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What to expect from an American pet in our realities: the shortcomings of the Acura MDX with a run
Acura MDX - a large, well-equipped car with a good reputation and a noble family tree - just what is needed for lovers of large crossovers. Despite the fact that the second generation of Akura MDX was not officially supplied to most CIS countries, including Russia, the number of offers of this car on the secondary market is quite large. Basically, the cars of this brand were imported from the USA, even despite the large transport tax, the MDC was in high demand among motorists. To date, most of these machines have wound more than hundreds of thousands of kilometers, which means it's time to draw some conclusions about the reliability of the car.

A bit of history:
Acura - a young brand whose history began in 1986. The brand was created as a premium division of the company "Honda"And was focused on the American market. Despite the fact that this brand was focused on the creation of premium sedans and sports cars, to date, the most successful models of the brand are considered off-road cars. The name Acura comes from the Latin root "Acu", which in translation means "exact", or "made with precision". The first MDC debuted in 2001, five years later the second generation of the popular SUV appeared on the market. The prototype of the novelty was presented at the international automobile exhibition in New York. At the time of the second generation, MDX was the most popular crossover in the US. When developing the car, the company Honda applied its corporate identity and original design, as a result, the new MDH received a smart silhouette and sharp lines.
In comparison with the first generation of MDX, the novelty received an enlarged wheelbase, a more spacious interior, and a wealth of equipment (even in the basic configuration). If we talk about the technical part, then the car has a new all-wheel drive transmission "SH-AWD"With an active rear differential. In 2010, restyling was carried out, as a result of which the radiator grille design, air intakes, front and rear optics were changed. At the same time, a new six-speed transmission and a number of high-tech electronic systems, providing a more comfortable stay in the car. For example, new seats with electric heating and ventilation, electronic boot opening button, audio system with navigation and much more. Production of the second generation Akura MDH was discontinued in 2012, and in the same year the third generation of the car was introduced.

Acura MDX
Due to the good quality of the metal and paint and varnish, corrosion does not appear on the bodywork, and if the car did not participate in the accident, the body of most of the MDCs will be in excellent condition. Thanks to the special development of the body "Acura Engineering"And 10 pillows of safety, which are provided in the basic configuration, the MDX was recognized as the safest premium crossover in 2012. Akura MDX was equipped with two petrol engines 3.5 (256 hp) and 3.7 (300 hp). The main advantage of these motors is the system VTEC, which extends the area of ​​maximum torque from 2000 to 5000 revolutions, and also reduces the emission of harmful exhausts. Also, the MDH boasts a small fuel consumption (an average of 12-15 liters per 100 km in urban mode). As the experience of operation has shown, the engines are very reliable, and in order for the engine to work without failures, it is enough to carry out maintenance in time. Change the oil should be at least once every 10-12 thousand km. One of the advantages of this car in front of competitors is that it works perfectly on the 92nd gasoline. In order to avoid serious problems with the engine, it is necessary to carry out adjustment of the thermal gaps of the clans every 100,000 km; at the same run, the drive of the gas distribution mechanism replacement of the belt and timing rollers is required). Spark plugs, if you use high-quality fuel, will serve up to 50,000 km. Once a year, cleaning of the fuel injectors and throttle assembly is required. The most common in the CIS is the 3.7 engine, in spite of the fact that this engine does not have trendy injection systems and a turbine, it confidently disperses the car both in the city and on the highway, not yielding to the dynamics of more powerful cars. On the secondary market of this engine you can not be afraid, since it has a good resource before the "capital".
Acura MDX
The Akura MDX was equipped with a five-speed (up to 2010) and six-speed (from 2010) hydromechanical automatic transmission. Owners of the car of the first years of production were often faced with incorrect operation of the transmission (jerk of jolt when switching), this is connected with the malfunction of the transmission control unit software and the failure of the hydro-compensators. In cars operated in a metropolis, often there is an overheat of the transmission. After restyling, the manufacturer replaced the problem node with a six-speed gearbox, which turned out to be more reliable and extremely rarely presents unpleasant surprises to the owners. In order to extend the life of the gearbox, it is recommended to change the oil at least every 60,000 km, and it is desirable to use only high-quality lubricants. The car is equipped with a plug-in all-wheel drive, the reliability of the all-wheel drive system does not cause serious complaints, but only In the event that you do not use the car as a full-fledged SUV. Electronic clutch is very afraid of overheating, and if constantly storm off-road, then expensive repairs to the transmission can not be avoided.
For the finishing of the Akura MDX interior, the manufacturer used high-quality materials, as a result such a concept as "crickets in the cabin"Owners of this model is not known. Despite the fact that the machine is equipped with a large number of electrical equipment, there are no claims to their reliability from owners.
Acura MDX
Acura MDX has excellent running characteristics - comfort, smooth running, manageability. Promotes this multi-link suspension, which is installed not only in front, but also behind. The disadvantages of such a combination can be attributed only to the high cost of repair running. Traditionally, for modern cars, the struts and bushings of the stabilizer are considered consumables, their resource, under safe operation, does not exceed 50,000 km. Ball bearings, front shock absorbers and supporting bearings, on average, nurses 70-90 thousand km. Front and rear levers are hardy enough and can serve 150-170 thousand km. Rear shock absorbers have a stiffness control system and are afraid of "speed bumps"If you often move them without slowing down, you may need to replace the shock absorbers after 30,000 km of run. Despite the large weight (2 tons), the car is controlled as a sedan with sporty habits, while the steering mechanism is quite reliable and, as a rule, up to 150,000 km of a run of surprises does not present. The steering rods and handpieces require replacement every 100-120 thousand km. The biggest disadvantage of the brake system is the rapid wear of the discs, they have to be changed almost simultaneously with the pads, once in 40-50 thousand km. Many owners solve the problem by replacing conventional disks - perforated. Akura MDX is a reliable and economical car, but when choosing a second-hand option one should be extremely cautious. The fact is that most cars of this model are imported from the USA and there is no possibility to learn their history, and as is known, in this country most motorists do not service their cars. As a result, after 100-150 thousand km of run most of the main units and units require replacement or expensive repairs. The best option would be to purchase a car that was imported and serviced by a licensed SRT.
  • High-quality paint and varnish coating.
  • Reliability of power units.
  • A small fuel consumption.
  • Qualitative materials of interior trim.

  • High cost of maintenance and repair.
  • Possible transmission problems in a pre-re-stalled car.
  • A small resource of brake discs.
  • Small rear-view mirrors.
  • Most of the spare parts need to be ordered from the USA.

After our review, you know about the problems with Acura MDX
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