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Juicy American of European origin: the faults of Ford Mondeo 4 with a run
Over the past few years, Ford Mondeo 4 has become one of the best-selling mid-range cars in the aftermarket. The car is often used as a service car, in medium and large companies, as well as in taxi services, but, more often than not, this car is considered a personal vehicle. The fourth generation of Mondeo does not leave indifferent even the most skeptical motorists, perhaps, for this very reason, the model has become quite widespread in the CIS. But for what we love this car, and what are its most common shortcomings, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:
Ford Mondeo - a car that was developed and manufactured by the European branch of the company "Ford". The first generation of Mondeo appeared on the market in 1993, three years later the manufacturer introduced the second generation of the car. Release of the third generation, lasted from 2000 to 2007. Production of the fourth generation of the car began in 2007, in the Belgian city of Genk. In 2009, the serial production of the model was also established in Russia, at a plant in Vsevolozhsk. In 2010, a restyled version of the Ford Mondeo was introduced. The car is available in three body modifications - sedan, station wagon and hatchback. Sales of the fifth generation started in 2014 and continue to this day.
To the quality of paint coating Ford Mondeo 4 claims do not arise, also, there are no questions and to the corrosion resistance of the body. But, to the chrome elements of the body, the owners have claims after a couple of years of operation. So, in particular, under the influence of reagents, which we abundantly sprinkle roads in the winter, chrome is rapidly becoming turbid, and then, covered with bubbles and oblazit. After 3-4 years of operation, replacement of door seals is required. It is not uncommon to have problems with the hood lock, which eventually starts to seize. Also, not known for its quality and protective plastic headlights, as a rule, after 3-4 years of operation, it begins to grow dull.
Ford Mondeo 4
Ford Mondeo 4 was equipped with gasoline engines 1.6 (125 hp), 2.0 (145 hp), 2.3 (161 hp), 2.5 (220 hp) and engines of the "EcoBoost" series 2.0 (200 and 240 hp), also, the diesel power unit 2.0 (140 hp) was also available. As the operational experience has shown, all power units are reliable enough and do not have any serious drawbacks. The most widely used motor is a volume of 2.0, a feature of this engine is a short-duration vibration that can not be treated with increased rpm (over 2500). The same motor has a 2.3-liter capacity. At the turbocharged engine 2.5 after 80,000 km of run, oil seals begin to leak, the main reason for this defect is the failure of the oil separator (the membrane is torn). Another cause of oil leakage may be the generation of crankshafts and camshaft gears on all gears. On all engines after 70,000 km of run, the throttle valve must be cleaned, floating speed, detonation, difficult start of the cold engine are a signal for the necessity of carrying out this procedure. Closer to 100,000 km, replacement of the tension pulley of the drive belt is required. The signal of the need for a replacement will be a rumble and clicks when the electrical equipment is switched on (climate control, stove, lighting, etc.). Closer to 150,000 km, a replacement of the gasoline pump is required, the pump failure occurs suddenly, without any signs and symptoms. To replace the pump, it is necessary to remove the fuel tank.The turbo-diesel engine may start to stall and not start for 30-50 thousand km, the reason is the soot contamination of the throttle and the snacking in the extreme position; to solve the problem, it is necessary to flush the entire throttle assembly, temporarily, the tapping on the throttle knot can help. After 100,000 km there is a buzzing sound from under the hood after the engine stops. In principle, there is nothing to worry about, this sound emits a pneumatic valve to change the geometry of the turbine. With this sound, the valve can work another 200-250 thousand km, but if the sound is highly annoying the valve can be replaced, good, it's not too expensive - 30-60 cu. When using substandard diesel fuel, the EGR exhaust gas recirculation valve and injectors quickly fail. On Ford Mondeo 4 were installed - five- and six-speed mechanics, a six-speed automatic transmission and a robot with two clutches "PowerShift". As experience of operation has shown, the most reliable ones are mechanical and automatic transmissions, but they also have drawbacks. So, in particular, in mechanics, after 100,000 km, the transmissions begin to turn badly, the reason is the driven flywheel. Owners of cars with an automatic gearbox are called jerks and jerks during gear changes. To eliminate the drawback, the transmission control software needs to be updated, if this procedure does not help, you will have to change the torque converter. Depending on the operating conditions (city or route), the automatic transmission will serve 250-350 thousand km. The manufacturer states that the oil in all gearboxes is calculated for the entire transmission service line, however, most experts disagree with this and recommend changing it at least once, than once in 80,000 km. Robotic boxes always cause a lot of doubts and questions, as a rule, they have not a great resource of work - up to 100,000 km. Most often, the mechatronics and coupling become useless. Despite the fairly good quality of the finishing materials, crickets in the cabin are a common occurrence. The main source of noise are: the front panel, door seals in the front and center racks, as well as in the attachment of the rear-view mirror and the interior lighting. With a run of 100,000 km, many owners encountered a leak of freon in the air conditioning system. Problems in electrical, in principle, not much, but sometimes the electrical harness in the trunk is rubbed, as a result, the trunk, the hatch of the fuel tank is not opened, and the lighting equipment is malfunctioning.
Ford Mondeo 4

Ford Mondeo 4 is equipped with a fully independent suspension. In general, the running gear has not a bad resource, but many proprietors call it the creaking and knocking with the arrival of frosts. The weakest place of suspension, traditionally for this brand, are the struts and bushings of the stabilizer, on average, they nursed 20-30 thousand km. A little longer live bearings - 50-60 thousand km. The resource of the front and rear shock absorbers, on the average, is 90-120 thousand km. Silentblock levers are caring for 120,000 km, on the same run you will need to replace the hub bearings. The steering is quite reliable, but after 100,000 km the power steering pump may fail, the reason is the contaminated filter in the tank for the GUR fluid. The steering rods, on average, serve 70-90 thousand km, approximately the same amount of lives and steering tips. If the rack starts to knock, it can be tightened, but it needs to be done very carefully, since the bolt is made of brittle plastic, and it is not difficult to break it or break it. The front brake pads take care of up to 50,000 km, the rear ones - up to 40,000 km, the replacement of the discs will be once in 120,000 km.Ford Mondeo 4 - a reliable and well-balanced car, as a rule, this car is used quite actively, and, on average, pass 50-70 thousand km per year, therefore, odometer readings do not always correspond to reality. Therefore, when diagnosing, try to evaluate the actual technical condition of the main units and assemblies.
  • High-quality paint and varnish coating.
  • Capacity.
  • Good handling.
  • Reliability of the main units.

  • A small ground clearance.
  • Crickets in the cabin.
  • Tough, for this class of cars, suspension.

After our review, you know about the problems with Ford Mondeo 4
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