: faults Fiat Doblo with a run
Fiat Doblo - a small van that will be an ideal option not only for a large family, but for a beginner entrepreneur, as the price tag for buying this car in the second-hand version is not great. Minor operational nuances in this machine is complete, but on the technical side, these cars are simple, reliable and inexpensive to maintain. But what you need to pay attention to before buying Fiat Doblo with a run now an ... Read more »
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Unusual Chinese sedan: the shortcomings of Jili MK with a run
Gili MC - Chinese representative of class C, which is the development of companies Geely Automobile. In recent years, the Chinese auto industry has made a real breakthrough in the automotive industry. One of the main components of the popularity of this model is the design - the exterior of the car is not typical for the eastern manufacturer and more like an "American". It is not worth comparing this car ... Read more »
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What to look for before buying Gili Emgrand EU7 with a run
Gili Emgrand EU7 - at the moment, one of the best-selling Chinese cars on the secondary market. Not infrequently Emgrands are bought and in taxis, which earlier with cars from the Middle Kingdom did not happen. But it's not strange, about such a popular car in the network is very little clear and clear information about the reliability of these machines. Sometimes even the impression is created that ... Read more »
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American darling and not only: shortcomings Dodge Caravan IV with a run
Dodge Caravan, this is the rare case where one car is produced, three different brands - Chrysler Voyager, Plymouth Voyager. Many believe that the Dodge Caravan, in combination, is the most successful minivan. That is why, this model is very popular in America and before the rise of import duties was one of the most imported cars of this segment. Most of the caravans were imported from the U ... Read more »
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Overview of Daewoo Matiz with a run
Daewoo Matiz - this is a machine that is often considered for the purchase of autoladers as the first car, especially when the budget is not large. A small and brisk car is very convenient in city traffic, while the outside looks like a toy car, despite this in the cabin is quite spacious. Adding to this is not bad reviews about reliability, low fuel consumption, and the recipe for a good urban runabout is ready, and now let's tal ... Read more »
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The most common shortcomings of Chery Tiggo with a run
Externally, Cherie Tiggo very much resembles Toyota Rav 4 previous generations. Perhaps, it is this similarity that provides great interest to the car. However, in the expanses of the former USSR, motorists are wary of cars from the Middle Kingdom. There is an opinion that such cars are poorly assembled and broken on a flat surface, and spare parts need to wait for months, since there is no of ... Read more »
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