DRIFT WARSFrisky street racing with unpredictable routes and the most difficult controlled drifts, sports cars and amazingly spectacular network races with truly professional opponents - arcade DRIFT WARS for android modestly demonstrates a whole list of really pleasant and unexpected advantages. At first, users will be guided through a beautiful and richly decorated garage, where cars are available for every taste and color, then they will show a workshop with factory and improved details, and then be let into the track, where they will be allowed to pass several training races in a free manner. In less than five minutes, an amazing racing orgy begins to unfold on the screen - the motor roars, drowning out the noise and din, the rubber slides on the asphalt, leaving some insane touches, and past, the unexplored sights of some large city pass by. But first things first - arcade DRIFT WARS not about circuit racing and sprinting on various routes that have not yet been laid, but about a surprisingly spectacular competition where it is important to react quickly to changes in racing conditions.

So, in competitions up to four users can participate (you can compete with the artificial intelligence of the chosen difficulty). The main goal is to shoot down special cones that gradually appear on the map: first, the first cone, accessible to all, appears. Anyone who passes through it immediately gets points to the account. Then the next cone will appear and will be active until someone again collects the reward. Competitions continue for exactly five minutes, until the winner is found during this time. And such a show looks really spectacular - cars are pushed, slid, accelerated with the help of nitro and disappear into a cloud of dust in some mad dance. Unforgettable experience of the process!

After passing at least a few races (even if unsuccessful), they are allowed to look into the store, improve the race cars, buy a new car, or change from a car to a jeep - sometimes not mobility is important, but power and strength. In any case, it’s up to users to decide - it’s not even necessary to fight for rewards, you can only drive for fun, both in a single game and in private online matches with friends! Be sure to try the free arcade game. DRIFT WARS on android and share your impressions!

Version APK: 1.1.4
File Size: 26,99Mb
Developer: ZERO FOUR LLC
Android Version: 3.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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