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What surprises can a premium German give? Disadvantages of the Audi A6 (C6) with a run
Audi A6, - a business class car manufactured under the brand name Audi, the interior designation is "type C". Audi brand cars have always attracted connoisseurs of premium cars, but, due to the high cost, they can not afford to buy such a car - not everyone can, which is why most of the connoisseurs of the German car industry consider hundreds of offers on the secondary market. And, if you ask the fans of this brand, why this car, because it is already old, and the mileage at the majority is already under 100,000 km, most of them will answer to you - "It's the same Audi, and, therefore, the quality is guaranteed. Quite frankly, it's hard not to agree with these people, but, just not in the case of the Audi A6 (C6) with mileage. Today, I will try to explain under what circumstances this machine is in no way worth buying, and what should I look for in order to buy a car of my dreams and not be left without pants.

A bit of history:
Audi A6 originally carried the index of 100, but in 1994, engineers of the design office from Ingolstadt, it was decided to adopt new rules for naming the model range, and, during the restyling of the 4th generation, the "weaving" was called A6. Audi A6 (C6) debuted on the market in 2004. Initially, the car was produced only in the sedan, in 2005 the lineup was complemented by the station wagon and the coupe. The car was designed by the German chief designer Walter de Silva, who managed to preserve the family features of the Ingolstadt brand, while emphasizing the sportiness and innovative solutions of engineers. In 2005, at the international auto show in Detroit, the car was awarded the title of "The best car of the planet".
In 2008, a minor restyling was carried out, in the course of which the front and rear optics, the grille and the front bumper were changed. Also, the rear-view mirrors were enlarged. In the interior, changes were made to the front panel and multimedia system. Lasting on the conveyor for seven years, in 2011, C6 gave way to the next, fourth generation of the Audi A6 model with the C7 index.

