Fever Racing 3D APK
Fever Racing 3D"Fever Racing 3D"- a three-dimensional car runner developed by the Tekerlek Free Games studio android platform. In this free novelty, gamers will not only have to drive on the autobahn, circling oncoming cars, but also perform all kinds of tasks issued before each race. By the way, to give additional excitement to the gameplay, the developers introduced into the game the possibility of both acquiring new cars and pumping them according to numerous parameters.

On the main display of the game "Fever Racing 3D", there are such buttons as icons: Gift (the ability to earn game currency for completing certain tasks), Asterisk (link to evaluate the project on the Play Store), Cup (view personal achievements), Wheel of Fortune (receiving a bonus every six hours), Adjustable key and screwdriver (section with control settings and music), Cars (garage with cars, and spare parts for their modernization), and Next (button to start the gameplay).

Before the start of the race, the task is announced for execution, and already in the game itself, in the upper part of the display appears in the form of a graphic mini map the distance that must be overcome. If you did not attend the section with settings, and did not change the control there, then it will be implemented with the help of a pair of pedals, and two cursors for performing maneuvers. Additionally, in the upper right corner there are keys for selecting a display camera, and pausing the game..

Now, as for small game nuances. Driving very close with oncoming cars, players are awarded extra points, which after the arrival will be transformed into game currency. By the way, the races themselves continue only as long as you do not please in the accident, after which you have to start all over again. If there are more than four thousand money in your account, we recommend that you visit the virtual garage to purchase a new car or truck there..

Features of the project:
1. In the project there is a light donat and ad units;
2. The graphics in the game are three-dimensional, but poorly detailed;
3. Management has the ability to change the settings.

Android game "Fever Racing 3D", this is a three-dimensional car runner, with clear missions to accomplish.

Version APK: 1.2
File Size: 39,01Mb
Android Version: 4.0 and higher
Type of License: Free

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