Construction Simulator 2 APK
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Download Construction Simulator 2 (1.03).APK Free
Version APK: 1.03
File Size: 35 MB
Languages supported by the app: Multilingual, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew
Version Android: 2.3+
Type of License: Free
Free space required: 493 Mb

Hello Friend! Today you have to, there are behind the wheel of huge trucks and excavators to build houses, buildings, and maybe whole cities!

Why is it worth downloading Construction Simulator 2017 for Android?

Are you ready to take on such responsibility? If yes, then do not hesitate. Get down to your duties and actions right now. The task at first glance is easy, but you should not relax!

Why should I install Construction Simulator 2017 on Android?

You will need to help other builders build new homes on the outskirts of the city. Download Construction Simulator 2017 for Android is their new project, which was provided by the city administration and set certain deadlines. During the period of which builders have to build all the houses, the structures indicated in the project. If the workers do not have time to meet this very period or fulfill the order poorly, then they may well be left without money. So that hope they have on you, respectively.

Realistic management of the actions of special equipment will help you and your team to significantly accelerate the construction process. Start with skills improvement and learn from your team. In order to prevent significant violations in the construction of any building. As you pick up experience using elementary actions, you can begin to conquer already great heights. Perform each set unique task in front of you, and unlock new ones. Brick by brick, and now the new house is ready. Report the concrete and then disassemble it using a special steam roller. Download Construction Simulator 2017 for Android, the main thing is to act reasonably so that the houses will not be subject to rapid destruction. Perform other functions given to you. Enrich the area around these houses, plant trees, various plants. To your object was not only built, but also distinguished by beauty and comfort.

Construction Simulator 2 Download for Free APK File (35 MB)

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