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Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (1.08).APK Free
Version APK: 1.08
File Size: 26.35 Mb
Languages supported by the app: Multilingual, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French
Version Android: 2.3+
Type of License: Free
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The game GTA: San Andreas for Android, developed specifically for Google Play, exactly like the original, gets smart ratings from users. In addition to the interesting story underlying the project, we see just a smart adaptation, the absence of any bugs and a great pace of the game. Management in the game is convenient, the interface allows you to quickly change settings and use additional features.

Why is it worth downloading GTA: San Andreas on Android?

At the center of our story is a man named Carl Johnson. Five years ago, he left his native Los Santos and since then things have not become better in the city. Apart from the fact that the city is mired in corruption and drug trafficking, many of his friends suffered: the mother was killed, the brother and sister could not find a common language, all the childhood friends were deeply in problems. Carl does not have time to see his friends, how a policeman’s murder is hanged on him. Our hero understands that the only thing that can be done to win is to start fighting enemies with their own methods. He must gain authority in order to unite around him many faithful people, to mark at every point on the map of San Andreas. Local leaders are not going to give up a piece of their territory, so this is a game with death.

GTA features: San Andreas on Android

Rockstar Games present to our attention the most ambitious game for mobile devices. In the project to download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android for free, we get the opportunity not only to watch the big map, but also the ability to visit each of its parts. The enormous size of the discoveries of the world contains a lot of interesting things, you must plunge into its atmosphere, reveal secrets and a huge number of side missions. The approximate duration of the game was an incredible 70 hours, the graphic part was significantly improved, you can visit the different, having many of its features, the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Features GTA: San Andreas on Android

This modification download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android has a huge number of features, including the study of light and the digital palette, which even on a small screen feels very good. Now graphics capabilities can be customized for each platform you use separately, which is very convenient. Now you can use Immersion feedback. Now it will be much easier to control your character if you use an analog joystick - the movement and camera will be 100% controlled by you, which is convenient during driving, shooting, and just to monitor the surrounding space. We note the improvement in artificial intelligence - now the person who attacked you with a weapon will be really dangerous.

The game, by the way, has already received a very high 4.4 out of 5 possible points. This is one of those games that continues to be supported, so you should download GTA: San Andreas for Android for free - even if someone finds the smallest bug, the next patch will fix it. Do not enjoy this game will be difficult, because it is thought out to the smallest detail and is very balanced.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Download for Free APK File (26.35 Mb)

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