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Download Metal Slug 3 (1.9).APK Free
Version APK: 1.9
File Size: 7.34 Mb
Languages supported by the app: Multilingual, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian
Version Android: 2.3+
Type of License: Free
Free space required: 67 Mb

Metal Slug 3 - the game is very similar to the counter on the console, who played, for sure remembers. You have to destroy all the enemies on your long journey. The game, despite its simplicity, is very diverse and diverse. First of all, it is worth noting that the protagonist will be able to ride on elephants and camels, ride on tanks and swim on the ship, and also take the coastal strip by storm. In addition, there are several game modes - arcade, as well as mission mode. The second is more difficult, because it is better to practice in the first. And, of course, powerful bosses are waiting for you! Well, in addition to the above, I want to add that the game has the ability to play with friends via Bluetooth. Oh yes, I almost forgot ... Each level and location has several options for passing, so only you can decide where to send the hero!
Why is it worth to download METAL SLUG ATTACK on android?

Initially, the game was developed exclusively for gaming consoles. It was in the distant 2000s and then there were very few good games, but at that time there was only a game console called Sony PlayStation 1, which was at that time the reference among all the consoles. Download METAL SLUG ATTACK for Android for free. The developers decided to port this gaming application with the goal of ensuring that all fans of this line could play on mobile devices anywhere and not be limited to just a prefix at home. The benefit of performance was enough to draw such simple graphics at 60 frames per second.

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK for android for free in the toy has a very interesting storyline, which can boast of this, since it is really beautiful here. Do not forget that the game is a very cool action, which is full of adrenaline and adventure. However, do not forget that the control in the game will be a little inconvenient, but you can always connect the game controllers. The graphics are at a very pleasant level, but it remains the same as it was. And this does not sadden at all, since it is precisely because of their unusual pixel graphics that gamers love this game. Level and weapons are many, and all in their own way are diverse. But the downside is the lack of full support for the Russian language.

Interesting features of the game:

    Ability to connect game controllers using the wireless method;
    Cool pixel graphics, which has a lot of explosions and special effects, and at the same time perfectly optimized;
    A large number of the most diverse and beautiful levels.

Metal Slug 3 Download for Free APK File (7.34 Mb)

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