Asphalt: Штурм улиц APK
Asphalt: Storm Assault"Asphalt: Storm Assault"- an excellent racing game for Android OS from Gameloft studio. You will drive on straight roads, compete with various opponents, earn money and reputation.

Running "Asphalt: Storm Assault", the user is shown a rather colorful and beautiful video (preview). Then you need to fill in the questionnaire. Enter your nickname, select the gender, age, confirm the license agreement. After that, a minor character will appear on the screen. underground racing competitions. She offers to practice first and go into training mode. They will tell you all the subtleties and nuances of management. Now buy your first car and go to the passing process.

Initially, only one mode is open - Career. In it, you will compete with various opponents. Actions are transferred to the location. This is a direct asphalt road, located in the city center. The main task is to reach the finish line first. At the initial stage, the rivals are rather difficult, but gradually their skill will grow. For each victory, the user is given money and reputation points. Currency is needed to buy new cars, and tuning. Reputation affects the level of the opponent and his skill. The higher this indicator, the stronger opponents will come across. Do not forget to visit other modes - single and network.

The management is unusual. During the countdown, the user must select the optimal tachometer value using a special button, and then click on the "Start" icon in time. When the car starts to move, watch the tachometer. When the arrow approaches the specified green area, it is necessary to change the gear. The final result depends on it. Graphics done at a high level. This is especially true of drawing, detailing, and visual effects. Install a free racing game "Asphalt: Storm Assault"for Android OS, take part in competitions, try to win in every race.

Version APK: 1.5.0
File Size: 51.43Mb
Developer: GAMELOFT
Android Version: 4.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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