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Legend or hitchhiker for money? Disadvantages of Cadillac Escalade with a run
At home (USA), Cadillac Escalade enjoys great popularity, we have the same, it is not so popular, as the purchase of this car is not affordable for everyone. But no matter how it was, car lovers, the size of the minibus, in the CIS are not small, so we do not have the right to leave this car without attention. Wealthy people buy this new car, and then can not sell it for a very long time, since not many people want to pay a large transport tax, and the fuel consumption of the car is quite large.

A bit of history: 
Cadillac Escalade, 2006 model year, was built on a new platform "GMT900"And is considered the most successful model in the history of the issue. The third generation of Escalades began to be equipped with a new aluminum engine V8, volume of 6.2 liters, which is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission, this duet successfully suits the image of the car. The rear independent suspension has been replaced by a more hardy, five-lever design. In the secondary market, you can also find a hybrid Cadillac Escalade version, but rear-wheel drive versions were not delivered to our market. The escalade with a hybrid power unit was produced until 2013. Most official cars were assembled in Russia, at the Kaliningrad Avtotor plant, in 2014 production was moved to St. Petersburg. The Russian assembly was completed in June 2015.

Cadillac Escalade
Paintwork Cadillac Escalade, over time, a little cloudy and this is normal, you need to be more alert if you come to see the car, and it shines like a new one. Most likely, such a car will be recently painted. The body metal does not rust, and if you see even small foci of corrosion, this is the first signal of a poor-quality body repair. Metal and painting - the highest quality, so corrosion does not appear even in older machines. But the chrome elements - the exact opposite of painting, chrome, after a couple of our winters, becomes turbid and begins to cloud. The Cadillac Escaleid power unit has an unusually large volume - 6.2 liters (409 hp) and only two valves per cylinder, but, nevertheless, here the system of electronic adjustment of phases of gas distribution is realized. The engine is very vigorous, and as experience has shown, reliable enough, the claimed service life is more than 500,000 km. Based on this fact, many owners do not give proper attention to car maintenance. As a result, the first serious malfunctions can begin after 150000 km. The gas distributing mechanism is equipped with a metal chain, its resource is 250-300 thousand km. At a run of just over 200,000 km, ask the masters at the service to check the condition of the chain at each MOT (10000 km), as the stretched chain does not rattle like on other cars. As for the expense, it is impossible to find out the truth, because everything depends on the manner of driving , if you press the trigger carefully, the consumption can be as high as 34 liters per hundred, with a quiet operation of 17-24 liters per hundred kilometers. Fortunately, the engine runs on the 92nd gasoline, if you have little power, you can reflash the engine control unit and the box, but after that, you need to refuel only 95-m gasoline. Once a year it is necessary to clean the radiators (washing with high-pressure washing does not give the desired effect), if not, the motor will start to overheat, which will lead to serious engine breakdowns. In this motor, a common problem with the exhaust manifold's breakout bolts, which two, one on each side, often breaks off the bonnet and the bolt remains in the thread. And if you do not notice such a breakdown in time, then, in due course, the exhaust manifold will lead from the temperature and it will have to be changed (from $ 2,000).
Cadillac Escalade
Like most cars targeting the American market, Cadillac Escalade is equipped with only one gearbox and this is a six-speed automatic transmission. As experience has shown, serious problems with the box arise, only if it rarely changes oil. According to the regulations, this procedure should be carried out at least once every 60,000 km. The all-wheel-drive system also does not cause any complaints about reliability, but its performance characteristics can become a real disappointment for many. Despite the fact that the machine is equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive, there is no rigid forced locking of the rear inter-wheel differential. Accordingly, all-wheel drive is good only for urban conditions, but if you go even to the muddy dirt, not to mention the serious impassability, then you will have to use the services of a tractor.
Externally, the car looks solid and strongly resembles a one-room apartment with all amenities, but inside it causes complete disappointment. For those sizes that the car occupies on the roadway, the cabin is very small, for example, a passenger of the second row with a height of 190 cm will rest his head on the ceiling, which is simply unacceptable for cars of this class. All plastic interior trim materials that are below the hip are of very poor quality (Chevrolet Aveo level), those above are slightly better, but still do not match the car class. Lacquered wooden inserts eventually become covered with pimples, also, not the best quality and noise insulation. There are drawbacks in the electrician, for example, rear parking sensors, ABS sensors, the sliding thresholds cease to function. The car is equipped with a heated washer fluid, in many forums this option is recommended immediately to disconnect, as very often it leads to a torpedo fire. Still, it is not recommended to connect any electrical appliances (compressor, carrying) through the cigarette lighter, the fact is that the wiring is very weak and when the load starts to melt.
Cadillac Escalade
Front of the Cadillac Escalade has an independent suspension type McPherson with a stabilizer bar. Behind - longitudinal levers, continuous bridge and stabilizer. The suspension causes inconsistent feelings, on the one hand it is quite noisy (all the unevennesses are felt) and at the same time wobbling, because of this, the car behaves on the road as a ship. The main problems of suspension are associated with poor operating conditions, illiterate maintenance (oil replacement in bridges and distribution) and repair. About once every two times it is recommended to service the coupling of the steering shaft, it is telescopic and in due course its lubrication loses its properties. If, when you turn the steering wheel in the cabin audible clicks, most likely, you need to replace the steering rack bracket. The weak spot is the ABS sensors, replacement is expensive enough (up to 500 cu, pcs.), As they change in assembly with the hub. The brake system is very weak, for a vehicle weighing 3.5 tons and after five confident depressions on the brake pedal, at a speed of 120-150 km / h, the whole system overheats, and only the fact that five seconds before it burns the discs saves the combustion. Many owners to fix the problem set the ventilated discs of larger diameter and caliper. Cadillac Escalade is a status and reliable car. And if you are not sharpened to drive, do not like hard offroads, want to present yourself and move slowly in this life, then this car will be able to meet your requirements.
  • Reliability of the main units and units.
  • Engine power.
  • Presentable appearance.
  • Low maintenance cost

  • Fuel consumption.
  • Poor patency.
  • Finishing materials of interior of average quality.
  • Poor sound insulation.
  • Weak wiring.

After our review, you know about the problems with Cadillac Escalade
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