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Car for all occasions: faults Fiat Doblo with a run
Fiat Doblo - a small van that will be an ideal option not only for a large family, but for a beginner entrepreneur, as the price tag for buying this car in the second-hand version is not great. Minor operational nuances in this machine is complete, but on the technical side, these cars are simple, reliable and inexpensive to maintain. But what you need to pay attention to before buying Fiat Doblo with a run now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
Fiat Doblo - front-wheel drive, five or seven-seater minivan class "B", which debuted in the automotive market in 2001. The car is one of the most successful commercial vehicles in the model line of the company "Fiat". It is quite rational and incredibly flexible in operation, the car is produced in two basic trim levels and several body variants - from a utilitarian all-metal van to a passenger minivan. After the restyling of 2005, the appearance was significantly changed for the better.
The upgraded version was recognized as the best commercial vehicle of 2006 by the following criteria: the largest loading area in the class, load capacity, comfort, ergonomics and functionality. The high body and sliding side doors provide a comfortable fit, and also facilitate the loading and unloading of luggage. It is necessary to note good visibility and controllability. The main factory for the production of Fiat Doblo was located in Turkey, and assembly was conducted in Brazil and Vietnam. Since 2006, Doblo has also gathered in Russia at the enterprise "Sollers"In Naberezhnye Chelny. In 2011, agreements between Sollers and Fiat were dissolved. In Turkey, the car was produced until 2014, sales in the CIS were stopped in early 2016.

Fiat Doblo
The quality of the paintwork of the body leaves much to be desired, a large number of scratches and chips appear in the first years of operation of the car. But as for the corrosion resistance of the body, in this component everything is not so bad, rotten Fiat Doblo is a great rarity. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the thresholds and rollers of sliding doors. Also, check the factory marking for all windows and a condition of license plates of a body, The fact is that most of these cars are imported from Europe, often they are taken there by broken ones, and here they are rebuilt, and as a rule, they are not particularly spent for this. The Doblo Fiat was equipped with gasoline and diesel power units of varying degrees of forcing - gasoline 1.3 (70 , 85 hp), 1.4 (77 hp), 1.6 (103 hp); turbodiesel 1.3 (75, 85 hp) and 1.9 (105, 120 hp). The largest distribution on the secondary market was cars with a 1.3-liter diesel engine. One of the advantages of this engine is its economy, many owners often joke that the car does not eat fuel, but just sniffs. Also, this motor has an impeccable reputation for reliability. The only thing that the owners of a car with mileage over 100,000 km encounter is with increased oil consumption. Fuel system Fiat Doblo is demanding for the quality of diesel fuel, and if the previous owner was not fueled with high-quality fuel, expensive repairs can not be avoided. Machines with motor 1.9 are much less common and only in the body of the Maxi, which we did not officially sell, which means that all cars with such a power unit are imported from Europe, usually with high mileage and in very poor condition. petrol versions the most popular engine is 1.4. As experience has shown, this power unit, with normal maintenance, without any complaints, nurses more than 250 thousand km. The remaining engines are also quite reliable, and rarely require unscheduled investments. Therefore, if you want a car with a reliable engine, it is better to give preference to gasoline modifications. The car is equipped with only a five-speed manual gearbox with a cable control drive. Transmission is very reliable, and in order to "kill" it is necessary to try very hard. The line of service of coupling directly depends on conditions of operation and a driving style, on the average, it suffices on 70-80 thousand in km if to go very accurately can serve and 12000 km. The squeeze bearing, as a rule, begins to buzz after 60,000 km of run.
The quality of interior trim materials is of a very low quality, as a result, after 3-5 years of operation, the entire interior begins to bang and creak. Does not add acoustic comfort and noise insulation, as it is simply not there. Despite the fact that the machine does not have a lot of electrical equipment, problems with the electrician are encountered quite often. So, in particular, the owners note the rapid failure of the button sound signal, ignition system and electric windows.
Fiat DobloThe Fiat Doblo chassis has been specially designed to meet the specific needs of cargo and multi-purpose versions, so it does not have common components with the company's passenger models. Front mounted suspension type McPherson with lower levers, fixed on a powerful stretcher. Rear mounted suspension spring suspension, supplemented by a stabilizer bar. As the operating experience has shown, the Fiat Doblo suspension is strong enough, and if you do not use the machine for the constant transportation of a large load on a broken road, it will last a very long time. Most often, the owners have to change the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, they serve no more than 40,000 km. Replacement of spherical bearings will be somewhere in the 50-70 thousand km, also, with such an interval it is necessary to change the anthers of the joints. Silentblock levers and hub bearings can withstand up to 80,000 km. Closer to 100,000 km, the bearing bearings of the shock absorber begin to die (it appears with a grating and a knock when the steering wheel is turned). Shock absorbers are very reliable and on average run up to 150,000 km. The rear suspension is perpetual, the only thing that needs to be changed here is the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, once in 100-150 thousand km. It is worth noting and low cost of spare parts, so, to completely reverse the front suspension, you need to spend up to $ 400.
Fiat Doblo
Fiat Doblo - will be an excellent option for a large family with a small budget for the purchase and maintenance of the car. Nobody will deny that Doblo has quite a few minor flaws, but to eliminate them you do not need to spend fabulous amounts of money, and if you want, you can eliminate them yourself - in the garage.
  • Great salon.
  • Carrying capacity.
  • Economical and reliable powertrains.
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Absence of noise insulation.
  • The rattling salon.
  • Quick wear of sliding door rollers.

After our review, you know about the problems with Fiat Doblo
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