Drag Racing: Streets APK
Drag Racing: Streets"Drag Racing: Streets"- street drag racing simulator, created by mobile android devices by programmers from the studio" Square ". In this free toy, gamers will take part in races in a straight line to" 402 "and" 804 "meters, and with both virtual opponents and and with real players, from around the globe. Of course, for such multiplayer battles you will need access to the global Internet, as well as at least four hundred megabytes of free space in the memory of the smartphone.

Running the simulator "Drag Racing: Streets", gamers on the display will meet a window for registration of a personal account, through authorization through social networks (Google Play, Facebook, Classmates, or Vkontakte). After creating an account, players will instantly go to the garage where they will be asked to buy a car. At the beginning of the game, the cat wept, it’s impossible to count on buying a foreign car, so buy yourself a zhigulenok, register it, and go ahead to the competition, earn game currency.

The principle of drag racing is quite simple, two cars start at the same time, and rush in a straight line to the finish. The one who is more agile with the gearbox, and in time switches the speed, and that will have more chances to win. By the way, earning money, you need to immediately spend on pumping your own car, in which you can pump everything, from the appearance to the stuffing under the hood (more than a thousand options for installation).

Features of this car simulator:
1. The graphics in the game are implemented in a two-dimensional format, but on the other hand, they are very high quality;
2. Most of the cars represented in this toy have Russian roots;
3. Management is done through taps with a choice of gearbox;
4. For the modification of cars created a special system;
5. The size of the unpacked toy is 400 megabytes..

Android game "Drag Racing: Streets", this is a cool simulator created on the theme of drag racing.

Version APK: 2.0.3
File Size: 25.13Mb
Developer: SQUARE
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

Download Drag Racing: Streets (2.0.3) .APK Free

Drag Racing: Streets Download for Free APK File (25,13 Mb)

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