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How to become the lord of the rings, and will not remain without pants: Audi's disadvantages Q7 with a run
Audi Q7 - All-wheel drive seven-seater SUV, which is sold on the market for more than 10 years. Buying a used premium car, you like playing roulette in which you can become a lucky person, and during the operation to do only a planned maintenance, and you can put everything on the line, and after a couple of thousand kilometers run start investing fabulous money in repairs. Audi Q7 looks very prestigious and expensive, but after 5-6 years on the secondary market it is sold for a third of the price. But what makes the owners to part with their car, and at the same time lose a lot of money, now and try to figure it out.

A bit of history:
The debut of Audi Q7 took place in 2006 at the international motor show in Los Angeles. The car is produced in Slovakia and has a common platform with "Volkswagen Tuareg"And"Porsche Cayenne". The Q7 is a full-size crossover and is the largest in the Audi car range. In 2009, the car survived facelifting and since then its exterior has not undergone any changes. Then the car received an updated grille, slightly increased headlights, as well as a modified hood with a more expressive relief of the lines was installed on the car. In the front bumper, there are side sections, in which the turn indicators are installed. The profile of the models produced before 2009 and after can be discerned by side mirrors, the form of door sills and the design of wheel disks. The restyling version is built on the modernized Volkswagen platform "PL71"With a wheelbase of 3.0 meters.

