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Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion can be called the pioneer of a new subclass of compact urban crossover vehicles. Although it should be noted that on this model the progressive idea of ​​Ford a little faltered, the heir appeared a year after the termination of production of Fusion. It should be noted that today compact city crossovers are gaining popularity, and Ford Fusion stands at the origins of this class. In this article, we'll try to figure out if the first pancake turned out to be a lump.Despite the small size Ford Fusion has a good passive safety, in its assets four stars out of five according to the results of the crash test Euro NCAP 2003. In general, the body of the car has a good corrosion resistance, although there is still one weak point, this is the hood. Due to the specific shape of the vertical surface, over time, pebbles are knocked out, and foci of corrosion appear on the place of the chips. In addition, there are a number of comments to the status of other body parts, in particular, with time the plastic hood of the front optics begins to grow dull, because of this the quality of the road lighting deteriorates significantly. Also, you have to be careful when opening the hood, as the radiator grille is integrated into the hood and is its part, with a neat opening the plastic sieve can be broken off. There are also problems with the tailgate gaskets, which can lose tightness, and because of this, the inside of the lamp penetrates the moisture and accumulates there. In addition, there are problems with opening the trunk lid lock from the key fob. Attention is also needed for the cup of the left front pillar, after the rains, moisture often penetrates to it, as a result of which water accumulates inside the recess and the upper part of the shock absorber rod and nut are permanently in the water, as a result they rust.
Ford Fusion
In general, the line of engines is similar to the one that was installed on the Ford Fiesta. The most common engine has a volume of 1.4 liters, 1.6 liters are slightly less common, but the rarest petrol 1.2 and 1.3 liters, in addition, in our markets there is almost no 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine. As experience of operation has shown, the most problematic was a 1.3-liter engine. Very often in it to run in 150 thousand kilometers the timing chain is stretched, which is manifested by increased engine noise, and if it is not replaced in time it threatens to break the chain and subsequent expensive repair of the engine. Another weak point of this unit is the breakdown of candles and caps of high-voltage wires. The remaining Ford Fusion gasoline engines are much more reliable, their timing is adjusted with a belt, which is recommended to change every 160,000 km, please note that this line is listed for the original part. Also the owners of this car brand often mention the sensitivity of the engines to fuel quality, if use low-quality gasoline, catalysts may become worn out over time, and they are not cheap, as they are part of the exhaust manifold. But from the purchase of a turbo-diesel engine, motorists advise to abstain, since they proved short-lived, with mileage of just over 100,000 kilometers, the oil consumption caused by the wear of the piston group is significantly increased, the diesel engine also painfully transfers the quality of our diesel fuel, and after a small run, replacement of expensive fuel injectors will be required. Another problem that is inherent in all engines Ford Fusion, is the accelerated wear of the front engine mount, it comes into disrepair with a run of 60 - 100 thousand kilometers.
Ford Fusion
The Ford Fusion suspension is similar to that used on the Ford Fiesta. Front mounted McPherson stabilizer bar, rear semi-independent torsion bar. As the operating experience has shown, the suspension has proved to be quite durable. The fastest racks of the stabilizer wear out, on average 80 thousand km are worn out, the wheel bearings wear out after 100. thousand km., Km of run, but the remaining front end consumables can withstand more than 150 thousand km. For a long time, the rear suspension also takes care of, the silent beams of the rear beam can withstand at least 150,000 km. The only thing you need to pay attention to is overloads, the anthers and the shock absorbers of the rear shock absorber can break off. The Ford Fusion was equipped with three types of gearboxes: classic mechanics, a robotic Durashift EST (Durashift) transmission with automatic clutch and shift control, and a torque converter. It should be noted that the machine was installed on cars of the last years of production and only with a 1.6-liter engine, it should be noted that such machines are rare in the secondary market. In the course of operation, the robotized transmission delivers the most problems to its owners, in particular, it can stop working because of problems with the wiring, for this reason the communication between the control module and the actuators disappears, and these mechanisms can themselves podklinivat, and even with frequent driving in the congestion the clutch overheats. Therefore, the masters recommend to include neutral transmission at stops.
Problems with mechanics have also been identified. Often leaks oil axles and shift gears, with a run of about 60 thousand kilometers, and even earlier the suspension bearing of the right half-axis can break down, the malfunction is manifested by the buzz during movement. Another feature of the mechanics robots is the fuzzy inclusion of a reverse gear, which is often followed by a crunch. The clutch equipped with a hydraulic drive also differs in its specificity, the increased noise of the release bearing (the noise disappears if you squeeze the clutch), while experts say that this is a distinctive feature of the bearing robots. Thanks to the high body in the Ford Fusion there is much more room than in the related Ford Fiesta. The Ford Fusion has a lot more headroom, as well as more knee storage between the rear seatback and the backs of the front seats. Like most cars of this class, this car has a number of problems in the salon, so in particular owners complain of creaking in the mechanisms of securing the back of the rear seats, also the rear head restraints in the lowered position rest against the back and prevent comfortable seating of passengers, and in the raised slightly overlap the overview . 
Ford Fusion
I would recommend purchasing a Ford Fusion for those who do not have enough of the Fiesta's ground clearance for its less practical and functional interior and smaller trunk. Ford Fusion is perfect for family and practical motorists.If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps your feedback will help others choose used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Ford Fusion
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