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Drive for Speed: SimulatorDifficult city routes, an extensive range of cars of different classes, fast-changing racing tasks, requiring you to score points and set records - arcade Drive for Speed: Simulator for android offers to turn from a beginner, flying at full speed along virtual tracks, into a prudent and patient professional who knows all the driving secrets. Of course, you will have to start a career with full-fledged training, where you will be told about the main goals, the rules and all sorts of fines that actively come into force when the order is violated.

The main competitive goal is to reach all control points in the shortest possible time. It is necessary to act not only quickly, but also as accurately as possible. You can not touch any objects on the map (including other people's cars), otherwise a penalty will be issued, and the final account including cash allowances will be seriously reduced. We'll have to replay the level or move to new tasks, and then come back again. There are many tasks and some of them are extremely complex, so you will often have to look into the store for new types of cars..

Game universe Drive for Speed: Simulator It looks unusually believable - now and then different areas of the virtual city appear here (here there are industrial zones with factories and clouds of smoke rising to the sky, and sleeping areas falling asleep in the rays of neon signs), and this is not stuck together decorations; real places with a unique story! Moreover, the developers have tried to restore traffic - during the execution of tasks on the screen now and then there are trucks, taxis, cars with people seeking work, in a word, maximum realism! The only negative is that there are not enough people walking along the sidewalks, but overall it’s amazing.!

The interface turned out to be no less pleasant - large navigation buttons (turn, throttle and brake) are available on the screen, a map marking the points of performance of the following tasks, and various statistical summaries. For example, the current damage to the body of the machine, spent on the passage of tasks time. And there is also a button to change the angle of the camera - from the first person to drive, of course, will not be allowed, but from the hood - at any time. Try out the spectacular and free arcade game. Drive for Speed: Simulator everyone is obliged to android - this is great entertainment for long hours!

Version APK: 1.10.7
File Size: 53.49Mb
Developer: Play365
Android Version: 3.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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