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The most common shortcomings of Chery Tiggo with a run
Externally, Cherie Tiggo very much resembles Toyota Rav 4 previous generations. Perhaps, it is this similarity that provides great interest to the car. However, in the expanses of the former USSR, motorists are wary of cars from the Middle Kingdom. There is an opinion that such cars are poorly assembled and broken on a flat surface, and spare parts need to wait for months, since there is no official service. But, as things stand with the reliability of Cherie Tiggo with the mileage in fact, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
In 2004, Chery's management got the idea of ​​producing its own compact crossover, as this type of car, at that time, was gaining more popularity on the global market. But, as the financial resources, the creation of an authentic crossover in the Chinese automaker, at that time was not enough, it was decided to follow the usual path of borrowing. The result was the production in 2005 of a concept that outwardly resembled the Toyota Rav 4, and in some detail - Honda CR-V. The production of the new model was established not only in China, but also in Europe, Uruguay, Indonesia and Russia. Crossovers, for the CIS market, were produced in China and Russia. Cars were equipped with licensed power units from Mitsubishi. In 2010, the car was restyled.

Cherie Tiggo
Initially, Chery Tiggo was equipped with two gasoline engines - 2.4 (132 hp) and 1.8 (130 hp), later, there were engines 1.6 (119 hp) and 2.0 (136 hp). As experience has shown, power units have a number of typical disadvantages, which are relevant even for cars with a small mileage. So, in particular, for 50,000 km there are problems with the generator, it just stops working, the replacement will cost about $ 100. Owners of cars with the engine 1.8, they call it a difficult start of the engine with the onset of colds, the replacement of the ignition coils will help to eliminate the defect. It is not uncommon for the exit from the standing of an air-flow meter, a signal about the need to replace it will serve as a difficult start, jerks at low revs and floating turns XX. At the motor 2.4 the widespread problem is the leakage of the cooling liquid, mainly the leak is formed at the junction of the pump with the radiator tube and through the lower branch pipe of the radiator. The worst thing that can happen with the 2.4 engine is the breakage of the valve and the destruction of the connecting rod, fortunately such cases are a rarity. The motors that appeared later, 1.6 and 2.0, are recognized as reliable enough, however many owners recommend changing the factory coolant - it is very poor quality, and eventually lead to wedging of the thermostat. If the gasoline tank is less than 1/3, the car starts badly, the traction disappears or it starts to stall at a low speed, then most likely the reason in the gasoline pump (if the petrol pump has problems, it is better to replace it with a new one at once). The same symptoms are also observed in cars with a faulty fuel pressure regulator, since this part is of poor quality, it must be changed every 10-15 thousand km (suitable from Deu Lanos). Like many Korean and Chinese cars, ignition coils and high-voltage ignition wires for a long time do not live, a maximum of 50,000 km run.
Cherie Tiggo
Transmission is not the strongest side of Cherie Tiggo, the mechanics do not differ in the comfort of operation, and the automatic transmission is reliable. The car is equipped with an old automaton from Reno, known for a whole bunch of unpleasant sores. Most often, car owners with a manual gearbox are called fuzzy switching, very often this problem is associated with the destruction of the shafts. The cables of the transmission drives are located in shirts, and the shirts are close to the exhaust manifold, and eventually they are melted, as a result - the transmissions begin to stick. Also, the shirts and gearshift mechanism can get moisture, because of this transmission can wedge. The clutch usually nurses 70-80 thousand km, the replacement will cost 100-150 $. On Cheri Tiggo with an automatic transmission, on the run of 20-30 thousand km, jerks and jerks can begin when the gear changes. Also, a gear icon may appear on the console, which indicates there are problems in the gearbox. Usually, the reason is in the pressure modulation valve. When referring to the official, it is usually recommended to replace the box, and this is very expensive (about $ 1200). If this problem arises, it will be better to refer to the "craftsmen", they will offer you to wash the hydraulic unit or replace a separate valve, as a result, repairs will cost 150-200 USD. Also, after 70,000 km of run, the box may stop switching to the parking position, this is due to the destruction of the tip tubes, which connects the cable and the shift lever. After 100,000 km of run, the box needs major repair or replacement.
Like most Chinese cars, the salon is visually cute, but here's the quality - not very. Over time, all plastic elements begin to squeak and bang while driving along a non-ideal road. Also, the mechanisms of the front seats creak, and after a small run begins to grasp the steering wheel.
Cherie Tiggo
It can not be said that Chery Tiggo's suspension, after exploitation on our roads, begins to pour quickly, but, to the category of "not killed", it is difficult to attribute it. Like most modern cars, the first out of order racks and bush stabilizer - for 30-40 thousand kilometers. Front and rear shock absorbers, on average, serve 60-70 thousand km. At the same run, the springs of the rear shock absorbers begin to sink, and closer to 100,000 - they require replacement. Silentblock levers and hub bearings, on average, will serve 70-80 thousand km. The steering rack seldom nurses more than 80,000 km. The steering rods and tips go even less, on average 50-60 thousand km. After 50,000 km, the GUR pump may start to flow, and it also starts to block the ABS block. Due to improper balancing of the propeller shaft, Cheri Tiggo, at a speed of about 100 km / h, howls and vibrates, this problem occurs on cars until 2008. Later, the manufacturer moved the electromagnetic clutch to the rear gearbox, and a suspension bearing was installed in place of the clutch. Despite all the shortcomings, Chery Tiggo is quite a good car, and probably one of the most reliable machines of this class produced in China. We must agree that before the more famous classmate of Toyota Rav4, Cheri Tiggo still grow and grow according to all the criteria, but do not forget about the difference in the price of the purchase, the cost of maintenance and repair. And if you do not have money to buy a crossover brand, then Tiggo - will not be a bad alternative.
  • Large ground clearance.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Good visibility.
  • Cost of service.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Unreliable transmission.
  • Absence of noise insulation.
  • Build quality.
  • The rattling salon.

After our review, you know about the problems with Cherie Tiggo
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