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Legend or hitchhiker for money? Disadvantages of Cadillac Escalade with a run
At home (USA), Cadillac Escalade enjoys great popularity, we have the same, it is not so popular, as the purchase of this car is not affordable for everyone. But no matter how it was, car lovers, the size of the minibus, in the CIS are not small, so we do not have the right to leave this car without attention. Wealthy people buy this new car, and then can not sell it for a very long time, since not ... Read more »
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Brutal Brit: disadvantages Range Rover
Range Rover Sport - a mid-size luxury SUV created by the British company Land Rover. Many motorists dream of a large prestigious SUV in many countries of the world, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a new car. It is for this reason that many start searching for such a car in a second-hand condition, while not completely understanding how much further its content can go. Our hero today is one of the brig ... Read more »
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Typical disadvantages of the BMW E60 with a run
The Sixth Generation BMW E60 was a big step forward in the automotive industry. This car not only looked different, but also had fantastic driving characteristics and had revolutionary equipment for those times. And it's not just about the number of options that many modern machines can envy. The fact is that many mechanisms of this car are controlled by electronics. But how reliable the electronic systems tur ... Read more »
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What to expect from an American pet in our realities: the shortcomings of the Acura MDX with a run
Acura MDX - a large, well-equipped car with a good reputation and a noble family tree - just what is needed for lovers of large crossovers. Despite the fact that the second generation of Akura MDX was not officially supplied to most CIS countries, including Russia, the number of offers of this car on the secondary market is quite large. Basically, the cars of this bran ... Read more »
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Advantages and disadvantages Opel Vectra "C" with mileage (Opel Vectra C)
Opel Vectra С- one of the most popular mid-size cars of the German concern Opel. At domestic motorists Opel brand is associated with simple, reliable and, at the same time, affordable machines. In the mid-1990s, representatives of the German automotive industry were among the best-selling in the secondary market in the CIS, many Cadets, Records, Senators, Omegas, Asters and Vektras remain ... Read more »
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Underestimated "German": the disadvantages of Opel Insignia with a run
Opel Insignia - a car for which the company "General Motors"Made a huge bet, as he had to replace, very popular at that time, Vektru. When Insignia only appeared on the market, she immediately made a splash with her bright revolutionary appearance. At that time it was a real breakthrough in the automotive industry, but it is worth noting that it is relevant to this day. In ... Read more »
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Reasonable minimum: the shortcomings of Niva Chevrolet with a run
Niva Chevrolet - a small car, which, at first glance, it seems a SUV, but, in fact, it's a real SUV. Due to its small size, short base, permanent full drive with symmetrical differential, the presence of locks and reduced gear, this car is able to get out of almost any marsh. For fourteen years of its existence, the car has undergone virtually no changes, the only thing the manufacturer decided o ... Read more »
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Advantages & disadvantages of Nissan Beetle
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On the "face" of the usual, comfortable inside: the disadvantages of Nissan Tiida with a run
Despite the unpretentious appearance and modest equipment, Nissan Tiida stable demand in the secondary market. Economic, flexible, unpretentious at home, and, moreover, with a moderate appetite - than not an ideal companion, if not for life, then for the next few years. Due to its large dimensions and multifunctionality, this car is popular with practical and family moto ... Read more »
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The main problems and shortcomings of Nissan Theana 2 with a run
Nissan Theana - a car of medium business class, which is manufactured from 2003 to the present. Thanks to its expressive appearance, its rich equipment, good running characteristics and reasonable price, Teana is one of the best-selling cars in this segment, competing with such models as Toyota Camry. And, here's how things stand with the reliability of the car, and what should be noted when choo ... Read more »
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