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Popular, this does not mean that reliable: disadvantages Ford Focus 3 with a run
Ford Focus 3 it is difficult to call a simple and unpretentious car, this car is not only beautiful from the outside, but also has a modern exterior and equipment. Despite this, the Focus of the third generation, unlike the previous version, did not become a bestseller, however, the number of second-hand Ford Focus 3 on the secondary market is huge, therefore, we did not have the right to disregard this car. Today, let's talk about the most common shortcomings of Focus 3, and what should I look for when buying this car with mileage.

A bit of history:
In 1998 the first Ford Focus was replaced by the model "Escort", its debut took place at the auto show in Geneva, where the novelty produced a real sensation. The second generation Focus debuted in September 2004 in Paris. In 2005, production of a car was started in Russia, at a plant in Vsevolozhsk. Ford Focus 2 became a real bestseller of the brand and was one of the top ten most sold cars in the world. In the CIS, in order to get this car, many had to wait their turn for 6 months.
Ford Focus 3 (Mk 3) It was first demonstrated at the beginning of 2010 at the international auto show in Detroit. Despite this, official sales of new items in the CIS started only in 2012. The car was created on the platform "C1"And was offered in three types of bodywork - a five-door hatchback, a sedan and a station wagon. Unlike previous versions, the novelty is equipped with a large number of electronic systems, which were previously unavailable for most Ford models. For our market, there were four configurations available - Ambiente, Trend, Trend Sport and Titanium, and there is also a charged version of the "ST". The third generation Ford Focus was produced until 2015.

Ford Focus 3
The paint and varnish coating of this car, frankly, is weak, scratches appear even from minor contacts with branches of bushes and brushes on car washes. Despite this, corrosion on the car body is rare. When inspecting the car, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the bumpers, because according to statistics, on every second copy, the standard front bumper mounts are broken off.Ford Focus 3 It was equipped with petrol and diesel power units of different degrees of boosting: petrol 1.6 (85, 105 and 125 hp.), 2.0 (150 and 250 hp.); diesel 1.6 (95, 115 hp), 2.0 (115, 140 and 163 hp.). Complaints about the reliability of Ford's motors are a rarity, and the third generation Focus is no exception. The engines of this car are quite reliable, and if they have any problems with them, then, as a rule, they are insignificant. One of the features of gasoline power units is their noisy work, especially the unheated engine. For example, when starting a cold engine 1.6, you can hear "clatter" or tapping from under the hood (feature of the operation of injectors), after warming up, as a rule, bothersome sounds disappear. Motor 2.0 also has an unpleasant feature - a loud knock when starting a cold engine (feature of the fuel pump). On cars produced from 2011 to 2012, there was an unstable operation of the engine "troenie" and loss of traction, the cause - the failure of the firmware of the power unit control unit, later, the manufacturer eliminated this problem by replacing the software. The engine control unit is located near the front bumper, and if there is not even a significant impact on the front of the car, its replacement is requiredthe cost of the block is about 1500 US dollars.). If you constantly drive at high speeds, the oil consumption increases, up to 300 grams per 1000 km. The weak point of diesel engines is its sensitive fuel system, if the car was fueled with poor-quality fuel, expensive repairs can not be avoided.
Ford Focus 3
The Ford Focus 3 was fitted with a five-speed manual transmission and a robotic transmission PowerShift with two dry clutches. Unfortunately, the automatic transmission has both technical and operational disadvantages. So, in particular, the owners often call jerks, jerks and metal screeching when switching gears, as well as to twitch the car while driving in traffic. If the car most of the time was operated in a metropolis, then expensive repairs of this transmission will be needed after 50-60 thousand km (replacement of the clutch is required).
As for the mechanics, it is quite reliable, but there are still some minor flaws - the leakage of the semi-axle seals and the sagging of the shifting cables. To prolong the life of the gear shift rods, they need to be lubricated once in 50,000 km. The clutch here lives long enough - 120-150 thousand km. Salon has an original design, but, as for this model - brings quality of finishing materials and build quality, as a result, crickets in the cabin appear in the first year of life of the car. Despite the large number of electrical equipment in the cabin, claims to their work are extremely rare.
Ford Focus 3
As a front suspension on the Ford Focus 3 traditionally used McPherson, rear - multi-link independent suspension. The brake system is represented by disc brakes, the steering is equipped with an electro-hydraulic amplifier. Owners of this model of the car often complain about the squeaking of the suspension in cold weather, dealers do not consider this a failure, and they call this lack "the feature of the car". If we talk about the reliability of the suspension, it is quite tenacious, and the coastal exploitation, on average, will serve 70-90 thousand km. For most modern cars, the stabilizer racks live no more than 50,000 km. Shock absorbers, after 70000 km, usually begin to leak, and closer to 100,000 km will require their replacement, at the same time, you will have to replace the bearing bearings. Ball bearings, hub bearings and silent blocks, on average, run about 80,000 km. Razvalnye levers of a back suspension bracket fail at run of 60-70 thousand in km. The steering rack is considered to be the most problematic place in the running gear, and can strike very early (up to 60,000 km). Due to the fact that this node is not collapsible and is changing in assembly with the amplifier, its replacement is not cheap. In general, Ford Focus 3 - a reliable enough and inexpensive to maintain a car (if you do not consider cars with a robotic gearbox), yes, there are certain nuances, but they are in other cars in this price segment.
  • Attractive design.
  • Reliable power packs.
  • A small fuel consumption.
  • Comfortable running gear.

  • Weak paint and varnish coating.
  • Unreliable robotic transmission.
  • Unreliable and non-repairable steering mechanism.
  • A small salon.

After our review, you know about the problems with Ford Focus 3
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