Top Gear: Race the Stig
Version: 3.4.1 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Improved overall optimization
- Bugs fixed
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Extreme Car Driving SimulatorThe developers from AxesInMotion Racing offer you to get acquainted with an attractive and dynamic simulator "Extreme Car Driving Simulator", created specifically for Android. When you make the first launch, you will see a concise menu. There are 2 sections: Garage and Drive. To see the cars you have, you need to look into the garage. You can buy new cars a...
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Official Speedway GP 2013
Version: 1.1.3 What's new: - Fixed current bugs
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Race the Traffic"Race the Traffic"- a simple car runner, with a weak three-dimensional graphics, and three game modes. By the way, this free project was able to gather around ten million gamers around itself, but it didn’t help them to surprise them, so its final ball on the Play Market constantly fluctuates between 3.9 and 4.0. Ask why we decided to present you this game? Yes, then, s...
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Monster Truck DestructionAustralian mobile game development company "ODD Games" presents to your attention an exciting racing arcade game on Android called "Monster Truck Destruction". In the submitted project, the user will take part in competitions on monsters. Huge heavy machines will drive around the arena, crush cars, jump on jumps and lift tons of dust into the air.

After ...
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3D Turborennen - Turbo Racing
Version: 1.9 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Fixed current bugs
- Improved optimization
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Mini motor racingIn Mini Motor Racing you will find several game modes: competition, championship or custom fast race. A rich selection of trails (more than 100), day and night, with different weather conditions. Particularly pleased with the opportunity to fight with friends via Wi-Fi, up to 4 players. There are all elements inherent in races, from choosing a car to upgrading it or replacing it with...
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DRIFT WARSFrisky street racing with unpredictable routes and the most difficult controlled drifts, sports cars and amazingly spectacular network races with truly professional opponents - arcade DRIFT WARS for android modestly demonstrates a whole list of really pleasant and unexpected advantages. At first, users will be guided through a beautiful and richly decorated garage, where cars...
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Zombie derby
Version: 1.1.30 What's new: - Improved various tuning machines
- Added new levels
- Improved 3D graphics
- Bugs fixed
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Zombie Highway: Driver's EdWe have previously published on our site the previous part of the game. Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed, in which gamers with a light hand of developers from the company Auxbrain Inc cut through the roads of America on an armored SUV, seeking refuge from the walking dead. So, we will hurry to please you, the main characters of that game finally found what they wanted, an...
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Riptide gp
Version: 1.6.3 What's new: - Added support for X86 devices
- Fixed current bugs
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Driving Zone: JapanToday, in the face of the game "Driving Zone: Japan", from AveCreation, we want to present you a rather unusual car runner, which, unlike other representatives of this genre, has a lot of unique innovations. Firstly, it is necessary to attribute to them the fact that in it all the cars are not fictional, but real, and have good drawing not only externally, but also when swit...
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Very bad roads
Version: 1.2 What's new: - Added new link to Facebook
- Performance improved
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Formula Racing 2017"Formula Racing 2017"- a good racing action game developed by Aristokraken for mobile devices based on the Android operating system. In this racing simulator, the user is invited to take part in the most famous racing world championship, namely Formula 1. The gamers will have a sports car at their disposal to drive along well-known routes. Having launched the applica...
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Evil mudu: Hill Climbing TaxiEvil mudu: Hill Climbing Taxi - the coolest racing project for devices that work with Android. Here, the developers have made a dark atmosphere, surprisingly difficult levels, so you should prepare for the difficulties of various kinds. Play on smartphones and, if desired, on tablet computers. The levels are complex for the reason that the landscape is chan...
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Crazy Racing: Speed ​​RacerCrazy Racing: Speed ​​Racer - racing project for Android devices, having a cartoon graphic design. This creation was created by a well-known company LQ-GAME. This development team already has a decent toy making experience. In addition, previous toys were the same genre. All games were colorful with beautiful visual design. If you like high-quality racing sim...
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Paper Racing (Race on paper)
Version: 1.5.1 What's new: - Added Italian translation
- Updated German translation
- Fixed current bugs
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Hotblood driftHotblood drift - a great racing creation, created for Android devices. To go through all the levels presented, give all the best for the full program. To understand the application is simple. Users do not have to push the gas pedal, because the car is moving independently. Gamers need only fit well into the turns. Do everything possible to ensure that the car does not fal...
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