Audi A6 (C6)
Common Malfunctions and Disadvantages Audi A6 (C6) with a runBody. By and large, there should not be any problems here. All steel elements are well galvanized, and aluminum, in principle, are not susceptible to corrosion, although, in time, they can still corrode and even crumble. Aluminum made front wings and hood, thanks to this, you can easily determine whether the bit was a car. As you know, to restore aluminum parts is difficult enough, and expensive, therefore, most owners after an accident change them to cheaper analogs of steel. And, here, which part is installed on the car, you can determine with a magnet. If, when inspecting the car under the hood, you will find a poor sealing of the seams or microcracks, this does not mean that the car was a bit. The fact is that on cars with diesel engines and powerful petrol motors (4.2 liters), over time, from large loads, the connections of the body panels are diluted. Also, it is worth paying attention to the windshield frame - there may be the same problems (poor sealing and microcracks). It is worth a look and under the bottom of the car, because of the small clearance, there is often a contact between the Langeron and the rear floor panel with the road, therefore, the corrosion layer is damaged. It would seem that problems can be brought by optics, but, in the case of Audi A6 (C6), they can be quite large. Rear lights often get fogged up, and an additional rear stop can and does - stop working. The problem is eliminated by cleaning and bending the contacts of groups of LEDs. With front LED optics, everything is much more complicated. First, there are problems with tightness. Secondly, if at least one LED from the strip of navigation lights goes out of order, then the entire strip will cease to burn, as a result, the entire headlamp unit (about $ 1000) will have to be replaced. To avoid high costs, you need to take care of the replacement of the headlight seal beforehand.EnginesAudi A6 (C6) has a fairly wide range of powertrains: gasoline - atmospheric: 2.4 (177 hp), 2.8 (190, hp), 3.0 (218, 240 hp), 3.2 ( 256 hp) and 4.2 (321 and 350 hp), turbocharged: 2.0 (170 hp) and 3.0 (300 hp); diesel engines - 2.0 (140 and 170 hp), 2.7 (163, 180 hp), 3.0 (211, 224 hp). The most problematic are the engines of the series FSI TFSI, they use an aluminum block with a special coating Silumin (alloy of aluminum and sulfur), which quickly breaks down under the influence of high temperatures. The manufacturer claims that the resource of these power units is 250-300 thousand km, but in fact, in most cases, expensive repairs of the engine have to be done on a run of 140-170 thousand km. As a rule, the main reason is the wear of the cylinder mirror; is manifested by vibrations, extraneous noise on idle and increased oil consumption from 300 grams, to 1 liter per 1000 km. Also, the oil flow can be affected by a failed crankcase ventilation valve.
Audi A6 (C6)
GasolineIn TFSI motors, turbines are also not a big resource, in most cases they have to be changed on a mileage of 150-170 thousand km. Another trouble that will have to face during the operation of the car is a small resource of ignition coils (go up to 70,000 km). It would seem that the problem is not significant, but, this is until you are told the price tag for a replacement. After 100,000 km, there may be trouble with the timing chain tensioner. If, in time not to pay attention to the diesel rumble that has appeared, the consequences will be the most sad (pistons will meet with valves). At the engine 3.2, in addition to the tensioner, the chain can begin to stretch to 100,000 km, in this case for repair of the timing it will be necessary to lay out about 1500 cu. . At the power unit 2.4 the Achilles' heel is the damper on the intake manifold, if it clicks, for repairs it is necessary to lay out more than 1000 $. The most reliable among gasoline engines is an atmospheric volume of 3.0, but it is also not sinless. The engine 3.0 is made using the old technology using cast iron sleeves (was established before 2008), thanks to this, the owners of cars with such a motor do not know about the problems with the piston. Of the disadvantages of this motor can be noted: loss of tightness of the head gasket head. Because of this, the antifreeze gets into the engine (ailment manifested on the run of 130-150 thousand km). Of the minor troubles of all motors, one can note the failure of the thermostat, pump and catalyst on a run of 100-120 thousand km. Power units with direct injection FSI have an unusual sound at idle (coconut). This feature is due to the fact that the nozzles in these engines operate at a pressure of 100 bar, instead of 5 bar for similar engines with an "old" injection system.
DieselDiesel power units are more reliable than gasoline ones, and in most cases 250-300 thousand km go without any complaints. The most problematic is the motor 2.0 installed on the car before 2007. In it, most often bother: nozzles, oil pump, valve EGR, there were cases of cracking of the cylinder block. After 2007 the manufacturer eliminated most of the defects by installing the injection system "Common rail". However, the engine did not become problem-free, with time it pinches the injection pump and particulate filter. When choosing a car with a diesel engine 2.0, consider the fact that the 140-strong and 170-strong versions of the powerplant have many design differences. The most important of these is a piezoelectric injector that is not amenable to recovery. The V6 diesel engines with the Common Rail injection system are equipped with a timing chain drive, including a chain of chains, the replacement of which will cost a round sum. Another disadvantage of diesel engines is a small resource of a two-mass flywheel, in most cases it must be changed on a run of 120-150 thousand km. Also, after 100,000 km, the engine supports and the thermostat will have to be changed, and closer to 200,000 km - catalysts. When fueling cars with low-quality diesel fuel, the resource of fuel injectors, fuel pump and EGR valve is significantly reduced.
