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Common disadvantages of BMW X3 (F25) with a run
BMW X3 - All-wheel drive premium crossover (SAV) with modern design, high level of control, safety and dynamics. The coming financial crisis has spoiled plans for many motorists, those who just recently were going to buy a new car can now count on the same model, only with mileage and at the age of 2-4. Buying a used car is always a big risk, as there are no guarantees that the car will not break tomorrow. And maybe it's not so scary, especially if it's a good brand and a decent model. Today we will try to evaluate all the risks of buying a car in the secondary market by the example of the second-generation BMW X3 with mileage.

A bit of history:The concept of "xActivity"(BMW X3) was first presented in 2003 at the international auto show in Detroit. In the same year, they presented a serial version of the car, which was given the index "E83". This crossover became the second "off-road" model of the Bavarian brand. The production of cars was established at an enterprise in Austria, the assembling of machines for the majority of the CIS markets was carried out by the Russian plant "Autotor". In 2006, BMW X3 underwent restyling, during which the exterior and interior were slightly updated, and the engines were also upgraded. The second generation BMW X3 was planned for October 2010, the presentation was to take place at the international motor show in Paris. However, the management of the concern BMW decided to bring the new car to the market in early autumn, and presented the novelty in July 2010. The car production began on September 1, 2010 (in the CIS sales started in November 2010). BMW X3 2011 model year does not look much different from its predecessor, however, the crossover became a little larger and got a 12 mm increased ground clearance, as well as a large wheelbase for 15 mm. In 2014, the model was restyled, in addition to external changes, the car received a 2.0-liter diesel engine of a new generation.

The main problems and shortcomings BMW X3 with a runCorrosion resistance of the body is quite high, there are no particularly rotting parts, but, here, the layer of paint and varnish is thin. To date, few manufacturers can boast of a high-quality paint and varnish coating of the body. But, BMW XZ has surpassed many, in it, even from falling of a small pebble, can break out not only paints, but also cataphoretic ground. Therefore, when chips appear, they must be processed immediately. The windshield also does not differ in durability, there have been cases when the sand-blasting effect was noticeable on machines with a mileage of up to 40,000 km. Windshield can also be damaged by using coarse or worn windshield wiper blades (replacement of glass will cost 150-300 USD). Optics, like most modern cars, are plastic and soft, and if the car is used for long trips, the turbidity of the headlights is guaranteed. If you pay attention to it in time, the problem can be eliminated by polishing. To protect yourself from this problem in the future, just stick the protective film on the headlights.EnginesBMW X3 has a fairly wide range of powertrains: petrol - 2.0 (184, 225 and 245 hp), 3.0 (306 hp); diesel engines - 2.0 (120, 184 and 190 hp), 3.0 (250, 258 and 313 hp). For many years before car enthusiasts, the question is, which engine do you prefer, diesel or gasoline? Speaking specifically about this car, in this case, the diesel looks more preferable, both in terms of efficiency and reliability.
DieselDiesel engines are generally reliable, but, due to the large oil service interval established by the manufacturer, in our realities the chain is prematurely out of order Timing and tensioners. On 2.0 engines, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that the chain is located on the side of the box, and this significantly increases the cost of repairs. For machines used in megacities, it is recommended to change the oil every 7-10 thousand km. These recommendations are due to the fact that when traveling for short distances, the particulate filter does not have time to complete the self-cleaning process. With frequent unsuccessful attempts to start self-generation, the filter does not have time to burn unburned fuel, surpluses of which fall into the oil and significantly reduce its quality. If the timely maintenance is neglected, then on the run of 70-100 thousand km serious problems can start: the oil pump breaks downthere is a rumble with increasing speed), the chain tensioner (Extraneous noise during cold start and at idle), turbocharger (sudden acceleration dips). Also, among the shortcomings of diesel power units can be attributed a small resource pulley belt attachments and valves EGR. With frequent refueling of substandard fuel after 100,000 km of run, problems with fuel injectors and fuel injection pump start.
GasolineOwners of gasoline four-row fours (20i and 28i) quite often face premature wear of the oil pump drive (there is a howl as the revolutions increase). If you do not notice and correct this defect in time, the turbine begins to die from oil starvation, and there is also an increased oil consumption. If you neglect the repair for a long time, everything can end sadly (jam motor). The most successful among gasoline units is a motor with a volume of 3.0 (258 or 306 hp), but, due to the high transport tax, such specimens are not found often. On vehicles assembled in Russia between the catalyst and the collector there is no gasket. This leads to penetration into the salon of treated gases that, not only unpleasant, but also harmful to health.

