Chasing Car Speed Drifting APK
Chasing car speed driftingAndroid new "Chasing car speed drifting", is a dynamic car runner, implemented using high-quality three-dimensional graphics that can overshadow many paid projects created for mobile devices. By the way, this free product was developed and published by the Bravo Driving company in the Play Store, which are not young amateurs, and professionals specializing in the production of automotive simulators.

Running an android game "Chasing car speed drifting"gamers without unnecessary opening speeches will automatically get on the track, where a string of police cars will chase their car. The players' task is to try to overcome as far as possible. By the way, it will not be so easy to perform such a miracle There are several reasons for this. First, players will be constantly hampered by heavy traffic on the roads. Secondly, you shouldn’t discount the police (pursuit cars, special forces vehicles installing spikes, and a police helicopter firing from of the sky). Well, thirdly, we must not forget about gasoline, we must try to fill up the tank with them in a timely manner, collecting canisters, and joining to the back of gas tankers.

The greater the distance to be overcome, the more impressive will be the amount of the prize promotion, which can be lowered like unlocking new sports cars (the number of cars represented in the game has exceeded a dozen) and pumping your own car (fuel tank capacity, strength, nitro accelerator, and protection from the police ), and to numerous boosters that can make life much easier on the road (handicap from pursuers, a shield from collisions, a multiplier for making money, and the likelihood of loss of repair kits). By the way, if you wish, in the android game "Chasing car speed drifting", you can play not only for the villains, but also for the police, whose main task is to catch high-handed reckless drivers on the motorways of the virtual world.

Version APK: 1.1.0
File Size: 58.48Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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