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Driver simulatorIt's no secret that with the advent of a taxi company like Uber, in the post-Soviet space, many middle-class car owners began to earn money there, earning quite a lot of money in their spare time, by the way, If you want to know a little more about this side job, as well as to get into its subtleties, then right now download our new product called "Driver simulator"From the company" Zuuks Games ". By the way, this project has currently downloaded from the official page in the Play Store, already over five million people, more than ninety percent of whom were very toy.

By launching this free new product called "Driver simulator", Players will be offered to choose a starting car, from eight presented vehicles. Naturally, this is a formality, because, as a matter of fact, there is no choice, because there is only enough money for the old car. But, this is also not bad, because, having chosen it, gamers will immediately find themselves in the vast open world, where they will be able to begin to engage in hawking. By the way, there are two ways to find customers. First, take them from the sidelines, but this is not very welcome, and is poorly paid. The second way is to use the "Uber” application for this, which itself will pop up clients, and even transfer a lot of cool bonuses to the account.

By the way, before you start, we will open you one small secret: while driving, you should carry passengers extremely carefully, even more so, strictly following the rules of the road. Do you know why? Yes, because every client after a trip must put a driver in the Uber app, and if the rating turns out to be bad, not only will new orders be trusted to you very rarely, they can also be driven out of work. Therefore, try not to exceed the speed, stop at traffic lights, and of course, avoid traffic accidents..

Summing up, under the whole above information about the exciting android game "Driver simulator", From the developers of" Zuuks Games ", you should definitely say that it is one of the best three-dimensional simulator taxi driver working for the company" Uber ", so do not pass by.

Version APK: 1.0.11
File Size: 92.78Mb
Developer: ZUUKS GAMES
Android Version: 4.1 and above
Type of License: Free

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Driver Simulator Download for Free APK File (92.78 Mb)

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