Fiete Cars: Kids Racing Game APK
Fiete Cars: Kids Racing Game"Fiete Cars: Kids Racing Game"- an interesting adventure Android toy for younger children. Created by German developer" Ahoiii Entertainment ". You can play on tablets and smartphones! By the way, the main direction in creating gaming applications is just the same teaching genre. In the studio's catalog there is not one like project designed for kids over three years old.

In this creation, young players will have only one task - to build their own auto world and drive in it as they please. We will have a large selection of items to create the most unimaginable racing tracks with jumps, slides and climbs. You just need to choose a car and start building your dream road, or choose a ready track and start the race. By and large, the meaning of the game "Fiete Cars: Kids Racing Game"comes down to collecting coins. At a level they are very small, but you can earn them by performing jumps and tricks. An interesting feature of this toy is very simple gameplay. At any chosen level, it is impossible to get stuck, the designs are arranged so that the child is not confused or got into a dead end. Earned coins are needed to discover new elements for construction and to unblock other types of vehicles. Intuitive interface, easy operation and exciting gameplay for a long time. avlekut your child in a colorful game world "Fiete Cars: Kids Racing Game"This project is intended for the development of creative thinking and fantasy in children. If we had a plastic constructor in our childhood, then our children have these kind of educational games that they can conveniently keep on their phone or tablet.

The visual design of this project is very bright, colorful and made in a two-dimensional format. The style corresponds to other similar products of the company-developer. During the races, a pleasant musical composition is playing against the background, making the gameplay more fun. Elementary control, implemented with just two buttons. The application does not have Russian localization, but it will not be difficult to sort out the native language. As a result, we have a good children's application that can usefully captivate a child for a long time..

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Version APK: 2.0.0
File Size: 71,55Mb
Android Version: 2.3 and higher
Type of License: Free

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