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Amazing Taxi Sim 2017 ProMost people mistakenly think that there is nothing difficult in the work of a taxi driver, that in order to master it all you need to be able to steer and know the city, perhaps this is partly true, but we personally believe that the work of the taxi driver is incredibly difficult, and that convince you of this, we want to invite you to familiarize yourself with such an exciting android game as "Amazing Taxi Sim 2017 Pro, From the young start-up company StrongUnion Games. By the way, so, as in this toy is incredibly cool graphics, with the presence of dynamic shadows, it is incredibly demanding for the stuffing devices on which it will run (minimum requirements: CPU 4x1.2GHz, RAM 1.5Gb, GPU Adreno 410).

After downloading and running the game "Amazing Taxi Sim 2017 Pro”, Which, by the way, on the Play Market is far from being distributed free of charge (at the time of writing, the cost of the game was 70 rubles), you will be given a car and offered to indulge. So, in order to pick up any client, you just need to drive up close to the person voting on the side of the road and then take him to where he asks (the final goal of the trip will be indicated on the mini-map located at the bottom of the display between the speedometer and the fuel indicator ). Speaking of fuel. It as you understand has a tendency to end, so carefully monitor its presence, and do not forget to call in at gas stations from time to time..

Now for the management. In our case, it is implemented using three standard schemes (virtual steering wheel, buttons, accelerometer), as well as additional buttons such as: handbrake, two turn signals, emergency gang, signal, headlights, and camera viewing change (third person view, view from first person, and customizable view using swipe). As you can see in the management there is absolutely nothing complicated. As for the graphics, so we have already said that it was unmatched at the very beginning, but as for music, alas, it is not there, so we will have to be content only with the sound of the engine running.

Key features of the game:
1. Impeccable graphics akin to console projects on a similar theme;
2. More than a dozen cars to choose from (initially only one is open);
3. Truly a huge open world living by its own rules;
4. The need to perfectly adhere to PDD..

In general, if you have a desire to test yourself as a taxi driver, then be sure to check out the android game "Amazing Taxi Sim 2017 Pro".

Version APK: 1.0.4
File Size: 84,73Mb
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

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