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Version: 1.8.8 What's new: - Added various improvements.
- Improved overall optimization
- Fixed current bugs
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So, for those who do not know, let us explain, every year in Florida on the Daytona Beach circuit (its distance is five thousand seven hundred twenty eight meters) endurance races that last no less than 24 hours without pauses and stops are held. So, if you have free time, and you are ready to devote part of it to such extreme competitions, then you are welcome to our hut.

Immediately we want to reassure many gamers, in this new product you do not need to sit at your smartphone for hours on end, everything will happen pretty quickly, at least until you learn how to drive your car properly (there are five cars in the game with their improvements in such parameters as: fuel consumption, control sensitivity, and body strength index). By the way, if you still do not understand, then our new product is not a classic car simulator, as you most likely could have thought, but the arcade runner itself, in which you only need to change lanes from time to time, and not forget to regularly replenish gasoline.

In short, the game "Daytona Rush" This is a kind of attempt by the developers of Invictus Games Ltd to show the world community what racers feel on the Daytona Beach circuit, when they control their cars at extreme speeds without stopping..

Version APK: 1.9.5
File Size: 64.96Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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