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Unusual Chinese sedan: the shortcomings of Jili MK with a run
Gili MC - Chinese representative of class C, which is the development of companies Geely Automobile. In recent years, the Chinese auto industry has made a real breakthrough in the automotive industry. One of the main components of the popularity of this model is the design - the exterior of the car is not typical for the eastern manufacturer and more like an "American". It is not worth comparing this car with Americans, Japanese or Koreans, as they are higher in quality of assembly and components, but there is one parameter in Gilley MC that it surpasses all of its competitors, and this is its price, and this parameter has always been one of the most important when choosing a machine. And, here's how the low cost of the car affected its reliability, and what should I look for when choosing Gili MK with a run in the secondary market, now and try to find out.

A bit of history:In the domestic Chinese market, the premiere Gili MC took place in 2006, but in the CIS this model only appeared in the middle of 2008. The basis for the development of the car was taken the first generation of Toyota Yaris, also, on the cars used and engines from Toyota. The company Giley previously bought these engines from Tianjin Industrial (FAW), which holds the license of Toyota. In January 2010, at the factory of the automobile company Derways in the city of Cherkessk (Russia), production of cars for the CIS markets was neglected. Prior to this, Gili MCs were delivered to car dealerships directly from China. In 2011, the company Gili rebranded, as a result, the car was named Englon MK, a MK Cross was renamed to Englon Jinying cross. Rebranding was conducted in connection with a new marketing strategy aimed at updating and raising the brand image. In 2015, Gili MC replaced Jili GC6, which is a deep restyling.

