Version: 1.0.12 What's new: - Added controller support
- Fixed current bugs
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So, there are seven types of vehicles in the game (3 cars, one jeep, ambulance, fire engine, and even a school bus), which, if not strange, players can unlock exclusively for game currency (the game is free, and surprisingly does not contain donates). By the way, your entire fleet can be improved according to criteria such as: color (7 variations), airbrush (4 patterns), caps and tires (9 types), neon lights (6 color schemes), spoilers (3 types), and driving ( acceleration, braking, nitro). In general, there is where to accelerate, and where to choose.

Now for the gameplay itself. You will be moving at high speed along the four-lane autobahn, ramming everyone around (only from the side, if you enter the rear of the car in front, your sports car will explode on the spot), and knock down the cones placed on the road. In addition, to significantly increase the damage to the world around you, you can pick up various bonuses on your way (double points, grenades, homing missiles, and jet ram), and use them at the moment when your heart tells you.

Well, let's finish. A game "CRASH AND BURN RACING" quite unusual and challenging, although on the other hand sometimes you really want to blow off steam. So why not do this with this new product, especially since it is the best suited for this.

Version APK: 1.0.12
File Size: 42.79Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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