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Uzbek from Brazil: the failures of Chevrolet Cobalt with a run
Chevrolet Cobalt - a budget sedan with an original appearance, which the car enthusiasts took not unambiguously. The car sold well, but still, the sales leader, she never did. To date, Chevrolet Cobalt is not officially sold, so, wishing to acquire a lupo-eyed iron horse, will be forced to look for it in the secondary market.

A bit of history:
The first generation of Chevrolet Cobalt was very popular in the US, we practically did not know about the existence of this car, as it was not officially supplied to us. The second generation of Cobalt was presented at the auto show in Buenos Aires in 2011, the car was built on the platform "GM Gamma", It also built a new"Chevrolet Aveo". The external dimensions of Chevrolet Cobalt allow it to be attributed to the European C-class, the total length of the car is 4470 mm, with a width of 1735 mm, and a height of 1514 mm. Latin American designers tried to apply as much original solutions as possible in the design of the car, it turned out quite well, but it can not be attributed to the category of elegant. Too stretched wheelbase (2.6 meters) does not add to the exterior of harmony, but there is no problem with space in the cabin. In models designed for the CIS market, there is no need to expect rich equipment. The basic equipment included power steering, central locking, one airbag and front electric windows. For the rest of the "bells and whistles" had to pay extra. Initially, Cobalt was offered only in South America, a little later it appeared in the markets of the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. Most of the cars for the CIS met in Uzbekistan.

Chevrolet Kobal
Chevrolet Cobalt appeared on our market not so long ago, therefore, it is too early to speak about its corrosion resistance. However, it is worth noting that today, serious problems with corrosion of the body have not been revealed, even in places where the paint is chipped, rust does not appear for a long time. The paint coating even on cars that serve in a taxi and passed for 200,000 km, from reagents on the roads is not badly affected. But with the quality of assembly is not all so smooth, for example, many owners find water in a niche for a spare wheel, it gets there through not smudged cracks behind the rear bumper. To avoid problems, it is necessary to cover all seams with a sealant. Many cars eventually become fogged up on headlights, on forums, owners offer a variety of ways to solve this problem, but, unfortunately, most of them are not effective. For the car is only one power unit - a gasoline atmosphere with a volume of 1.5 (105 hp) . This engine is installed on many cars of the concern and has proved to be a reliable and unpretentious power unit. The timing gear is equipped with a metal chain, which easily heals 150-200 thousand km, chain replacement will cost 200-250 USD. The big plus of this motor is that it is quite simple and cheap to maintain. So, for example, cheap candles for 4 cu are suitable here, they serve about 15000 km of run, and to replace all filters, you need to spend only 25 cu. After 50000 km the valve cover gasket leaks, this is practically not affected by the oil consumption, but the entire power unit will be covered with oil streaks. The consumption of gasoline, as for such an engine, is quite large, on average, 9-11 liters per hundred leaves out in the city, for the benefit, this engine without problems overturns the 92nd gasoline.
Chevrolet Kobal
Chevrolet Cobalt can be completed with one of the gearboxes - a six-speed automatic transmission with manual switching mode or five-speed mechanics. Both boxes have a very simple design and a sufficiently large service life. As the operational experience has shown, both transmissions are reliable enough, but insignificant flaws in them, nevertheless, have been revealed. AKPP very much afraid of slipping, and if, for example, constantly arrange a race at traffic lights, the problems will not take long to wait. In the cold season many owners recommend to warm up the transmission. The regulations say that both gearboxes are maintenance-free, but in order to prolong the life of the transmission, it needs to change the oil every 60,000 km. Coupling in mechanics, with careful operation, will serve 80-100 thousand km, the racers do not survive to 60,000 km. Like most budget cars Chevrolet Cobalt has cheap interior trim materials, as a result, the cabin is very noisy, and with the onset of cold weather filled with a large range of soundtracks. Due to the fact that the machine does not have a lot of electrical equipment, electrical failures are a rarity. Although quite primitive, electrical equipment can not be named, the CAN bus is still present. In the low quality of materials there is also a plus, for example, the material wears out quickly enough and it becomes much easier to determine the mileage.
Chevrolet Kobal

Front mounted suspension type McPherson, rear - a semi-independent beam. The pendant, the owners are praised for its energy intensity, it copes well with the roughness of the road, while it provides a fairly good, as for a budget car, comfort, but small shaking is not for this car. Front disc brakes (pads go to 40000 km), rear - drum (the brake pad resource is 60000 km). Steering and power steering "sick place" in this car are not, and up to 100,000 km are not presented with any surprises. Stands and bushings of the stabilizer are considered consumables and require replacement every 15-20 thousand km. Shock absorbers, on average, nursed 30-40 thousand km. Ball bearings, wheel bearings run up to 60,000 km, bearing bearings and silentblocks live about 80,000 km. Intervention in the rear suspension is almost not required. If the car is equipped with ABS, keep an eye on the condition of the sensors, as they very quickly turn sour and start to work incorrectly. Chevrolet Kobal is a car that has an acceptable level of comfort, a standard for this class of cars, suspension and good dynamics. Design here, of course, for the amateur, the most important epithets for Cobalt are reliability and simplicity, in other words, the best friend of taxi drivers and families choosing a car with a mind and a calculator. Chevrolet Cobalt will be a good alternative Renault Logan and Nissan Almera.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Large ground clearance.
  • Comfortable seats.

  • High fuel consumption.
  • The rattlesnake
  • Absence of noise insulation.
  • A small resource of suspension parts.

After our review, you know about the problems with Chevrolet Cobalt
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