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Cubed Rally WorldCubed Rally World - sparkling, bright and incredibly dynamic arcade dedicated to cross-country racing - water, land, mountains and rocks: the game universe is randomly generated - unpredictable turns and random obstacles are put on an invisible map that can prevent scoring of points in the leaderboard for android There are several main goals - you can try to go as far as possible and outrun all competitors, but no one bothers to ride cards for fun, earning not records, but gold coins, opening access to amazing modes of transport and new challenges of increased complexity.

Entry into Cubed Rally World only partly educational - of course, users will be told everything about the rules and possibilities, but too superficially and reluctantly, as if the developer is trying to hint - all the most secret and cunning will have to be tried and invented independently, without any help. So, after the first workout, you can immediately move on to the first losses and failures. First of all, it is necessary to understand the mechanics. So, on the screen is prepared an unknown road, suspended above the curly clouds. This virtual path is divided into five lanes - just select the position you like and you can move! There is no need to control the speed - everything happens in automatic mode. The main thing is to change the lane in time, but to collect canisters that fill the fuel supply. And of course, you need to act extremely quickly. Indeed, on the screen every second appear some kind of impenetrable bushes, palm trees, and sometimes cows with piglets! All animals and vegetation need to go around, otherwise the accident can not be avoided.!

The main feature of the arcade - well-developed locations. It is necessary to change the race car on the truck, as pleasant asphalt tracks immediately change to impassable roads with stones and cobblestones. You can go even further and buy a boat. Then, at a random moment of passage, a reservoir and a purchased boat will appear on the screen! Unfortunately, such graphic and geographical transitions do not save from boredom - the mechanics get bored pretty quickly, and then everything becomes uninteresting. However, try a free arcade Cubed Rally World for android and decide whether the project is worth the attention or is it better to immediately choose more long-playing entertainment!

Version APK: 1.3.1
File Size: 34.32Mb
Developer: NOCANWIN
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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