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What to expect from the cheapest foreign car in the CIS: the shortcomings of Chevrolet Lanos with mileage
Chevrolet Lanos - not only a national car, but also one of the most inexpensive foreign cars that were ever presented in our market. Therefore, in most cases, the auto of this model is considered as an alternative to second-hand cars of the Russian car industry. This car is considered one of the best options only if the budget for buying a car is small, too, Lanos is perfect for novice drivers. Like most cars with mileage, Chevrolet Lanos has a number of shortcomings, but what they are, and what you need to pay attention to when buying, I'll tell you in this article.

A bit of history:
First Lanos was introduced by the Korean company "Daewoo"At the Geneva Motor Show, but the development began much earlier, in the 1993. The body design was developed by a well-known design studio ItalDesign under the direction of Giorgetto Giugiaro. Power units are partly borrowed from Opel and perfected by Porsche engineers. After in 2002 General Motors bought 42% shares of the enterprise Daewoo, it was decided to co-produce this model of the car. Initially, Lanos was introduced in three types of bodywork - a three- and four-door hatchback and a sedan, also, there was a limited batch of convertibles (produced from 1997 to 2002). Until 2002, Lanos was collected in Korea, but, after the launch of serial production Chevrolet Aveo, the car began to be assembled in Poland, as well as in Ukraine and Russia. Since 2008, the car was produced only in the factory UkrAVTO in Zaporozhye.

Chevrolet Lanos 1
Paint and metal body elements are of poor quality, as a result, corrosion on the body of the car appears after 3-5 years operation. Most often, rust appears on arches, thresholds, door edges, the front of the bonnet and the trunk lid. Therefore, in order to protect the car from corrosion, it is recommended to treat the body and bottom with anticorrosive agents at least once a year 3-4 years. Over time, the salon and the trunk appear moisture, also, there are complaints about the longevity of the luggage compartment lock. For the entire production time Chevrolet Lanos was equipped with only 1.5-liter gasoline power unit with a capacity of 86 hp. One of the most common problems of this engine is the leakage of oil through the cylinder head gasketreplacement of the gasket is required every 30-40 thousand km). The motor is equipped with a belt drive Timing, with a replacement service interval every 60,000 km. However, with replacement it is better not to delay and hold it a little earlier, because after 50000 km there is a high probability of belt breakage, which leads to serious consequences (bends the valve). Many owners, in order to save, are fueled by low-quality fuel, this leads to a rapid clogging and premature failure of the gasoline pump. Often surprises and cooling system - the radiator ceases to function, the pump and the thermostat fail. If the fault is not detected in time, it can lead to overheating of the motor, and, in the future, to expensive repairs (maintains the cylinder head unit). Not known for reliability and sensors of the injection system, absolute pressure, throttle position and lambda probe. A fairly common problem is when the engine starts to run erratically (walking turns XX), to solve the problem, an idle speed sensor replacement is required. Of the advantages of the engine can be distinguished unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel and a sufficiently large resource to major repairs (up to 500,000 km).
Chevrolet Lanos 2
Chevrolet Lanos was equipped with only a five-speed manual gearbox, the alternative of which was not provided. Most of the complaints here relate not so much to reliability and durability as its user characteristics. Most often, the transmission is criticized for the unclear inclusion of gear and the noise of the work. If the box starts to buzz, try to change the oil every 30,000 km, this procedure slightly improves the situation, but completely does not solve the problem. Once in 50-60 thousand km, adjustment of the stage is required, which blurs without any particular reason. Clutch on average runs 50-60 thousand km, but, with careful operation, can serve and 100000 km.
Chevrolet Lanos is equipped with a semi-independent suspension: front - McPherson, Back - beam with pivotally fixed on the body longitudinal arms. To increase the lateral stability and improve controllability inside the beam, the stabilizer of lateral stability is mounted, the ends of which are fixed on the suspension arms. As for the reliability of the suspension, it is difficult to call it hardy. Most grievances are caused by the resource of shock absorbers and their springs, which in rare cases exceeds 30000 km. Wheel bearings can begin to hum and after 20000 km (rear need adjustment), but often they are missing 30-40 thousand km, approximately the same number and serve ball joints. Silent blocks and support bearings run on average 50-70 thousand km.With regard to the reliability of the steering rack, it all depends on the operating conditions, but if you take the average, its resource is 60-80 thousand km. The tailpipes and thrusts begin to knock after 50000 km mileage. It should be noted that all data refer only to the original details, also, it is necessary to understand that most owners take inexpensive analogues, and their resource can be several times less. The biggest plus running gear Chevrolet Lanos in that its repair is relatively cheap, and if you have even the slightest idea about the structure of the running car, it can be carried out independently. Traditionally, for budget cars, interior materials of low quality, as a result, squeaks, knocks and other annoying sounds become ordinary phenomenon. Also, due to poor quality, with time, the control buttons of the stove and other plastic elements begin to break off. Not known for its longevity and wiring, over the years this has a negative effect on the performance of electrical equipment salon (crashes start).
Chevrolet Lanos
This car is the main contender for the role of the first car, also, it will be a good alternative AvtoVAZ. If we talk about the reliability of this car, the main components and units, with proper maintenance, will not cause many problems. In this price range, Chevrolet Lanos - Perhaps the most interesting option, but if there is an opportunity to buy a car a little more expensive, then it's better to take a closer look Renault Logan.
  • Affordable price.
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.
  • The engine is not fastidious to the quality of fuel.

  • The body is prone to corrosion.
  • A small resource of suspension parts.
  • Build quality.

After our review, you know about the problems with Chevrolet Lanos
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