Angry Truck Canyon Hill Race APK
Angry Truck Canyon Hill RaceAngry Truck Canyon Hill Race - A great opportunity to enjoy unpretentious races on gadgets with Android OS. In the presented application, gamers will drive all over the hilly terrain. The user must travel from one point on the map to another. It would seem, "elementary, Watson!”, But it was not there. Of course, it can’t do without difficulties. While you go, skillfully bypass every obstacle encountered on the way. Each checkpoin is marked with a green color. A visit to all checkpoints is required. Don't crash into anything, but try to go as fast as possible. Earn cash, and then use them to improve your maximum speed. Driving can also be significantly improved..

Individual attention deserves the opportunity to repaint your own iron horse, change wheels. If a large amount is accumulated, then purchase a new, more powerful car. The total number of routes presented is 40. Observe all the conditions in order to receive well-deserved stars, maximum rewards. Play on tablets, smartphones. The required version of the Android system is 4.0 or higher. Management is varied. Gamers can use the accelerometer buttons. Choose the most convenient management.

Graphics in the application "Angry Truck Canyon Hill RaceIs relatively decent. Cars look pretty, but the world around them cannot boast of a pretty look. Users will definitely be disappointed with the same texture. It would be better if the developers added more objects, details. Impression of the gameplay will improve due to well-chosen soundtracks. Fans of gonochek, fly free on a great project "Angry Truck Canyon Hill Race"On android.

Version APK: 1.1
File Size: 72.28Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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