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Main disadvantages Cheri Amulet with a run
Motorists who have a limited budget for the purchase of cars, do not rarely look in the direction of second-hand Chinese cars, because the price offers are very tempting. Chery Amulet is one of such attractive options, and it is often difficult to dissuade a person who is going to buy this car. But is it worth to refuse to buy Chinese cars, or maybe they are not as scary as it seems, now and try to understand the example of Chery Amulet ... Read more »
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To take or not select a thoroughbred "German": disadvantages of the BMW X6 with a run
BMW X6 - one of the most popular premium crossovers, all over the world. Despite the high cost and the need to wait for its turn to buy from a month or more, most of the sales to date fall on new cars, and all, because many potential buyers of second-hand BMW X6, are afraid of possible expensive breakdowns. Today we will try to either confirm that the purchase of this car from ... Read more »
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Common disadvantages of BMW X3 (F25) with a run
BMW X3 - All-wheel drive premium crossover (SAV) with modern design, high level of control, safety and dynamics. The coming financial crisis has spoiled plans for many motorists, those who just recently were going to buy a new car can now count on the same model, only with mileage and at the age of 2-4. Buying a used car is always a big risk, as there are no guarantees that the car will not break tomorrow. And maybe it's ... Read more »
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Where to look for a dirty trick when buying a used Bavarian: disadvantages of BMW 3 series with a run
BMW 3 Series A compact car manufactured by a German automaker BMW AG. BMW "treshka" has always been one of the most popular cars among young motorists. The predilection for this machine is quite understandable, since it is pleasant in all respects: actual appearance, good equipment, powerful power units, high level of comfort and excellent handlin ... Read more »
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Bavarian "kopeck", where to look for a dirty trick: BMW's shortcomings 1 series with a run
BMW 1 Series - a hatchback is not very large, but it is these cars are increasingly gaining popularity among young motorists. And it is not surprising that many manufacturers of premium cars make a big accent on cars in this type of body, they are in demand by buyers, which means they will sell well. In the CIS, the popularity of the hatchback from BMW is more determined not ... Read more »
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How to become the lord of the rings, and will not remain without pants: Audi's disadvantages Q7 with a run
Audi Q7 - All-wheel drive seven-seater SUV, which is sold on the market for more than 10 years. Buying a used premium car, you like playing roulette in which you can become a lucky person, and during the operation to do only a planned maintenance, and you can put everything on the line, and after a couple of thousand kilometers run start investin ... Read more »
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How not to become a regular customer car service, choose Audi Q5 with a run
Audi Q5 - perhaps the most popular crossover in the CIS, where it's that rare situation when a car does not have a male or female image, since this car is very much enjoyed by both sexes. Opinions about the reliability of cars in many forums are quite different, there are, as absolutely happy owners who write odes about the car, and there are those who believe that they too often have to call ... Read more »
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What surprises can a premium German give? Disadvantages of the Audi A6 (C6) with a run
Audi A6, - a business class car manufactured under the brand name Audi, the interior designation is "type C". Audi brand cars have always attracted connoisseurs of premium cars, but, due to the high cost, they can not afford to buy such a car - not everyone can, which is why most of the connoisseurs of the German car industry consider hundreds of offers on the se ... Read more »
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