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How not to become a regular customer car service, choose Audi Q5 with a run
Audi Q5 - perhaps the most popular crossover in the CIS, where it's that rare situation when a car does not have a male or female image, since this car is very much enjoyed by both sexes. Opinions about the reliability of cars in many forums are quite different, there are, as absolutely happy owners who write odes about the car, and there are those who believe that they too often have to call in a car service. As for the situation with the reliability of Audi Q5 with mileage, or maybe a secret in the correct choice of the engine and gearbox, we will try to understand this today.

Few facts.
Audi Q5 is produced since 2008, the bulk of the production of the model was established at the main plant Audi, at Ingolstadt. Also, Audi Q5 is assembled in China, India and Russia. After four years of production of the mid-size crossover, in 2012 the company Audi presented its updated version. The exterior has not undergone major changes, and the main changes have touched the interior, many elements have been chrome edged, the technical filling has been modernized to improve comfort and driving performance. Also, the engineers upgraded the suspension by replacing springs and shock absorbers for better ones, and the hydraulic power steering was replaced by an electromechanical one. On the technical side, instead of the petrol engine V6 3.2 liters, for the crossover the engine V6 3.0 is offered. The rest of the power units remained the same.

Audi Q5
As the domestic experience of operation has shown, the Audi Q5 paintwork is quite good quality, and the body is not covered with rust for a long time even in places of chips. And if you find fires in the car of this model, this is the first signal that the car was involved in an accident, and its owner saved on repair robots. But to the body parts there are claims, so in particular, chrome elements of the radiator grill quickly grow turbid, replacement will cost 150 cu. Not infrequently, owners notice the condensation in the headlights, and if drying does not help, you will have to change the headlamp unit, and this pleasure is not cheap (400 - 400 USD). After 100,000 km, the LED "cilium" of the envelope may stop functioning due to the failure of its control unit. Also, with a sharp temperature drop, the glass of the panoramic roof can burst.
EnginesAudi Q5 is equipped with petrol engines 2.0 TFSI (180, 211 and 225 hp), 3.0 and 3.2 FSI (270 hp), and two diesel engines 2.0 and 3.0 TDI (177 and 245 hp). On reliability two-liter TFSI not the most successful, the reason for this is the design miscalculations in the design of pistons and rings. Because of this, quickly enough (through 50 - 70 thousand km), the consumption of oil increases and over time, some owners had to add up to two liters of expensive oil, every 1000 km. In 2011, the manufacturer made changes in the design of the piston group and eliminated the problem, and on vehicles sold before 2011, this defect was eliminated under warranty. But besides this, this power unit has many small, but unpleasant problems. For example, the same ignition coils are seldom nursed 80,000 km, approximately at the same time there are problems with the exhaust manifold, and in order to eliminate them, you will have to part with 1000 cu. The cars up to 2011 had problems with chain hopping, attentive owners could hear from under the hood extremely unpleasant metallic sound, and this helped to avoid expensive repairs. It is worth noting that, often, problems with the chain are found on cars that are operated in megacities. The main reason for chain jumping and bending valves is an unreliable chain tensioner. Also, on many Audi Q5, with a run of 50 - 60 thousand kilometers, the petrol pump control unit is out of order. But, as for the list of faults of petrol engines 3.2 FSI, it simply does not exist, the only thing that can bring trouble is the leaking pump. In the rest, the engine is reliable enough and with proper maintenance up to 200,000 km does not bother.
Audi Q5
Not badly recommended and diesel engines, the biggest disadvantage of these units is that they are not very willing to start in winter. For faults, you can note a couple of points - the first is the injection pump, the second - faults with the exhaust manifold. Both sores are relevant for all diesel engines that are operated in the CIS, and this applies not only to the cars of Audi.
TransmissionCoupled with power units, the car is installed one of the types of transmissions - a six-speed mechanics, a 7-step robot S-tronic with a double clutch, a 6-speed automatic and Tiptronic. S-tronic, this is the twin of DSG, which is installed on Volkswagen cars and Skoda, as it turned out later, they have very similar problems. Almost immediately after the start of sales, manufacturers faced a large number of complaints about the operation of the robotic transmission. After contacting the service, the owners were changed for the warranty grip and mechatronics. Typically, this repair is sufficient for no more than 70,000 km, and if you are planning to purchase a second-hand Audi Q5 with such a transmission, be prepared for costly repairs. But the mechanical transmission and automatic transmission - the exact opposite of the robot and do not cause much trouble for more than 200,000 km.
Audi Q5 is full of electronics, and in terms of operation, this is certainly a plus, but unfortunately, these options do not always work stably. Quite often, at forums, owners of Audi Q5 discuss such problems: spontaneous disconnection of the audio system, cars equipped with keyless access, cease to recognize the electronic key. If a lot of moisture is collected on the driver's rug, the rear wiper and the electronic seat adjustment control unit may be damaged.
Audi Q5
Front and rear of the Audi Q5 suspension on double wishbones with screw springs and transverse stabilizers. For the most demanding customers, the company Audi has provided in the cabin of its compartment system "Drive Select", Which can work in several modes" Comfort "," Auto "and" Dynamic ". The system allows you to reconfigure the dynamic characteristics of the car and monitor the robot motor and suspension. Suspension of the car is quite reliable, and up to 100,000 km of mileage requires investments only from fans to conquer dunes. On some models, owners are bored with knocking in the suspension, but it is connected not with the failure of suspension elements, but with the fact that the shock absorber protection moves freely over the shock absorber rod; the problem is solved by applying a more reliable attachment. If the previous owner liked to often go off-road, the first to ask for a replacement stabilizer pillar and ball bearings, somewhere with a run of 40 - 50 thousand km, and then behind them and hub bearings (50-60 thousand km). On cars up to In 2012, the power steering was installed, which, after restyling, was replaced by an electric one. And as the experience of exploitation has shown, most often problems are delivered by rake from the GUR, up to 100,000 km the problems are insignificant (misting and knocking when driving along uneven surfaces), and at a run of 120-150 thousand km it will be necessary to repair or replace it. Also, closer to 70,000 mileage will need to replace the cross shaft of the steering shaft, in the official service the shaft changes in assembly (this repair will cost 600 - 700 cu). The brake system is very reliable and can withstand loads well.
Audi Q5
In general, the Audi Q5 is quite a reliable car, the impression of which spoils the TFSI engine, electronics glitches and robotic transmission. And if the previous owner of the machine could eliminate the first sores by warranty, then with the latter - things are very bad. And if you do not want to sing the motif of a famous song (it's not I have a car ... .. has me), give preference to diesel engines or a gasoline engine 3.0 with an automatic transmission.
  • Power units produced after 2012.
  • Comfortable and reliable suspension.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • Modern design.
  • Ground clearance.
  • Good dynamics.
  • Build quality.
  • Adequate braking system

  • 2.0 TFSI engine
  • Robotic transmission.
  • Electronics failures.
  • Power steering.
  • The cost of repair.

If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Audi Q5
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