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Disadvantages that need to be prepared by buying Audi a3 with a run
Audi A3 - meets several demands of modern motorists, firstly, it is a prestigious brand, and secondly, the car has a rather popular, nowadays, body, three- and five-door hatchback. And if to add to these advantages a stylish and pleasant design, then you get a very interesting option for urban traffic. This car is ideal for those drivers who do not just need a golf-class car, but want a rich equipment and high-quality interior materials. It is worth noting that premium brand cars often require corresponding investments. What will await you if you still decide to become the ruler of the rings, but at the same time, on the budget, while pulling only on a used car, now we will try to find out.

A bit of history.
The history of the Audi A3 model begins in 1997, since then there have been three generations. Today we are talking about the second generation, which was presented to the public in 2003. The car is built on one platform with "Volkswagen Golf"The fifth generation, but has its own design features - a stiffer steel body, a new multi-link rear suspension and a slightly larger wheelbase (2570 mm). In May 2004, sales of a five-door version under the name "Sportback", Which was longer by 68 mm than the three-door, and the entire increase in length went to increase the luggage compartment. Besides, A3 Sportback received a modified front part in a new corporate style, with a radiator grille in the form of a chrome-plated trapezoid. In 2005, the manufacturer made minor changes to the three-door version of the Audi A3. The front part was unified with the Sportback, there were new three- and four-wheel steering wheels from the Audi A4, and the suspension became more comfortable.
In 2008, another restyling was held, after which the car gained a more sporty and modern design, and in the front and rear lights began to install LED elements; The front and rear bumper have also been modified. In the interior there were aluminum inserts, and the color scheme of the instrument panels was changed. To improve handling and comfort, the Audi A3 was equipped with a system for adjusting the stiffness of the shock absorbers "Magnetic Ride", With its help the driver can choose the mode of operation of the suspension - from comfortable to sporty. In 2008, Audi expanded the line of compact cars, releasing the A3 Cabriole, which was built on the basis of a three-door hatchback. The third generation was presented to the public in 2012.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 body is well galvanized and rust on it will not appear even after many years of operation, provided that the car did not participate in the accident. And if you see a car with minor traces of corrosion, then it is better to refuse from buying such a car. If you are looking for a self-test version, then most likely in the secondary market you will find a car driven from Europe - when selecting such a car, be extremely attentive, since the mileage of such cars is simply cosmic. Traditionally, for European cars, the Audi A3 has a large choice power units. But if you look at the offers of this car on the secondary market, you will see that the most common engines are before restaling 1.6 (102 hp), after restyling 1.6 (115 hp), and 1.4 ( 125 hp). If the dynamics of the car for you is not in the first place, then I recommend that you pay attention to cars with engines 1.6. The fact is that these are sufficiently reliable atmospheric engines, with a timing belt drive, the replacement of which is required once in 90,000 km. Also, reliability is very good for a two-liter 150-strong atmospheric engine, although this powerplant was put up only until 2007. But the turbo engine 1.4 despite the fact that it has very good performance in the dynamics and fuel consumption, has not the best fame, because of the unreliable timing chain tensioner. If you already own a car with this engine, then be extremely attentive and listen to the sounds from under the hood at the start of the engine - if there are new thundering sounds, you need to urgently turn to the service. Also, try to change the oil before it is prescribed in the regulations (every 8-10 thousand km). Further, according to prevalence, power units of 1.8 (160 hp) and a two-liter turbo (200 hp) follow. In principle, these are not bad engines, their main drawback is increased oil consumption, and with increasing mileage, their appetite increases (for cars with a run of more than 200,000 km, consumption not cheap oil can exceed 500 ml per 1000 km). There are cars with turbo diesel engines 1.9 and 2.0 liters, both power units are not bad in dynamics and reliability. Cars with such engines are very rare in the secondary market, and if you managed to find a good and worthy option, all you need to do is to fill in quality oil and diesel fuel. For the lifetime of this model there were a couple of charged power units - this is 3.2 ( 250 hp) and 2.0 (265 hp). In the secondary market for cars with such motors, units are better to avoid them, since there is a high probability that the previous owner used to light such a car on such a machine.
Audi A3
The second generation Audi A3 has a fairly large number of available gearboxes - mechanics, automatic transmission, robotic six- and seven-stage S-tronic. The most unreliable, among all the gearboxes, was the robotic S-tronic. So the six-speed transmission with two wet clutches can please the mileage of 120,000 km, and with proper operation - up to 150,000 km. But the seven-stage lives a lot less, and already on the run of 50,000 km, with a long traffic in traffic jams, starts to twitch. As a result, you will need to reflash the control unit and change the clutch, and the pleasure is not cheap (minimum such repairs will cost $ 1000.). Also, the replacement of mechatronics (the chronic sore of all robotic transmissions) will be hit on the pocket, for replacement it will have to be put about 2000 USD, and this is not dealer prices, the repair will cost much more from the officers. Therefore, when choosing Audi A3 with mileage, give preference to versions with a manual transmission and automatic transmission, as both transmissions are very reliable and rarely cause trouble for the owners. The clutch on the mechanics nurses 120 - 150 thousand km. In order for AKPP faith and truth to serve 300,000 km, change the oil in it every 60,000 km. There are also four-wheel drive versions. The all-wheel drive system, in this case, is realized with the help of a well-known and reliable coupling "Haldex".
Audi A3 is very pleasant to drive, therefore, in combination with a powerful motor, this car can combine the role of a family hatchback and a car to meet driver ambitions. The design of the suspension is not difficult, but not entirely simple - a McPherson-type suspension is installed in front, and a multi-link design is at the rear. Large investments in the Audi A3 suspension will have to be done once in 100,000 km of run, and for small things it will be necessary to change the bushings and stabilizer struts every 35 to 50 thousand km and brake pads every 40,000 kilometers. Resource of shock absorbers does not exceed 100,000 km. Weak places of the rear suspension are silentblocks, on average they take care of 80,000 km. The car is equipped with a power steering, this unit has proved to be sufficiently reliable and with careful operation it will not bother 120 - 150 thousand km.
Audi A3
A car with four rings does not leave much indifference to anyone, and if you decide to buy such a car, you can safely say that this is the right choice. The car has many more advantages than disadvantages. One of the advantages of the Audi A3 is that the parts are interchangeable with Volkswagen and Skoda cars, which traditionally cost less than the original Audi parts.
  • Build quality.
  • The zinced body.
  • The big resource of power units.
  • A small fuel consumption.
  • Reliable mechanical and automatic transmissions.
  • Manageability and security at a high level.
  • Quality of materials and noise insulation of the cabin.

  • Robotic transmission.
  • Low ground clearance.
  • Motors are demanding on the quality of fuel.

If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Audi A3
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