Gili MC
Weak points and shortcomingsMetal, like the paint and varnish, is very thin, because of this, the chips and dents appear even from a small pebble flying out from under the wheels of oncoming vehicles. Body Gili MK weakly resists the aggressive effects of the environment, because of which rust on the body of the car appears after a couple of years of operation. The fastest corrosion appears on the bottom of the car (Requires additional treatment with anticorrosive agents) and in places of chipped paint. Also, follow the rust can be found on: the front doors (under the seal), the hood and the cap of the gas tank (in the castle area). Protective glass fogs often crack when used in cold and wet weather.EnginesGili MK was equipped with only gasoline power units - 1.5 (94 hp), 1.6 (107 hp). The most common engine in the CIS is the 1.5 liter unit, which was assembled under license from Toyota (a copy of the motor 5A-FE from Yaris). If we talk about its reliability, then, in general, the engine is not bad, but a couple of weak points in it yet, it was revealed. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the timing belt. According to the regulations, it does not require replacing up to 60,000 km of run, but experience has shown that after 40,000 km, cracks appear on it, and a couple of teeth may not suffice, I think, it is not worth explaining to what consequences this may lead. For fans to carry out repairs in their garage it is necessary to take into account the fact that to replace the timing belt will have to remove the right engine support. Not often owners face trouble when not warmed up engine starts to touch, good, to solve the problem you can do without traveling to the service - it is necessary to change spark plugs, high-voltage wires or ignition coils. If these manipulations do not give a positive result, you will have to do the valve adjustment. To perform this procedure, you should refer to an experienced specialist, since improper adjustment of the valves can lead to their "clamping" after 40-60 thousand km of run and with subsequent burnout. It is necessary to remove high-voltage wires very cautiously, since there is a high risk of their breakage. On vehicles with a mileage of more than 50,000 km there are coolant leaks through the throttle heating liner. If the defect is not rectified in time, this can lead to premature failure of the idle speed regulator. The main signal about the failure of the regulator will be: a difficult start, the motor stalls immediately after setting and starts only when the gas pedal is depressed. The new regulator will cost $ 20, but you can save a little by installing an analogue from Chevrolet Niva (8-10 cu).
Gili MC
In the warm season it is necessary to closely monitor the temperature of the engine, most often the engine overheats when driving for a long time at a speed of 80-100 km per hour with the air conditioner turned on. The main reason is not to turn on the cooling fan, in poor contact at the terminals of the wiring, and the belated opening of the thermostat. The ability to control the temperature of the engine and prevent its overheating is complicated by the fact that the temperature sensor can produce incorrect data. If it is not possible to warm the engine to operating temperature for a long time, the problem is most probably related to the thermostat's souring in the open position. In most instances, on a run of 80-120 thousand km, the cylinder head gasket has to be changed, the cause is the burn-out of the cylinder head gasket. On the same run, you need to replace the pump. The cooling radiator is corroded. The signal about the presence of the problem will be the appearance of red spots in the expansion tank. With the advent of cold weather at the junction of plastic and metal, the cooling radiator may begin to flow. On the run of 80-100 thousand km there is a need to replace the front seal of the crankshaft (there are smudges of oil). Once in 60-80 thousand km, an oil pressure sensor is required. A slightly smaller resource (40-60 thousand km) have engine cushions and gearbox. Many owners call for a large fuel consumption, in a mixed cycle of 8-10 thousand km, and this is much more than the manufacturer promised.
TransmissionGili MC is equipped with only a five-speed manual gearbox. To the diagnosis of the transmission it is necessary to treat extremely carefully. The main ailment that the owners have to face is the fragility of the bearings of the primary and secondary shafts. Most often in the service with complaints of extraneous noise in the box are owners of cars with a mileage of 50-70 thousand km. To fix the malfunction, you have to spend 100-150 cu. Not known for their longevity and oil seals axles, as a rule, oil leaks appear after 30-40 thousand km of run. On the run in 60-70 thousand km, the main clutch cylinder is required to be replaced. To slightly save the cylinder can be repaired with a special repair kit. When using a low-quality oil, with the onset of cold weather, there are difficulties with shifting gears. Clutch with careful operation can serve 80-100 thousand km (a set of new clutch with release bearing will cost 40-60 cu.).Features and disadvantages of running gearThe Gillette MC uses a standard suspension for this class of cars: in front - McPherson, rear - the beam. As for the reliability of most elements of the undercarriage, the situation here is not so optimistic. Most often, replacement of stabilizer racks is required, in sloppy drivers they go less than 10,000 km, with careful exploitation can hold 15-20 thousand km, bushes up to 40,000 km. Shock absorbers serve 50-60 thousand km, but it is not unusual for cases when they had to be changed after 30,000 km, because their price is not too high up to $ 50. PC. Front wheel bearings, levers and ball bearings can please run 70-80 thousand km. The CV joints can hold up to 100,000 km. To less often deal with the repair of running gear, many owners prefer to use interchangeable parts from different Toyota models when choosing parts. The steering wheel bolts can be used even on almost new cars, the reason lies in poor-quality assembly of the unit, good, to remove the defect, it is enough to tighten it. Resource reiki Gili MC is not much different from most Japanese and Korean manufacturers (100-150 thousand km), the new rake will cost 250-350 USD. The steering tips require replacement every 50-60 thousand km, thrust once in 70-80 thousand km. There are also problems with the braking system, the main one is the corrosion of the piston of the brake cylinder, which leads to jamming of the brakes. Also, special attention is required for the rear cylinders, there have been cases when they were flooded with brake fluid.SalonThe quality of assembly and materials salon Gili MC can not boast, but thanks to the use of hard plastic crickets here feel at home. If the rattle is rattling while driving, it is necessary to check the tightness of the bolts holding the airbagwith time twist). Front seats with intensive use can be cleaned after a year, after taking the heating elements behind them. If you neglect the replacement, everything can end in a fire. Because of poor-quality sizing of the windshield and constantly flashing rubber plugs on the bottom, under the rug of the driver and the front passenger, water appears with time. Also, after a heavy rain, a puddle can appear in the trunk, the reason - poor-quality seals of tail lights and pillars of rear shock absorbers. As for electricians, most often unpleasant surprises are presented by the heating of the rear window, mirrors and climate system. Many owners complain that the air conditioner can not cope with their duties even in cold weather. On the run of 80-100 thousand km there are leaks of freon, on the same run, the air conditioning compressor can jam. At the most inopportune moment, the fan of the stove may stop, the cause is the failure of the speed controller relay. After 100,000 km, problems with the voltage regulator beginrequires repair or replacement of the generator), as a result of which the battery is no longer charged. Due to the failure of the microchip of the driver board of the electric motors, the illumination of the instrument panel ceases to work.
Gili MC
Despite significant progress in the automotive industry, the Chinese auto industry still falls short of the level of Korean and Japanese manufacturers and Gili MC is no exception. Call this car bad can not, because a small resource of certain parts is justified by the low cost of the machine, the cheapness of repair and maintenance.
  • Low cost.
  • Original design.
  • Ease of maintenance.

  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Build quality.
  • A small resource of suspension.

After our review, you know about the problems with Gili MC
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