Unbraked DriftStudio "MalyaWka" presents to your attention a new racing game "Unbraked Drift"For the Android operating system.

The presented simulator is quite simple, even a bit primitive. You do not have any supernatural tasks. Only a few sand locations are available. Need to drift and earn maximum points. To do this, you need to get used to the management. A lot of time is no...
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Crazy taxi
Version: 1.52 What's new: - Fixed current bugs
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Gravity Defied Classic"Gravity Defied Classic"- the iconic race is now on Android devices, the developer Alischek put his hand to porting. This is one of those games that needs no introduction. But still, we present to your attention the most wonderful arcade game that did not give and does not rest to this day Probably many immediately remembered how fingers and numbers were erased in...
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MMX hill climbMMX hill climb - unrestrained, dynamic and literally charged with adrenaline racing arcade dedicated to sprint races for short distances: the complexity of all the tracks is high - endless climbs and abrupt descents, springboards, some narrow trails at every turn, and you also need to outrun the opponent on android demonstrate! In addition to the complex landscape, forcin...
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Vertigo racingStudio Deep Byte Studios SRL presents to your attention its new project for the Android operating system - "Vertigo racing". The presented mobile game is the second for these developers. She is a typical representative of the racing genre and has a high average score. The main feature of the project is simplicity, the presence of a visual retro style..

After launch...
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Real crazy racing 4x4 3dRecently, the majority of developers decided to create racing games not with the notorious 3D graphics similar to the console, but in a cartoon style with comical characters and decorations. This is an example of this novelty, which is a kind of runner, where you need to go around the city in an arbitrary manner, and collect gas canisters. It would seem that nothing could be s...
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Furious City Moto Bike Racer 2Feel like a motorcycle racer driving a sports bike with "Furious City Moto Bike Racer 2"on Android, from the developer of" TrimcoGames ". This product is not an example of classic racing. There are no chewed ring races, nor the finish line and opponents. The game is a realistic sports motorcycle driving simulator with its tasks.

Before the player o...
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Smash cops heat
Version: 1.09.01 What's new: - Added 6 new "mayhemic" missions
- Fixed issue with departures
- Fixed bug with Wi-Fi
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Revolution Offroad: Spin SimulationIf you are a fan of extreme sports simulators, and are not averse to driving an off-road vehicle through mountain passes filled with all sorts of obstacles, then without fail, familiarize yourself with the android game "Revolution Offroad: Spin Simulation", which appeared on the Play Market not so long ago, instantly became a real hit. What can I say,...
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Evil mudu: Hill Climbing TaxiEvil mudu: Hill Climbing Taxi - the coolest racing project for devices that work with Android. Here, the developers have made a dark atmosphere, surprisingly difficult levels, so you should prepare for the difficulties of various kinds. Play on smartphones and, if desired, on tablet computers. The levels are complex for the reason that the landscape is chan...
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Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted
Version: 1.3.69 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Fixed current bugs
- Improved stability
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Race the Traffic"Race the Traffic"- a simple car runner, with a weak three-dimensional graphics, and three game modes. By the way, this free project was able to gather around ten million gamers around itself, but it didn’t help them to surprise them, so its final ball on the Play Market constantly fluctuates between 3.9 and 4.0. Ask why we decided to present you this game? Yes, then, s...
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Nitro Nation StoriesAs it is not regrettable to state, but according to the latest trends in the gaming industry, full-fledged high-end 3D car simulators are on the verge of extinction, because it’s much easier for developers to make a runner with beautiful graphics than to create any engine that takes into account the movement of machines along arbitrary paths, yes also at different speeds. So it tu...
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Heavy Truck Simulator"Heavy Truck Simulator"- one of the best prototypes of the beloved project" Truckers "for the android platform, which is not inferior to the original either in the number of gaming opportunities or in graphic design, which in our case turned out to be high.

Since this free project from Dynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda, is a derivative of the computer game T...
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Doom buggy
Version: 1.2.4 What's new: - Performance improved
- Fixed current bugs
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Ambulance Driver 3DSo, what do you need to do in the game? "Ambulance Driver 3D" from the guys at Play Cool Zombie Sport Games in order to start helping people in terrible traffic accidents? First, learn how to quickly drive an ambulance, and very carefully, in order not to get into an accident. Secondly, learn how to correctly assess the situation on the road, and also never forget that, if n...
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Drift Simulator: Corvette Z06"Drift Simulator: Corvette Z06"- an excellent racing simulator on an Android device, in which a player will arrange a test drive of a Corvette Z06 vehicle. The project is released by Pakistan's Exotic Burnout studio with extensive experience in the industry of developing similar gaming products. The company’s catalog boasts a huge number of toys, and absolu...
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Horse racing 3dIf you decide to read this review from the beginning to the end, then you have a great desire to join the equestrian sport, for which we strongly recommend using this game called "Horse Racing 3D", from the company "Candy Mobile". Do you know why? Yes, because, firstly, it has a very stupid three-dimensional graphics. Secondly, in it, as in any other modern races, you can not on...
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