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Features and disadvantages of Chevrolet Cruz with a run
For dealers General Motors, Chevrolet Cruze is one of the locomotives of sales, since recently the car is experiencing a second life. The matter is that more recently sales of restyling version started, as a result, in the secondary market there are more and more offers of 2 - 3-year-old Cruzes. Like any used car, Chevrolet Cruz with a run has a number of shortcomings, which you should pay attention to before buying, we will now talk about them

Not much history.
Chevrolet Cruz was developed by the company "General Motors », to replace, quite in demand at that time, Chevrolet Lacetti - this car was so popular in our market that two more years both cars were sold simultaneously. The platform on which Chevrolet Cruz was built is borrowed from "OPEL Astra G". Serial production started in 2009 and continues to this day. There is a car in Korea, in Russia at a plant near St. Petersburg, and since 2010 and in Kazakhstan "AsiaAuto".

Chevrolet Cruze
To quality of a paint and varnish covering, dockings of body elements, and also to quality of chrome there are many claims. If the front bumper does not fit snugly to the wing, this does not mean that the car was involved in an accident. The fact is that for the exterior finish of the car, the manufacturer used weak clips and harsh plastic, which are subject to deformation at a temperature drop. Sometimes there is a violation of the integrity of the paintwork on the joints of body parts, but even in places where the paint is chipped, the body does not resist the onslaught of the red sickness. The line of power units Chevrolet Cruz includes two atmospheric petrol engines 1.6 (109 and 124 hp) and 1.8 141 hp), turbo engine 1.4 (138 hp), and also one diesel engine in volume 2.0 (150 hp). The 1.6 engine is well known to many car enthusiasts in the Chevrolet Laccetti, it is considered the most reliable and problem-free. Of the unpleasant little things faced by the owners, you can note the appearance of deposits on the valves, because of this, the valve can hang. Over time, all engines from under the valve cover begin to leak oil, the problem is solved by replacing the gasket, but due to the fact that the material from which the gasket is made quickly loses its elasticity, this procedure will have to be carried out every 50-60 thousand km. Also, over time, can lead the valve cover, check it is simple enough, you need to unscrew the candles and check the presence of oil in the candle wells. Another trouble that Chevrolet Cruz owners with motor 1.6 very often encounter is a stalling engine (the reason for this feature is not revealed). On some machines, the problem is helped to solve, reflashing and cleaning the throttle. Engine 1.8 was borrowed from Opel Astra, in place of the motor passed and his chronic sore. The engine has a well-known drawback - the gears of the intake and exhaust camshaft are out of order. More than 30% of owners of Chevrolet Cruz with engine 1.8 face the problem ECOTEC. The main reason for the failure of the pinion is oil starvation, therefore, to avoid expensive repairs, you must carefully monitor the oil level. Another reason may be the failure of the electromagnet valve, which fails due to clogging of the mesh of the selenoid. Signs of the manifestation of this problem - strong rumble immediately after start-up cold engine, as well as poor traction. Engines 1.4 and 2.0 are a rarity in the secondary market, there are also not a lot of reviews on the forums about them, so there is simply no statistics to take. The only thing that can be said about the diesel engine is that it is the most dynamic in the line (acceleration from 0 to 100 in 9.4 seconds), and the most economical (average consumption 5.5 - 6.5 liters per hundred). The fuel consumption of gasoline engines in the urban cycle is 10 - 14 liters per hundred, along the highway - about 7.5 liters per 100 km.
Chevrolet Cruze
On Chevrolet Cruz, the following types of gearboxes are available: five- and six-speed mechanics, as well as a six-speed automatic with the possibility of manual switching. Both transmissions are difficult to call problematic, but minor troubles still happen. Mechanical transmission sometimes proves to be an unpleasant rumble, and there are also problems with the squeeze bearing. Many owners have already experienced a shock when the mechanical box was clinically at speed, the reason for this is a collapsed plastic sleeve in the switching mechanism, the problem is eliminated inexpensively and for a long time. With the problems of the car a little more, often the owners complain about its not quite adequate behavior (the box periodically throws off, at a time when it is not expected from it at all), this defect is eliminated by flashing the electronic control unit. It is not recommended to take a car with a 1.6 engine paired with automatic transmission, in this combination the transmission delivers the most problems, but they also appear after 100,000 km of run.Salon: The first thing you'll have to face when choosing a second-hand Chevrolet Cruise is that many of these cars have served in taxis, especially cars with a 1.6 engine. In such cars, the steering wheel, seats, pedals and gearbox knob are usually changed to new ones, and if you find a car with a mileage of 60000 km with an ideal state of the cabin, the probability that the run was twisted and the interior parts changed is 99%. And how would you not prove that you used the car carefully, went to her only at the dacha, you know, it's all tricks dealers. Interior trim materials of medium quality and use traces (such as small scuffs) appear after 40 - 50 thousand km even with very careful operation. They will look new only if you do not remove the factory film before the sale. Some owners detect moisture under the mat of the front passenger, the drainage system drain is to blame for this. Most often, this problem occurs in cars on which the alarm was installed. Not infrequently the cause of the appearance of moisture in the cabin is a poor-quality gluing of the front and rear window seal, and if you find moisture in the trunk, you need to replace the rear lights.
Chevrolet Cruze
Suspension Chevrolet Cruz is difficult to call unreliable, but as is often the case with used cars, there comes a time when there are a number of bothersome owners of small things. The most frequent of these is the rumbling of the suspension on the pits. The source of unpleasant sounds are depreciation racks, this problem is present not only on this model, but also on other models of the Chevrolet and Opel concerns. The knock appears on 15 - 20 thousand km of run, and the reason for this knock is a bypass valve. The resource of the running Chevrolet Cruz differs little from other cars in this segment, and it is necessary to make capital investments in this unit every 60 to 80 thousand km, depending on operating conditions and driving style.
Chevrolet Cruz is quite reliable and comfortable car. Yes, it has its own problems and shortcomings, but you must agree, they have any car and not only in this price range. The price for a new Cruise starts at $ 15,000, but as for me, this car is not worth that much money, and for 2-3 years old second-hand Cruz in a good package ask for 7 - 10 thousand dollars. - and this is quite an adequate price. Correctly selected car will delight you not one ten thousand kilometers.
  • Design and interior.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Simple and inexpensive to maintain.
  • The reliability of engines is time-tested.
  • Mechanical transmission.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Little dynamics for cars with the engine 1.6 and 1.8.
  • Prices for original accessories.
  • A noisy suspension.
  • A small resource of automatic transmission.
  • Finishing materials quickly lose marketability.

If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.

After our review, you know about the problems with Chevrolet Cruze
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