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Overview of Daewoo Matiz with a run
Daewoo Matiz - this is a machine that is often considered for the purchase of autoladers as the first car, especially when the budget is not large. A small and brisk car is very convenient in city traffic, while the outside looks like a toy car, despite this in the cabin is quite spacious. Adding to this is not bad reviews about reliability, low fuel consumption, and the recipe for a good urban runabout is ready, and now let's talk about everything in order. The first Daewoo Matiz descended from the Korean assembly line in 1998, the design of the car was coined by Italians from the studio "ItalDesign-Giugiaro". In 2002, the manufacturer upgraded the model, as a result, the rear lights and front lights were changed, which were still round in shape, also round steel and turn indicators. And vyshtampovka on the hood well emphasizes all the roundness of the new restyled body. In addition to external changes, Daewoo Matiz, in comparison with its predecessor, received a more powerful four-cylinder engine in volume of 1 liter (64 hp). Also a box of the automatic machine became available, and in some countries a variator. At the end of 2008, cars with automatic transmission were withdrawn from production.
Daewoo Matiz
One of the main problems of Daewoo Matiz is the quality of metal body parts and paintwork. Corrosion quickly enough hits thresholds, wheel arches, a cowl, a cover of a luggage carrier and a door, the given sore is characteristic not only for Matiz, but also for all cars which are let out by company Daewoo. Therefore, when choosing a car, you need to be extremely careful, as often second-hand dealers and dishonest owners seal up rotten metal with mounting foam, paint and close with vinyl film. Most Daewoo Matiz sold in the secondary market are equipped with a small-displacement motor of 0.8 liters, as for capacity, there are many indicators 49 , 51, 52 hp The peculiarity of this power unit is, first of all, that it does not quite screech because the motors usually work, and the sound is more like a scooter than a full-fledged car. The timing belt needs to be changed at least once every 50,000 km, but many owners recommend that this procedure be carried out at a shorter interval, by 35 to 40 thousand runs, as the belt rupture threatens catastrophic consequences, the valve bend and full costly repair of the power unit. At run of 100000 cleaning of a regulator of idling and the gauge of position throttle заслонки is required.
Daewoo Matiz
The battery here is not standard, it's small in size and therefore of low power, so the seasoned users of this car recommend in cold weather, before starting it turns off all consumers, if not, the electric circuit is under heavy load and it just can not stand it. First of all, the load goes to the diode bridge, which is a weak point and often goes very short. The generator is also not very reliable and rarely fails, and because of the peculiarity of its location, repairs are labor-intensive. The motorist Daewoo Matiz is not omnivorous, so it is advisable to refuel only on good gas stations, otherwise very often you will change the spark plugs and clean the injectors. Over time, the oil seals lose their elasticity and begin to leak, this also applies to the cylinder head gasket. Engine oil should be changed every 10,000 km, and filters on demand, and if you follow all the recommendations, then the engine will easily work out its resource 250 -300 thousand kilometers. When buying Daewoo Matiz with a mileage, check the compression in all cylinders, the live power unit also runs smoothly and without jerks, and there should not be a gray smoke from the exhaust pipe. The gearbox of the vast majority of Matiz on our market has only two - it's an automatic and mechanic. Automatic transmission was put only on cars with a motor of 0.8 liters, and on a car that was assembled in Korea installed a variator, but such copies in the secondary market are rare. Taking a car with a variator is risky, since repairs are expensive enough, and the service lines do not exceed 150,000 km. A five-speed manual gearbox is quite reliable, but some owners complain about its performance. For example: on not clear inclusion of transfers, or that at high speeds from it the rumble is distributed. The oil in the box changes every 50000 km, and if you want the gears to switch easily, choose a better oil and change at a smaller interval. Coupling of a mechanical transmission serves 50 - 70 thousand in km. Automatic transmission during operation in very rare cases presents surprises, and if properly serviced it will serve up to 250,000 km.
The peculiarity of the suspension of Daewoo Matiz is that if the car was operated smoothly and neatly, then the problems with the running gear will not be very long. But if the previous owner did not regret it and constantly skipped over the bumps, the suspension will begin to fall apart, the benefit of its repair is not at all expensive. Native brake pads at Matiz are not very good quality, there are cases when they do not care for 10,000 km, so it is recommended to change them to non-original ones. The resource of shock absorbers, ball bearings, hub bearings directly depends on the operating mode, with an average quiet mode, they should serve 50-60 thousand km. In the rear suspension, the situation is approximately the same, the main part here that breaks down is shock absorbers, 80000 km. But the exhaust system is very scolded for the fact that it does not tolerate our climate, and after 2 - 3 years of operation it needs to be changed.
Daewoo Matiz
Daewoo Matiz - captivates with compact sizes, toy appearance and low cost of content. But it is worth to be very careful when choosing such a car with mileage, because it has a weak metal, and the life of the main units does not exceed 250-300 thousand km and this is with careful operation.
  • Compact size
  • A small fuel consumption.
  • Reliable engines and transmission.
  • Not expensive service.

  • Metal quickly rusts the body and the exhaust system.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Short course of the suspension.
  • Weak battery.
If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Daewoo Matiz
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