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Bike kingThe roar of the motocross bike, the light of the spotlights, the cheers of the cheering crowd - all this awaits you in a racing arcade "Bike king"on Android. The goal of the game is to achieve incredible success in the field of racing and become a racer number 1. Choose your character, get a bike, a suit, taking part in races, take first place.

The player will run in the most incredible tracks around the world. From covered pavilions to race tracks in the hot desert. On the way from start to finish racer will overcome various obstacles in the form of jumps, loops. Choose the right speed and do crazy stunts. But remember, to make a mistake is very easy. Wrong speed, jump or tilt angle - wait for an ambulance. All tracks are divided into several lanes. It is recommended to change them periodically and be extremely attentive..

From time to time surprises appear on the way. You may get a bonus of acceleration and you will break out far ahead, or vice versa, you will catch a puddle with spilled oil and the rivals will bypass you. For successful races a player receives a cash reward. Use it to improve the characteristics of your "iron horse", and after gathering an impressive amount, purchase more powerful bikes. The game has several modes. The first involves the passage of the company, and the second competitive fights with friends. Getting started with single races is a great chance to save money, gain skills, and learn tracks. And only then it is recommended to declare oneself to the world championship..

Graphics in "Bike king"To put it mildly, not the strongest side. The iconic 1991 Road Roash looks much better. Simple two-dimensional graphics, static backdrops, repeating background elements in the background, with its equal spectators and facilities. The game doesn’t shine with diversity. But in total We get not the worst motorcycle arcade game. Driving around the track and making acrobatic pirouettes is fun, but not for a long time. Download "Bike king"on Android OS absolutely free right now.

Version APK: 1.1
File Size: 49.62Mb
Developer: IFDS ARCADE
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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Bike King Download for Free APK File (49,62 Mb)

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