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Problems and shortcomings Chevrolet Epic with a run
Chevrolet Epica - mid-size sedan, developed by the Korean division of the American company GM. When choosing a car in the second hands, many car enthusiasts pay attention to the dimensions, appearance and equipment, and it would be nice if the car did not depreciate quickly. Not today, on the secondary market there are not so many large sedans in the budget of 6-9 thousand cu. yes, in addition, that this machine was quite fresh. Under all these criteria, the hero of today's story - Chevrolet Epic with mileage - fits well. This car will be an excellent option for both a family car enthusiast and a "loner" driver, but there is an opinion that Chevrolet is not a reliable car. And, here, as things stand with the reliability of Chevrolet Epic with mileage in fact, now and try to figure it out.
A bit of history:
If you try to track the history of Chevrolet Epic, which wears the nameplate of the American automobile concern, it owes its pedigree to the American, rather than the American, South Korean corporationDaewoo". Epika is a further development of its predecessor - Shearole Evanda and in the technological sense is an identical car. Debut Chevrolet Epica was held in the spring of 2006 at the Geneva auto show, serial sales started in the autumn of the same year. To create a design of appearance were invited masters from the Italian design studio "ItalDesign". The main emphasis in developing the external appearance of the designers was made to give the car some rigor and elegance.
Initially, the car was manufactured in South Korea, a little later, a large-scale assembly was set up in Russia at the Shushary plant. Experts say that the Korean and Russian assemblies are no different from each other. In 2008, a small restyling was carried out, as a result of which the bumper, door handles changed, new lighting technology appeared and the decorative strip connecting it on the trunk lid. On the technical side, the car received an anti-wear system. The production of this model was completed in 2012, and its place in the market was occupied by the new Chevrolet Malibu sedan.

