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The people's car: the failures of Chevrolet Lachetti with a run
Chevrolet Lacetti is considered not just a bestseller, but a real people's car. The car of this brand can be seen literally in every yard and this is not surprising, because it is among the top three best-selling budget cars in the CIS. But among motorists there is an opinion that a budget car is suitable for operation no more than 5 years, and then constant repairs, and, as a result - selling cars. But, as things stand with the reliability of the second-hand Chevrolet Lachetti in fact, and whether it is worth buying this car with a mileage of more than 100,000 km, now and try to figure it out.

A bit of history:
AT 1997 the market appeared Daewoo Nubir the first generation, this car was presented immediately in several bodies - sedan, station wagon and five-door hatchback. AT 2002 year Nubir underwent a deep restyling, as a result of which, cardinal changes have affected not only the body, but also interior decoration. Also, the chassis of the car was substantially modified. In the same year in many countries Nubir began to sell under a new name "Lachetti". In Europe the car was sold under two names, for example, cars in a body sedan and wagon wore a name Nubir, and a hatchback Lachetti. Design development Lacetti entrusted to various design firms, as a result, the appearance of the sedan was coined by the studio "Pininfarina", But the hatchback was doing"ItalDesign". AT 2004 year GM, becoming an owner Daewoo, decided to sell Korean cars under the Chevrolet brand, and Chevrolet Lachetti appeared. It is worth noting that in Europe, sedans and station wagons were sold under the name Chevrolet Nubira. Since 2006, the car was assembled in Russia at a factory in Kaliningrad.

Chevrolet Lacetti
Body metal is very thin, as a result, the dents on the body appear quickly enough. Can not boast of good quality and paintwork, especially, it appears on the hood, the emergence of new chips when you hit even a small pebble and scratches on the body from contact with the branches. However, in spite of this, corrosion on the car body is a rarity.Officially in the CIS, Chevrolet Lachetti was sold only with gasoline power units - 1.4 (95 hp), 1.6 (109 hp), 1.8 (122 hp). Available for car and diesel engine 2.0 (121 hp), but, in our market this is a very rare guest. The most reliable among gasoline engines is a power unit with a volume of 1.8. During the operation, it did not reveal any weak points, and, what is more important, it has a decent supply of traction. But, there is a car with such an engine and a significant minus, the fact is that Lachetti with such a motor is quite expensive. For the money that is asked for this car, you can buy a version and more interesting. As in the case of most cars, chasing the most powerful engine in the line is not worth it, since when buying a new car, a regular car enthusiast is unlikely to overpay for excess dynamics, and buying a car after the "rider" is very risky. , since it is considered the most optimal choice for this car. The main disadvantages of this engine include the formation of carbon deposits on the valves. The first sign of the "hanging" of the valves is the unstable operation of the engine (trochanie) and the deterioration of the dynamics. Also, there are complaints about the resource of the catalyst and the EGR valve, as a rule, these deficiencies are relevant for cars that are fueled with poor-quality fuel. The timing belt is equipped with a belt drive, which must be changed every 60,000 km. Do it better on the service, because to perform these works, you need to hang out the engine. The motor 1.4 is reliable enough; only small power can be attributed to its shortcomings, therefore, this power unit is not recommended for frequent trips along the track. The main drawback of all engines is the leakage of the valve head cover, its service life does not exceed 50,000 km. If, not to solve the problem in time, the oil will get into the candle wells and the machine will stop starting. On cars with the engine 1.6 and 1.4, which were produced before 2007, the cylinder head often fails (the oil flows through the valve seat, which leads to engine crocheting). Also, it is worth noting that the most common malfunction is the failure of the ignition coil. Repair of this breakdown is not difficult, but, nevertheless, requires certain knowledge (at least for the correct diagnosis of the cause of failure).
Chevrolet Lacetti
Chevrolet Lacetti can be equipped with a five-speed mechanics and a four-speed automatic transmission. If we talk about the reliability of automatic transmission, then there are no significant comments to it, but when buying a car with a mileage of more than 100 thousand km, you need to be very careful, since after 150000 km of transmission, expensive repairs may be required. Do not take much trouble to its owners and a mechanical gearbox, the only thing that there is a gripe, this is a fuzzy inclusion of gear, especially from the second to the third, and a small resource of clutch and release bearing (50-70 thousand km).
Chevrolet Lachetti is equipped with a fully independent undercarriage, in front - McPherson, behind - a multifunctional lever. Many buyers of used cars are very concerned about the reliability of the chassis, unfortunately, Chevrolet Lachetti does not belong to a number of cars with a very hardy suspension, but it is difficult to call it weak. On average, once in 60-70 thousand km you need to be ready for investment in the running. As with most modern cars, most often you have to change the bushings and the stabilizer struts - every 20-25 thousand km. Not much longer live and steering tips, an average of 35-40 thousand miles. Approximately once in 60-70 thousand km replacement of ball supports and levers will be required; every 100,000 km requires a complete overhaul of the entire running. Not known for its reliability and steering rack, on many models, it does not nurse more than 100,000 km. The front brake pads, on average, run 20,000 km, the rear ones live twice as long. Front brake discs run 40000 km, rear - 80-100 thousand km. The quality of finishing materials is not the highest class, however, even after many years of operation, foreign scratches and knocking occur in isolated cases. Also, there is no problem with the reliability of the electrical equipment in the cabin. The only thing that can bother you here is the air conditioner control unit. The most weighty drawback of the cabin, which causes the most complaints from the owners, is the fogging up of the saloon windows, especially in cars in the hatchback body.
Chevrolet Lacetti
If we talk about the advisability of buying Chevrolet Lachetti with a run, then we can say with confidence that this is a good and fairly reliable option, as they say - "not worse than many, but also not better than others." Therefore, if you have already decided to buy this car - do not regret money for a full diagnosis.
  • Reliability of the main units.
  • Good dynamics
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Good handling.
  • Convenient salon.

  • High fuel consumption.
  • A small resource of suspension.
  • Absence of noise insulation.
  • High cost of repair.
  • Weak paint and varnish coating.

After our review, you know about the problems with Chevrolet Lacetti
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