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Overview of shortcomings Mazda SH-5 with a run
Mazda SH-5 - This is a mid-size crossover, which almost immediately after the start of sales has become quite popular among motorists. This fact, in turn, led to the fact that the car in the CIS was sold fairly well, and by the number of sales practically aligned with the leaders of the segment (Toyota Rav 4 and Honda CR-V). The truth is not without nuances and doubts, for example, new engines or not ... Read more »
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Advantages and disadvantages of Mazda 6 with mileage.
Mazda 6 second generation, at the beginning of sales, was one of the most sought-after machines in its class. On most parameters, the owners are very grateful to this car, but, as you know, there are no machines without minuses at all - there is no such thing. But what they are and what to look for before buying a Mazda 6 with a run, now and try to find out.

 A bit of history:
Ma ... Read more »
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Reliable friend for a large family: disadvantages Mazda 5 with a run
Mazda 5 (in many Asian markets is better known as Mazda Premacy) - kompaktven, from the Japanese manufacturer of cars Mazda. Mazda 5 does not belong to the number of best-selling cars that can be found in every yard, and at the meeting few people will be able to answer what class this car belongs to. Despite this, today this type of car is quite in demand on the secondary market, therefore, today we ... Read more »
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Disadvantages of Mazda 3 with a run: is it worth buying a car older than 7 years
Before the appearance of Mazda 3 in the market, many scolded cars "Mazda"For a faceless design, but in the late 90's the company changed its image dramatically, and in the appearance of cars appeared a sporting style. Mazda 3 of the first generation (in the people "Matryoshka") - was the most popular car in its segment, and to get this car new, many had to wait a turn fo ... Read more »
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Japanese who is able to wipe the nose of Europeans: Lexus IS's shortcomings with the run
Lexus IS (Lexus Is) - premium sports car business class, which was designed for the European market. This model is one of the most compact among premium sedans. Due to this, IS is in great demand among young motorists and women. In addition to its attractive appearance and rich equipment, the Lexus IS also has good driving characteristics. Unfortunately, the purchase of this car ... Read more »
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Problems and disadvantages Land Rover Freelander 2 with a run
Land Rover Freelander this is the entrance ticket to the world of royal cars. This car is the younger brother of the world famous premium SUV Range Rover. This relationship has a positive effect not only on popularity, but also on quality and off-road characteristics. Moreover, buying a used Land Rover Freelander is facing much less potential problems than buying a flagship ... Read more »
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Work on the bugs: the disadvantages of Land Rover Discovery 3 with a run
Land Rover Discovery 3 has an ambiguous image and a dubious reputation. However, once becoming the owner of this car many become ardent fans of the model for many years, but there are also many skeptics who get rid of the car, faced with minor car problems. Among the skeptics there is even an anecdote: if a gentleman is not in service, and drives around on his Discovery, this does ... Read more »
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The main problems and disadvantages of Lada Priora with a run
Lada Priora (2171) - one of the leaders in sales among domestic cars. Not so long ago this car was replaced on our roads by the tenth family of Vaz. And although at its heart Priory is a restyling version of the "dozens", but, nevertheless, it is an absolutely new car and, not only externally, but also technically. And here, whether it is worth buying a second-hand Lada Prioru or better to pref ... Read more »
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What to look for before buying Lada Largus with a run
Lada Largus (in translation from Latin - generous) - this is a modern and versatile car of Russian production, which has been waiting for a long time. Proven time, a familiar platform, low prices, ease of maintenance and convenient bodywork have become the main guarantee of success and popular recognition. Since the first days of official sales, the car has caused an unprecedented rush, and the turnaround queu ... Read more »
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What disadvantages is Lada Grant with mileage.
Lada Grant Is a model that was developed in order to change the negative opinion of consumers about the products of the Russian car industry. AvtoVAZ For a long time he did not dare to stop the production of his "legendary classics", which had been produced since the times of the USSR. However, time does not stand still, and a new model has come to replace it. Lada Grant was created on the same platf ... Read more »
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