TransmissionBMW X3 is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and an eight-band automatic transmission "Steptronic". Both boxes have proven themselves as reliable and unpretentious units and are rarely presented with unpleasant surprises. Even the clutch in mechanics, with careful operation, can serve more than 150,000 km. And, here, the all-wheel drive system is not famous for its reliability and can present a surprise in the form of a "dead" transfer case. Dispensing box "kills"Both untimely maintenance and faulty servomotor - the so-called longitudinal moment module. The failure of the servomotor leads to the continuous operation of the very "distribution" and the "burning" of the clutches. If there are problems with the dispensing, jerks appear during acceleration, trying to turn the steering wheel and move with the wheels completely turned (many mistakenly think that the culprit of this behavior is the failed SHRUS). Also, the ailment can be accompanied by a buzz from the side of the transmission at a speed of 50-90 km / h. Most often, the problem manifests itself on the run of 80-100 thousand km, to eliminate this disease will require more than 2000 USD. To extend the lines of the service of transmission and distribution, they need to change the oil every 40-60 thousand km.Features and disadvantages of running BMW X3 with a runThe running BMW X3 is, in fact, an improved suspension from the "BMW trash". At the front there is a multi-link with a two-hinged shock-absorber stand, behind it is a five-link suspension HA5, which is adapted. In general, the suspension is reliable enough and with careful operation without problems, nurses more than 100,000 km. Of the disadvantages can be noted the high cost of suspension parts. So, for example, silentblocks and ball bearings change with the levers (100-250 cu pcs). BMW cars have always been famous for rigid suspension and BMW X3 - no exception. Therefore, if you are going to buy such a car, try to find a copy not with the largest wheels and without low-profile rubber. Because: firstly, the car with such wheels will be even tougher, and secondly, such a car will quickly wear out a suspension. When inspecting the car, it is worth paying attention to: silentblock suspension of the front levers, ball joints, stabilizer posts, backlash on the suspension arms, shock absorbers, silent blocks of beam fastening. The main problem of the BMW X3 remains the fragility of the steering rack (is mounted on the subframe in front of the engine). In automobile circles, even there is such a joke "in whatever condition and with whatever mileage you would not buy BMW X3, automatically prepare to replace the rail." If the car fails the steering rack, the costs will not be small, since even the beech rack will cost at least $ 400, for a new one you will have to pay a lot more.SalonThe quality of assembly and finishing materials for BMW X3, traditionally for a German manufacturer, of high quality. And, here, with electronics there can be problems (malfunctions in the operation of electronic systems), so many experts recommend that when choosing a used car does not chase the rich equipment. If the seller starts telling you that the car was mostly in the garage, do not rush to rejoice, since the BMW X3 does not like long downtime. In this mode of operation, the battery is quickly discharged, and when the battery is low, electronics starts to lose power. Also, there may be malfunctions in the electronics due to contamination of the contacts. On electrical equipment, the electric locomotive of the opening / closing of the trunk is most likely to cause trouble - the guides of the lifting mechanisms fail (400-600 conventional units are replaced).
Despite the fact that the BMW X3 in the second-hand version is less problematic than its older brothers X5 and X6, it is difficult to call this car problem-free. The BMW X3 is a special car that stands out from the BMW line, therefore, when selecting this car you need to be extremely attentive, because it is worth something to miss and you can get on a very expensive repair.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Build quality.
  • Four-wheel drive.

  • Thin paint and varnish.
  • High cost of repair and maintenance.
  • A small resource of the steering rack.

After our review, you know about the problems with BMW X3
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