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American darling and not only: shortcomings Dodge Caravan IV with a run
Dodge Caravan, this is the rare case where one car is produced, three different brands - Chrysler Voyager, Plymouth Voyager. Many believe that the Dodge Caravan, in combination, is the most successful minivan. That is why, this model is very popular in America and before the rise of import duties was one of the most imported cars of this segment. Most of the caravans were imported from the US, while such a car is considered a budget car for a large family with medium income and is operated mercilessly, as a rule, a car is sold after three years of operation with an average run of 130,000 km. But what surprises to expect from this car now and talk.

A bit of history:
First Dodge Caravan appeared in 1983, this model is the founder of the segment of capacious family cars. In 1987, a minor restyling was carried out, which is more noticeable on the front optics (the vertical headlights gave way to the horizontal). In 1990 production started second generation Dodge Caravan, in which the manufacturer significantly improved the body and chassis. In 1991, the all-wheel drive version of the car appeared on the market. The third generation was introduced in 1995, the novelty has received more elegant flowing body. Starting this year, we started to produce two basic versions with a short and long wheelbase. The fourth generation Dodge Caravan was introduced in late 2000. In general, the fourth generation can be called with some stretch. By and large, this is only a deep modernization of the model issued since 1995. As a result of this update, the manufacturer has almost succeeded in eliminating all the main problems and "childhood" sores with which previous versions were famous. In 2004, at the international auto show was presented a restyling version of the fourth generation. The fifth generation minivan debuted in 2007, since 2008, Chrysler has stopped production of a version of the car with a short wheelbase, leaving only the version of the Grand Caravan. In 2011, light facelift was carried out, also, the suspension was reconfigured.

Dodge Caravan
The quality of paint and metal is very weak for our operating conditions, as a result, chips, scratches and corrosion appear very quickly. The body of the car begins to bloom after the first winter, the fastest corrosion is striking: the thresholds, the edges of the doors and the bottom of the trunk. Failures in the electrics are frequent enough phenomenon - the wipers can spontaneously operate, jump the arrow of the speedometer and peeve the indicators of the instrument panel. Before buying a car, make sure to use a specialized scanner. Also, you should check the airbag module, if they worked, then the diagnosis will show. If the machine was restored for sale, then most likely, instead of pillows will be installed stubs. On cars imported from the United States, it is better to immediately replace the regular headlights of the head light, as they very poorly illuminate the road. The caravan was equipped with gasoline power units - 2.4 (152 hp), 3.3 (182 hp), 3.8 ( 197, 218 hp). Gasoline engine 2.4 is reliable enough, from weaknesses it is possible to allocate unreliability of the thermostat and frequent overheating of the engine. As a rule, when overheating breaks the gaskets, but there may be more severe consequences - it drives the cylinder head, therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature of the engine. Fuel consumption in the city of the power unit 2.4 is 15-17 liters per hundred, this is due to the fact that it is not corny enough power, the motor 3.3 has the same flow rates. Engines 3.3 and 3.8 are considered the most optimal options for this car, if we talk about their reliability, then, as a rule, problems with them practically do not occur. Unlike 2.4, these motors are equipped with a chain drive timing, the resource of the metal chain and tensioners does not exceed 250 thousand km. If you do not install the engine compartment protection, then often enough you have to change the drive belt. To shortcomings, you can include a small resource pump, on average, it goes up to 100,000 km, and the inconvenience of motor maintenance, one of which is the replacement of the rear spark plugs. In order to replace the candles, it is necessary to remove the plastic shield, which is located near the windshield. On cars, with a run of 200,000 and above, there are oil leaks, also, its consumption increases. On the same run, a generator replacement is required. The engine volume of 3.8 for our market is a rarity, because besides its high fuel consumption, 20 liters per 100 km, its customs clearance is very expensive. These power units have a great resource and 500-600 thousand km of mileage, without capital, are quite achievable. However, on cars with a high mileage delivered from the United States, it is not recommended to switch to synthetic oil, since American owners prefer to feed engines with mineral water more often.
Dodge Caravan
Virtually all Dodge Caravans are equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission, but, occasionally, there are instances and with a mechanical transmission. As a rule, owners do not have claims to mechanics. But the automatic transmission has a number of drawbacks, the main rule of operation of the Dodge Caravan with an automatic transmission - is in no hurry. The installed automatic transmission does not like the sporty style of driving and if you are keen on sudden starts at traffic lights, you need to be prepared for an expensive repair of the box. Closer to 200,000 km, it may be necessary to replace clutches, the pleasure is not cheap - about 800 cu. This type of box is demanding for the quality of the oil, in addition, it should be changed at least once a year or 30,000 km. If you adhere to the rules of operation and maintenance, the box will serve up to 400,000 km. Cars with four-wheel drive have a number of drawbacks, among them: increased fuel consumption, expensive maintenance (replacement of oil in the rear axle is required), the rear suspension is original with expensive spare parts. To the mechanics, the owners do not have any claims.
As well as it is necessary to the American, the car has a smooth and soft course, but, it negatively affects controllability. Front-wheel drive Dodge Caravan has a fairly simple design of the undercarriage - front mounted suspension type McPherson, rear - dependent suspension with springs. Most often out of order come the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, once in 30-40 thousand km, approximately, as much, enough and stupid bearings. Ball supports can withstand no more than 80,000 km, shock absorbers and bearing bearings tend to 80-90 thousand km, and levers and silent blocks can serve 100-120 thousand km. Before buying, be sure to check the condition of the steering rack, as a rule, on every second car it knocks. It is difficult to talk about its real resources, since we often change the rake not to a new one, but to a contractual one. Helmspins are able to serve up to 80,000 km, traction - up to 100-120 thousand km. The rear suspension is considered not destroying. The caravan is a big and comfortable car for a big family that likes to travel a lot. If we talk about reliability, then he has enough problems, but most of them you can eliminate in your garage. To buy this car or not - it's up to you, but you need to take into account the fact that the car is not designed for operation in our realities. And, if you need a roomy and economical family car, then, I would recommend paying attention to Fiat Dobleo or Volkswagen Sharan (Tiguan).
  • Reliability of power units.
  • Great salon.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Not bad quality of finishing materials.

  • Poor corrosion resistance of the body.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Failures in the electrician.

After our review, you know about the problems with Dodge Caravan
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