Coach Bus Simulator APK
Coach Bus Simulator
Version: 1.6.0 What's new: - Improved overall optimization
- Added new coach
- Bugs fixed
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Earlier on the pages of our site, we have repeatedly introduced you to toys on similar subjects, but to be honest, none of them compare with our new product called "Coach Bus Simulator", which, both in meaning and in graphics, is closer to console counterparts than to mobile games. Do you know why??

Firstly, such highly detailed high-class 3D graphics are not found in any Android game. Secondly, in this project the game world is not limited to one city, you will have the opportunity to travel all over Europe, from Germany to the UK, and from Holland to France. Thirdly, in addition to casual control, there is a realistic scheme in this toy, which includes a clutch and a gearbox. And fourthly, if you are lucky and you can earn a six-zero sum on a cart, then instead of turning the steering wheel alone you can open your own company with your fleet, and hire professional drivers there.

Version APK: 1.7.0
File Size: 27.43Mb
Developer: OVIDIU POP
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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