Chevrolet Epica
Weak points and shortcomings Chevrolet Epica with mileage.Body metal in Chevrolet Epic is quite good quality, also, there are no special comments and the quality of paintwork. If we talk about the corrosion resistance of the body, then, due to the fact that the body is not galvanized, rust appears quickly in the areas of the paint chips. When inspecting the car, consider the fact that the thresholds are covered with a plastic cover plate and, in order to assess their actual condition, the cover must be removed. One of the weaknesses of the body is the trunk lid, special attention should be paid to the place of abutment of the decorative lath and metal (rusts). On a car with a run of 150,000 km or more there is a slight play of doors (broken loops).EnginesOfficially, in the CIS, Chevrolet Epica was available only two petrol six-cylinder power units in volume 2.0 (143 hp) and 2.5 (156 hp). In the European market you can find versions with a diesel engine 2.0 (150 hp), but, for our market, such instances are very rare. Gasoline engines were developed GM especially for Chevrolet Epic. Both engines have a couple of significant flaws. The main one concerns the cooling system, there are two problems here: first, leaks of antifreeze in the places of connection of the nozzles and the radiator; the second is a small resource of the thermostat. It would seem that the problem is insignificant, but if you do not notice the failure in time, the engine may overheat, as a result of which serious problems will start - zhor oilsup to 1 liter per 1000 km), cranks the crankshaft inserts, can detach the connecting rods, the throttle dam is broken, etc. When inspecting the car, be sure to listen to how the engine works at idle speed, if the engine is not working smoothly or there is chirping (like a diesel engine), it is better to refuse such a car.Not known for longevity and the oil pressure sensor, its life in rare cases exceeds 50,000 km. It is quite easy to detect a malfunction, the low oil level indicator (indicator) lights up on the console. At the run of 60-80 thousand km, the consumption of oil begins to increase, the reason is the wear of the oil-removable caps. For these engines, oil starvation is fraught with the rapid deterioration of the power unit (with proper maintenance of lines of engine service is 250-300 thousand km). It is worth noting that both engines are not repairable, therefore, always try not only to monitor the level and condition of the oil, but also keep it closer to the mark "MAX". Also, to weak places of engines can be attributed and a small resource of catalysts - 100-150 thousand kilometers. Many owners solve the problem by removing the catalyst, but before buying a car without a catalyst, you need to understand that this car has a fuel consumption of 1.5-2.5 liters more than usual. Another weak point of gasoline engines is a gasoline pump, the main signal for its malfunction is the difficult starting of the engine (the car starts from the 2-3 rd time). When buying, you need to pay attention to it and start the car several times in a row. Also, not known for their reliability is the generator (resource of 70-100 thousand km) and hydraulic engine mounts (there are vibrations).
TransmissionChevrolet Epica was equipped with two types of gearboxes - five-speed mechanics and automatic transmission with the same number of gears. The mechanical transmission is very reliable. The only problem that the owners of Epica with mechanics regularly face is the failure of the squeeze bearing on the run of 70-90 thousand km. The fault is indicated by the characteristic sounds when the clutch pedal is depressed. Clutch with careful operation can serve up to 150,000 km. Some owners of cars on the mechanic, whose mileage exceeded 100,000 km, note the appearance of vibrations in the 4th gear (reason not established). No less reliable and automatic, however, because of the considerable weight of the car, with an aggressive manner of driving the transmission will serve up to 150,000 km (In the normal mode, the lines of the automatic transmission service are 200-250 thousand km). The manufacturer assures that the automatic gearbox is maintenance-free, but many experts disagree with this and recommend changing the oil in the box every 60-70 thousand km.
Chevrolet Epica
Weak points and disadvantages of the Chevrolet Epic suspension with a runChevrolet Epica is unlikely to suit motorists who like to "pozazhagat" on the car, because the steering is not sharp enough in it, and the chassis settings are more calculated for a comfortable and imposing ride. The suspension of the car is soft, but energy-intensive and perfectly absorbs most of the irregularities on the road. Such indicators are possible due to the complicated design of the suspension, which adversely affects the cost of repair running. On the Chevrolet Epica front and rear mounted multi-link suspension, and the rear thrust with floating silentblocks. If we talk about the reliability of running, then call it hardy hard. The main problem in the suspension are silentblocks of levers, the malfunction may manifest early enough, the rear ones for 20-40 thousand km, the front ones - 30-50 thousand km. It would seem that the problem is not that serious, if not for one thing only - the silentblocks change with levers and fists (front silentblocks are changed separately). In times of 50-70 thousand km, it is necessary to change the shock absorbers, supporting bearings and ball bearings. Every 70-90 thousand km of mileage will have to change the remaining running gear (wheel bearings, CV joints, etc.). The steering mechanism is quite reliable and for a long time does not require attention, there are many examples when the native rake nursed more than 200,000 km. The steering tips require a replacement of 120-150 thousand km on the run. One of the weak points of the helmsman is the steering rack oil seals, the service life does not exceed 120,000 km (start to flow a liquid GUR) approximately the same number is served by the GUR pump. With regard to the resource of the brake system, the original brake pads are nursed to 50,000 km, disks to 100,000 km. At each maintenance, lubrication of the guides is required, if this is not done over time, they become oxidized and begin to decay.SalonSalon Chevrolet Epica is made of materials of medium quality, despite this, over time, the interior is filled with a lot of extraneous noise (creaking). The manufacturer is aware of this problem and proposes to eliminate the disadvantage for a fee by gluing all joints with insulating material. One of the weak points of the car is an electrician. The problems faced by the owners are quite different, but they are on all cars of this model. The main ones are malfunctions: the interior heater, windshield wipers, window regulators, cigarette lighter, etc. Fortunately, most of these problems are solved by replacing the fuses. If the indicator on the dashboard indicates the airbag failure, firstly check the condition of the connector installed under the driver's seat.
Chevrolet Epica
Chevrolet Epica - a comfortable car, which even after 7-10 years remains a very attractive offer in the secondary market, worth the money that it is asked for. As for its reliability, everything here depends on how the car was operated and maintained. In conclusion, we can say that before buying a car to do a little survey of the above places, the ideal option is to diagnose and check the machine in a reputable car service.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Attractive design.

  • Body's tendency to corrosion.
  • A small line of suspension service.
  • Failures in the work of electricians.

After our review, you know about the problems with Chevrolet Epica
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