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Typical malfunctions Nissan Patrol 5 with a run
Nissan Patrol - a full-fledged SUV with a frame body structure. One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it, with time, does not go out of fashion and does not lose its relevance. Also, the advantages of this car can be attributed to a large margin of safety, which allows the car to remain in good technical condition even after 10 years of operation. But, as often happens, such machines are forgot ... Read more »
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Review of second-hand Nissan Nissan 2006-2012 car.
In the car Nissan Nout creators managed to successfully combine different styles, as a result the machine became popular among young family motorists who still want to lighten up on the road. The history of the creation of this car is very unusual, one of the engineers of the company Nissan while he was expecting replenishment in the family, came the idea to create ... Read more »
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Weak points and shortcomings Nissan Murano with a run (Nissan Murano Z50)
Nissan Murano - mid-size crossover of the Japanese company Nissan. Nissan Murano is a large roomy "SUV" that differs from other cars in its unusual appearance, due to which, it is difficult to confuse it with other cars, and if you want your car to stand out in the stream, then this is a very good choice. And, here, as things stand with reliability at Nissan Murano with a run, and, on wha ... Read more »
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The real inhabitant of a megacity: disadvantages Nissan Микра with mileage
?Nissan Mikra has its own unique style, which can not be confused with any other. The name of this car completely corresponds to its size, the design of this small car turned out amusing and is calculated, basically, on a female audience. The main advantage of this car is that it does not have a lot of electronic systems and complex solutions, due to this its cost is not great. And here's ... Read more »
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City train: lacks of Nissan LEAF with a run
Nissan LEAF - an electric car of class "C" (hatchback) developed by the Japanese concern Nissan. Surely, each of you thought about how to reduce the cost of maintaining the car (saving fuel, increasing the service interval, etc.). To date, more and more automakers are trying to solve not only this problem, but also the problem of the deterioration of the ecology on our planet. One of the leaders in the ... Read more »
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Review of Nissan Cascais
Nissan Kashkay was quite popular, and for a long time was one of the leaders in the market. For the first time the car was presented to the general public in 2006, in December of the same year, its mass production began. In 2008, a seven-seat version with an enlarged wheelbase and a modified body geometry appeared on sale, and in 2010 restyling was carried out. Kashkay as a whole has established itself as a reliable and practical car, but with ... Read more »
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Review of the second-generation Nissan X-Trail.
The second-generation Nissan X-Trail, unlike other SUVs, is more focused not on fast driving, but on confident traffic on rough terrain outside highway highways, this car is more intended for hunters and fishermen than for traveling in a metropolis. But, like most used cars, the Nissan X-Trail has its advantages and disadvantages, which they let us deal with.
... Read more »
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What to expect from an inexpensive foreign car: disadvantages Nissan Almera Classic with a run
Nissan Almera Classic - a budget car that has nothing to do with the incredibly popular, at the time, "Nissan Almera". In the Korean market, the car was sold under the name "Samsung SM3"And, almost immediately after the premiere, became the sales leader, but in the CIS, a car with the name" refrigerator ", was sold very poorly ... Read more »
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The most common shortcomings of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2 with a run
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2 - one of the most popular off-road vehicles of the Japanese company Mitsubishi. In our market, the number of crossovers is increasing day by day, but, here the real frame off-road cars with distributions, ponyazhikami and huge clearance slowly go to the past. But, today's hero remains an exception to the rules, despite all the fashion tre ... Read more »
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To buy or not? All disadvantages of Mitsubishi Pajero 3 with a run
Mitsubisi Pajero 3 - a true all-wheel drive off-road car, by today's standards, the car is simple and in some ways even primitive. But this machine, in contrast to modern, without much difficulty overcomes the impassability and is much cheaper. It is worth noting that the third generation of Mitsubishi Pajero, in comparison with the previous two, is aimed not only at car ... Read more »
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