Desert Worms APK
Desert wormsIn general, in order not to beat around the bush, let's face it, in the game "Desert Worms" There is no plot, but everything is perfectly clear. And we understand that in search of a new refuge, people found a more or less traveling planet for themselves, built their bases on it, when they suddenly found out that the planet was not uninhabited. Well, if there were bugs and bugs on it, and so hundreds of giant worms that swallow an armored all-terrain vehicle, it’s time to spit. In general, the little people were gathering back, but that's the trouble, there are already a lot of expensive sensors left on the surface of the planet..

In short, if you have not understood yet, then it is you who got the honor to collect all the sensors (their location will be indicated by green arrows), and you will have to dissect the armored all-terrain vehicle on the planet's surface, while trying not to please the giant worms in the mouth (control The game is implemented using tapov on the sides of the display). By the way, if you manage to cope with a couple of such tasks, you can count on getting a new, more speed armored vehicle..

Version APK: 1.57
File Size: 32.81Mb
Developer: DEVM GAMES SE
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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