Audi Q7
The body of the car is qualitatively processed by anticorrosive materials, therefore rotten Audi Q7 is a rarity. But the paintwork has a disadvantage, in the places of chips and damages the paint, in due course, begins to cover with large pieces. Once, in 3-4 years, in the door handles the button refuses, it changes only in collection with the handle. Sometimes, the optics loses its tightness and begins to fog up, also, often enough fail LEDs. The main problem with headlights is that because of their high cost, they are often stolen (the cost of a new headlight is about $ 1000). The battery is under the driver's seat and to replace it it will be better to contact the service. The fact is that even if you replace it yourself, you still have to go to the dealer to register it in the control unit. The Audi Q7 is equipped with petrol and diesel engines of different power - FSI 3.6 (280 hp), 4.2 (350 hp); TDI 3.0 (233, 240 hp), 4.2 (326 hp), 6.0 (500 hp); TFSI 3.0 (272, 333 hp). In the secondary market, the most popular engine among gasoline engines was engine 4.2. As experience of operation has shown, this power unit extremely rarely presents unpleasant surprises to its owners. When buying a car with a mileage of more than 100,000 km, listen to how the cold engine works, if you hear ringing sounds or diesel rumbling, it means that it's time to change the timing chain (chain replacement is on average 200,000 km). Replacing the chain from the dealer - the pleasure is not cheap, about 3000 cu, in the garage STO will be asked for half less. The 3.6 engine is considered the most optimal, both in fuel consumption and reliability. The weak point of this power unit are ignition coils (failing every 70-80 thousand km). The timing chain stretches closer to 200,000 km. The Audi Q7 has 4 timing chains, and to replace them, it is necessary to remove the engine. Most diesel engines have problems with the reliability of injection pump, which manifests itself early enough, on a run of 80-120 thousand km. After failure, the fuel pump starts chasing the chips in the fuel system, as a result, you have to change all of its elements and rinse the fuel tank. For owners, this became an unpleasant surprise, since all repairs in the official service cost $ 10,000, in the informal one you can keep up to $ 5,000. Many owners have eliminated this defect under warranty, before buying, be sure to read the service history of the car. The most problem-free among diesel engines has proved to be the engine 4.2, during all the operation of global recurring problems it was not revealed. Owners of the first copies of the Audi Q5 with diesel engines note the problems with the intake manifolds, leaking oil seals and squeezing out the oil dipstick. TFSI engines, unfortunately, are not very reliable. The main problems are added to the increased oil consumption, which appears on cars with a mileage of 50,000 km or more. Depending on the mileage, the additional consumption can be from 0.5 liters to 1.5 liters per 1000 km. Dealers insist that on cars released after 2014, the problem with increased oil consumption was solved. If it is properly serviced and operated by the turbine, it will live up to 200,000 km, the replacement will cost $ 2000. Approximately 200-250 thousand km of fuel injectors produce their life, for the replacement of each have to pay 200 dollars. Often, the owners are faced with failures of the electronic engine control unit. The main cause of its failure is poor contacts and moisture, which gets into it through a plug in the upper part of the body, which is designed for ventilation. After 100000 km on many cars it is required to replace a starter (200-400 cu), this problem is more actual for cars with diesel power units. Before changing the starter, carefully check the wiring, as it very often rotates, as a result, the starter may not work.
Audi Q7
Powertrains before the restyling Audi Q7 combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. After restyling in 2010, all cars began to be equipped with an eight-automatic machine. As experience has shown, the transmission in this car is quite reliable. Sometimes the sealing gums may leak, because of this, the contacts close. This trouble is manifested by shocks in the box during the switch. Replacement of the electrical wiring with gaskets will cost 300 cu. and it's a penny, compared with the repair of the box, so pull with the replacement of the electric waggons is not worth it. Also, do not tighten with the replacement of a misted oil seal that is located between the box and the engine, if it started to fog up it must be replaced urgently to prevent serious damage to the transmission. On some specimens early enough the hydroblock fails, its repair costs about 1000 cu. The all-wheel drive system does not present surprises. If the previous owner abused slips and off-road driving, then on a run of 150-200 thousand km, a transfer case repair will be required.
In the cabin everything is very high quality, nice and beautiful, it feels that the design worked on German specialists, and not dismissed the guys from the factory Skoda. But the reliability of electrical equipment causes a lot of questions from the owners. So, for example, the owners are called to the incorrect operation of the mirror adjustment lever, music adjustment keys, power button systems. Also, the shortcomings include fast erasure of the designation on the buttons, which is unacceptable for cars of this class. In time, crickets can appear in the Audi Q7 (in the roof and trunk area) and get rid of them very difficult.
Audi Q7
Audi Q7 can be equipped with air suspension or conventional. Machines with air suspension are more comfortable, but for this comfort one has to pay expensive in the literal sense of the word. Pneumosuspension is afraid of the winter, slush and reagents, with which we generously sprinkle roads. Under the influence of all these factors, the valves of pneumatic stands and compressor fail. The cost of replacing pneuma from the officers is equal to the cost of a good car. The first problems with such a suspension can begin at 50,000 km. To extend the service life of the air suspension, ask the masters to clean it at every turn. The bushings and stabilizers are considered consumables and live, on average, 30-50 thousand km. At 50,000 km begin to tap the steering tips, a little longer live bearing bearings - 60-80 thousand km. Fans loving traffic jams on curbs often have to change the ball bearings (they change with the lever). Stretches of the rear suspension take on most of the load, they have to be changed often enough - every 50-80 thousand km. Some specimens suffer from a latent disease (rapid wear of the front lip rubber), a collapse or air suspension adjustment, this disease can not be cured. In other respects, the suspension is strong enough and has a resource of up to 150,000 km. The steering rack starts knocking closer to 100,000 km of run, the new dealers are asking 1000 cu, not the original can be found for 500 cu, but you need to understand that lines of its service can be 2 times less. You can also try to restore the rake (about 200 cu), but how long it will live, it is difficult to say. The Audi Q7 braking system suffers from the Japanese disease, which is popularly referred to as the "Wadded Foot Pedal", which negatively affects the braking dynamics of a car weighing 2500 kg.
Despite the fact that Audi Q7 has a number of shortcomings, the popularity of this model in the secondary market is very large, the reason for this is that their competitors have even more.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Driving qualities.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Build quality.

  • The fuel consumption does not correspond to the declared.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • High cost of repair at the dealer.
  • Squeaks in the cabin.

After our review, you know about the problems with Audi Q7
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