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Approximate family man: disadvantages of Ford S-Max with a run
Ford S-Max - one of the most popular cars among active, family motorists. The popularity of this minivan is added by the fact that it is available not only in a five-seater version, but also in the market you can find a seven-seat version. In addition to the spacious interior, the car has a rather interesting design that was appreciated not only by car enthusiasts, but also was awarded the title "Car of the Year" at 2007, but in 2008 was recognized as the best-selling minivan in Europe. It should be noted that even today the car enjoys a good demand among practical and family motorists, therefore, we have no right to leave this car without attention. And today we will try to find out, what are typical drawbacks of the Ford S-Max with mileage, and what to look for when choosing this car in the secondary market.

A bit of history:
Officially Ford S-Max presented to the public in 2006 at the annual international auto show in Geneva. The car was built on the same platform as the Ford Galaxy, However, S-Max is positioned by the manufacturer as an auto, which is more focused on young motorists. Despite the similar dimensions to the Galaxy, the S-Max has a more sporty appearance and other chassis settings, as well as a less capacious cabin. In 2010, the premiere of the updated version of the car, visually the novelty began to look even more aggressive. Updates have touched and the interior, also, the electrical equipment has been improved. So, for example, instead of the traditional analog instrument panel (in all versions except the base), a more modern set up with a large color display is installed. This model is assembled at the company's factory Ford, which is located in the city of Genk (Belgium). The second generation Ford S-Max debuted in October 2014 at the auto show in Paris.

Ford S-Max
The paint and varnish coating is not of the highest quality, as a result, the paint may begin to peel off over time. Despite this, the metal of the body of the car quite well resists the onslaught of the red disease, but it also has weaknesses. Operating experience has shown that most corrosion appears on thresholds, door edges and under rubber seals, and an exhaust system is prone to corrosion. Often the owners complain about the low quality of the anticorrosion coating of the bottom. The Ford S-Max can be equipped with the following power units: gasoline - 1.6 (160 hp), 2.0 (145 hp), 2.0 "EcoBoost" (203, 240 hp), 2.3 (160 hp), 2.5 (2.30 hp) ; diesel - 1.8 (100, 125 hp), 2.0 (115, 136.140 and 160 hp) and 2.2 (175, 200 hp). S-Max with diesel engine is a rare guest in the secondary market, but their reliability can be judged by other Ford models. Operational experience has shown that this type of engine is quite reliable and economical. The biggest disadvantage of these motors is a small resource of the turbine, it does not exceed 200,000 km. Therefore, when choosing a car with a mileage of more than 100,000 km, be sure to check its condition (the cost of a new turbine is 400-600 cu.). On TDCI engines, the fuel system is very sensitive to the quality of diesel fuel, and if you refuel the car at untested gas stations, you need to be prepared for premature replacement of fuel injectors and diesel particulate filter. There may also be problems with the valve EGR and Injection pump. When choosing a car with a mileage of more than 100,000 km, pay attention to the condition of the two-mass flywheel. The first signal of a flywheel fault is the vibration of the gear lever at idling speed, the metallic ringing when the ignition is turned off (reminiscent of a dangling muffler). Also, rare soft twitching of the car in a standing position at a slight angle is possible. The petrol engines are also quite reliable, but after 100,000 km of run, many of them require the replacement of the hydraulic engine support. If you hear a metal choke like a knock on the engine while the engine is running, check the condition of the intake manifold flap. If suddenly the car began to start badly, and also began to swim the rpm, you probably need to replace the ignition coils (often spools breaks in damp weather or after washing the engine compartment). Also the reason for the unstable operation of the engine can be a clogged throttle. Cars of the first years of production suffer from oil leaks from the threaded plugs of the channels of the cooling system in the head of the unit. This type of motors is afraid of oil starvation, so you need to constantly monitor the oil level in the engine, otherwise it may prematurely break down the timing chain tensioner (timing chain runs 200-250 thousand km). The engine of 1.6, unlike the others, is equipped with a timing belt drive, the replacement of which should be done once in 80,000 km.
Ford S-Max
TransmissionFord S-Max can be equipped with a five- or six-speed manual transmission, a six-speed automatic and robotic transmission "PowerShift". In general, the machine and the mechanics are reliable enough and do not require special attention (the manufacturer claims that all boxes are unattended). However, many service people categorically disagree with this, and recommend Change the oil in the box at least once every 80,000 km. Mechanism of adhesion of mechanics in most cases nurses 120-150 thousand km. Despite this, many experts do not recommend to use it until it wears out completely, so as not to provoke premature wear of the two-mass flywheel. The reliability of the robotic box is said to be very much, unfortunately, it does not have a large resource (100-150 thousand km), therefore, from the purchase of a car with such a transmission, which has a mileage of more than 80,000 km, I would have refused.
Ford S-Max is equipped with a fully independent suspension - in front of McPherson, behind the multi-lever. Top versions can be equipped with shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness IDVC, It should be noted that cars equipped with such racks have a reduced ground clearance. As the experience of operation has shown, the Ford S-Max suspension practically has no weak points, also, one can note the high level of comfort and its endurance. So, for example, the stabilizer strips are capable of serving 60-80 thousand km, bushings - up to 100,000 km. Shock absorbers, supporting bearings and ball bearings, on average, run 100-120 thousand km. Silent blocks, bearings of hubs, SHRUSS at careful operation can serve 120-150 thousand km. The rear suspension requires major repairs every 100,000 km, and because of the abundance of parts this procedure may seem unexpectedly expensive, it is also worth noting that because of constructive readings in it it is necessary to regulate the collapse-convergence every 20,000 km. A weak point in the steering is the power-steering pump, the cause of premature failure of the pump is the hanging of the pressure reducing valve. Closer to 200,000 km on most instances, repair or replacement of the steering rack is required. Brake pads wear out after 30-40 thousand km, the discs will last 2-3 times longer. The quality of the interior and noise insulation materials is like on a budget car, so many owners have to put up with other squeaks and knocks. The plastic of the center console does not have good wear resistance, as a rule, it loses its appearance after 5 years of operation. Electronics extremely rarely delivers problems to owners, but only on the condition that garage kalibins do not interfere with it. It should be noted that second-hand copies with unauthorized interference in the electronic systems of a car in the secondary market are not so small, therefore, in the on-board network, various malfunctions can occur, up to ignition of the main control module. Of the typical sores of the model, one can distinguish: malfunctions in the operation of the climate system control (wiring damage), failure to preheat the windshield and the failure of the air conditioning compressorBefore buying, make sure that it is working.).
Ford S-Max

Ford S-Max - a reliable car for all occasions, most importantly - do not lose with the choice, and in the future do not spare money for quality "ConsumablesAnd Fuels and lubricants.
  • Spacious salon.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.

  • High fuel consumption (petrol versions).
  • Low quality of interior decoration materials.
  • A small resource of robotic transmission.

After our review, you know about the problems with Ford S-Max
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