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What to look for before buying Gili Emgrand EU7 with a run
Gili Emgrand EU7 - at the moment, one of the best-selling Chinese cars on the secondary market. Not infrequently Emgrands are bought and in taxis, which earlier with cars from the Middle Kingdom did not happen. But it's not strange, about such a popular car in the network is very little clear and clear information about the reliability of these machines. Sometimes even the impression is created that the owners of these cars are quite active, but not always objectively, praising them, trying to justify their choice. And I, like most motorists, wanted to find out whether the Chinese car is really as reliable as it is written about in reviews.

A bit of history:
Gilly Emgrand EU7 is a D-class model whose main task was to conquer the European market. The car was first introduced at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2009, and in 2010 the first copies left the assembly line. No one previously unknown Emgrand, as one might imagine, is the name of the car model, but in fact it is not. In fact, Emgrand is a subbrand, which was created by Gili-Group, with the aim of producing the premium of the class under it. In this case, the Chinese manufacturer went along the path already beaten by Japanese brands "Toyota"And"Nissan", Once offered the market their primitive rulers"Lexus"And"Infiniti". The appearance of the new model was preceded by a three-year laborious robot of the Gili research center in fruitful cooperation with well-known brand companies. Many units and units of the Emgrand EU7 are purchased from third-party manufacturers. Trying to make the Emgrand EC7 the most roomy in its class, Chinese experts are not stingy with the dimensions - the dimensions of the car are quite impressive, the length is 4635 mm, the width is 1789 mm, the height is 1470 mm, and the wheelbase is 2650 mm. The luggage compartment corresponds to the dimensions of the car, its volume is 680 liters. In our market, the car is presented in two types of bodywork - a sedan and a hatchback.

Gili Emgrand EU7
Disadvantages of Gilly Emgrand EU7 with mileage.Visiting the salon where new Gilly cars are sold, you can see that the docking of the body panels is not ideal, the same can be said about the painting. The quality of paintwork is discussed by virtually every owner Gily Emgrand EU7, as quickly on the body appear puffs of paint and corrosion of metal. Also, do not be very surprised by the moisture in the trunk, especially if the car is not in the garage. If the car you choose has moisture in the trunk, check the welding seams for small holes in them. Often, owners complain about the appearance of moisture in the cabin, when inspecting, pay attention to the floor at the feet of the driver and passenger, you may have to re-seal windshield seals, and can also pass the moisture and seals of the rear window.PowertrainsIn the line of Gilly Emgrand EC7 there are only two motors with a volume of 1.5 (97 hp) and 1.8 (128 hp) liter. Machines, with a 1.8 engine, are much larger than those with a 1.5-liter. Very often, sellers of used cars tell buyers that the car is equipped with power units from Taiot. Experts of Toyota engines do not deny that these engines very much resemble the power units of the Japanese brand. However, this is not so, the installed motors are analogous to the Toyota engine, and are assembled in China, but as experience has shown, this fact does not appear to be on its reliability. The timing gear here is chain, the chain is certainly durable, but in the case of Emgrand it is better regularly , even at small runs, to check its condition, since it can stretch, and then the meeting of pistons with valves is inevitable. After the purchase of the new Gily Emgrand EU7, it is necessary to replace all liquids, the fact is that they are of very poor quality and sometimes are filled with non-observance of the required quantity. In cases where low or unstable turns are observed on the car, especially when the engine reacts poorly to the depressing of the accelerator, the problem must be sought in the sensors. If the machine starts to stall when turning on the air conditioner, pay attention to the performance of the throttle sensor.
Gili Emgrand EU7
TransmissionGearboxes two - five-speed mechanics and stepless variator. There are no questions to mechanics, except for not very precise work on some specimens. The clutch on the average serves 70 - 90 thousand km. A Belgian V-belt variator is mounted on the Emgrand; most of the claims to his work are related to control electronics. When translating the selector into a drive, the engine can start to gain momentum, but the car will not move or even go back at all. Repair the motor to solve the problem.
Driving qualities Gili Emgrand EU7 with mileage.Front mounted independent suspension type McPherson, rear - a semi-independent beam. Many owners complain about the quality of shock absorbers, which have to be changed early enough, also, arbitrarily, their seats can leave silentblock front levers. If the previous owner often drove three adult passengers in the back seat, then in this case the buffers of the compression stroke of the shock absorbers will be deformed, and the plastic anthers will begin to fall apart, which are attached to them. Also, the owners note the increased wear of the rear pads. On average, the suspension will need to be sorted every 70 to 90 thousand km of mileage. Responding to the question of whether it is worth buying Gili Emgrand EU7 with a run, it's impossible to say unequivocally, but you can draw some conclusions that will help to understand if it's your car. The main units (engine and transmission), with good maintenance, up to 100,000 km do not require serious investment. As for the failures of other car systems, one should hope for their own luck, since every second option can present many negative surprises. And if you want to buy a car in which you only need to change the consumables, then this is not the best option. But car enthusiasts who do not pay attention to minor flaws and who like to spend time in the garage, this car can be recommended, because in this price range you will not find a car with such a bundle. Before buying it is worth considering that selling such a car in the second hands with a mileage of up to 100,000 km is quite difficult, selling it in third hands, with a mileage of 150-200 thousand km, is almost not realistic, in addition, you will lose up to 40% of its value. It is this fact that makes many owners sell cars by proxy and twist the run. 
Gili Emgrand EU7

  • Spacious salon.
  • Maximum car for low money.
  • Heavy engine.
  • Huge trunk.
  • Equipment.
  • Price.
  • Cost of consumables.
  • 4 stars Euro NCAP

  • Build quality.
  • Poor quality of paintwork.
  • Electronics failures.
  • On some specimens, water appears in the cabin.
  • Low liquidity in the secondary market.

If you are or have owned this car brand, please share your experience, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the car. Perhaps, it is your feedback that will help others to correctly choose a used car.
After our review, you know about the problems with Gili Emgrand EU7
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