TransmissionFor the Audi A6 (C6), there were three types of gearboxes available: five- and six-speed mechanics, the Tiptronic automatic transmission with manual shift and the Multitronic variator. The most reliable transmission is considered to be a mechanic, in it even the clutch, with careful operation, is able to serve 150-200 thousand kmthe new one will cost around 500 cu.). There are no special claims for the automatic transmission, but only for the technical part. But, electronics are characterized by disruptions in work (jerks appear when switching gears and sharp acceleration). Fans of active driving on a run of 100-120 thousand km there is a failure of the lock-up mechanism of the torque converter. For replacement it is necessary to lay out 2000-3000 USD. The most problematic is the variator. The main problem lies in the wet clutch kit, it serves 100-120 thousand km, and with frequent loads (in a traffic jam) its resource is reduced to 70-80 thousand km. Also, the culprit of spending on 80-100 thousand km. can serve as a transmission control unit (1000 cu) and a drive chain (250-300 cu). To prolong the life of the automatic transmission and the variator in them it is necessary to change the oil every 40-60 thousand km. Most Audi A6 is front-wheel drive, but, quite often, in the secondary market there are also four-wheel drive cars of this model (Quattro). As for the reliability of this all-wheel drive system, then, with proper maintenance, there are no problems with it. The only thing to consider when choosing such a car is that the all-wheel drive version has a more complicated suspension design.
Audi A6 (C6)
Suspension Audi A6 (C6) with a runIn general, the Audi A6 suspension of the sixth generation is quite reliable, but you need to be prepared for the fact that once a 100,000 km will require considerable investment in the running. The first levers are leased, it occurs approximately on the run of 80-90 thousand km. Approximately on the same run, replacement of the steering tips is also required. Wheel bearings and live 90-110 thousand km (change in assembly with the hub), as much as the stabilizer racks can hold out. Ball joints (change with the lever) and shock absorbers run 100-120 thousand km. Silent blocks and rubber bushes nursed 150-200 thousand km. Rear suspension in rare cases requires intervention up to 150,000 km. The only thing that can disturb the rear suspension - guide the caliper and brackets fastening pads (can ring when moving on an uneven surface). Audi A6 (C6) installed and pneumatic suspension, but there are such instances are not often, and thank God, because the reviews about it are not the best (low reliability, complex repairs, expensive spare parts). The steering is reliable and, as a rule, does not cause any special problems, but sometimes the steering regulator on the steering wheel fails, which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the hydraulic booster.Salon and electronicsElectronics is the most problematic place Audi A6 (C6), and when you learn about the cost of repairs, it becomes uncomfortable (in the machine there are 72 control units of various systems). Here, for example, the seat heating control unit, its diagnostics and re-flashing will cost 100-150 USD, and for the replacement of the faulty unit it will be necessary to lay out about 500 USD. Expensiveness is due to difficult access to electronic components, and the replacement of any of the units requires the prescription in the system, even the replacement of the battery is not without adaptation. Because of this, to find a car with a run of 100-120 thousand km, which at least once did not understand the front panel or do not remove the door paneling - almost unrealistic. This is the main reason for extraneous sounds while driving on uneven road surfaces (squeaks, knocks, etc.).
The main sores of the Audi A6 (C6) electronics are:
  • Multimedia system (stops reading disks). To solve the problem, the reader must be cleaned (sometimes helps the cleaning disk).
  • Due to poor contact on the wire harness, the reception quality of the radio waves deteriorates. The problem is eliminated by crimping wires.
  • Possible failure of the force regulator on the handlebars. The problem manifests itself suddenly hardened steering wheel, even at speed.
  • The climate control system (stick heater valves). It is required to clean the valve block (100-150 cu), if the unit does not help, you will have to change ($ 800).
  • Often fails parking system. The reason is in the space sensors.
  • To 100,000 km there are problems with an electronic parking brake. The wiring is wiped, which leads to failure of the actuators (repair costs 500-700 USD).
  • On the run 120-140 thousand km, the headlight corrector unit is out of order.

If we talk about the quality of finishing materials, they are at a high level and do not cause any complaints even after long years of operation.
Audi A6 (C6)
Audi A6 (C6) is difficult to call a reliable and unpretentious car, but, nevertheless, it continues to be one of the leaders in its segment. In order to understand for what they choose this car and forgive him all the shortcomings, you need at least once in it to ride.
  • Design.
  • Smooth running.
  • Quality of assembly and finishing materials.

  • Problems with electronics.
  • Increased oil consumption.
  • High maintenance cost.

After our review, you know about the problems with Audi A6 (C6)
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