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Disadvantages of Kia Sportage 3 with mileage.
To date, domestic motorists were represented by four generations Kia Sportage, in 1993 the first generation of Sportage appeared on the market, which sold out in large quantities in the world, in 2004 the second generation appeared on sale. In March 2010 it was the third generation, which is very different from previous versions of appearance, technical characteristics and price. It's no secret that Kia Sportage ... Read more »
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Review of Kia Soul with a run of 2010-2014 in
Kia Soul representative of a new cohort of compact urban crossovers, the car belongs to the B-class with increased ground clearance, which allows you to confidently move not only along the highway, but also beyond. Due to its unusual appearance, Kia Soul is quite different from its competitors and causes not a small interest among motorists. But what other differences and weaknesses are available for Kia Soul with mileage, you wi ... Read more »
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Advantages and disadvantages of Kia Sorento 2 with mileage
Kia Sorento 2, almost immediately after the start of sales, won an unprecedented popularity among fans of crossovers. The first generation of Kia Sorento received a lot of criticism: for the oak suspension, poor handling and poor equipment; the second generation of Sorento - on the contrary, turned out to be a full crossover with impressive equipment. Despite the fact that the car is pr ... Read more »
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Review of used Kia Rio 3
Kia Rio 3 was produced from 2011 to 2014. This car is quite popular in the CIS countries and not only, this fact is confirmed awards in the price quality nomination. The third generation of Kia Rio destined for the CIS countries gathered at the Russian plant Hyundai Motors near St. Petersburg. At the same plant, Hyundai Accent, which was sold in Russia under ... Read more »
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What to look for when choosing an American of Korean origin: the shortcomings of Kia Mohave with a run
Kia Mohave (another name: Kia Borrego) - mid-size SUV firm Kia Motors, which was developed specifically for the US market. Large SUVs are a long-standing passion of the majority of motorists, even though such cars are not quite convenient for operation in large cities and have a rather high cost. If the budget for the purchase of a car is unlimited, then the choi ... Read more »
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Disadvantages that need to be prepared by buying Audi a3 with a run
Audi A3 - meets several demands of modern motorists, firstly, it is a prestigious brand, and secondly, the car has a rather popular, nowadays, body, three- and five-door hatchback. And if to add to these advantages a stylish and pleasant design, then you get a very interesting option for urban traffic. This car is ideal for those drivers who do not just need a golf-class car, but want a rich equipment and high-quality ... Read more »
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Reliable, but unclaimed: the shortcomings of Kia Magentis 2 with a run
Kia Magentis - a sedan of the middle class of the South Korean automotive company Kia Motors. Since its introduction in the domestic market, most car enthusiasts have taken Kia Magentis as a business car for a middle-class official, and as a more affordable alternative to Toyota Camry and the like. The first thing that attracts this auto - a good ratio of size and value. Few manufacturers ... Read more »
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Universal soldier for "reasonable" money: the shortcomings of Kia Karens 3 with a run
Kia Karens 3 - budget five- or seven-seater compact class "C»Companies Kia Motors. The advantages of using such cars are quite obvious - large, roomy, comfortable, with a rather modern interior and exterior design, a car. At the same time, in terms of external dimensions, this car resembles an urban SUV. Despite the large number ... Read more »
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Kratoko about the shortcomings of the second generation of Kia Tserato with a run
Kia Tserato second generation - one of the creations of the world-famous German designer Peter Schreyer. After his arrival in the company "Kia", All cars of this brand received a bright design and a corporate tiger's grin, and Tserato is no exception. But the ordinary buyer is not interested in appearance, but reliability and practicality of the car, you see, nobody ... Read more »
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Features and disadvantages Volvo S40 with mileage.
Machines for intelligent, quiet and wealthy people, this is the image of the company "Volvo". However, the model of the Volvo S40 of the second generation is most often interested in young motorists, so it is important to understand how reliable this car is and how much in the future will it cost to service a car over the age of 5 years. It is in this now and try to understand. The Volvo S40 has a rich history and ... Read more »
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